Anno 1800 - Eden at the end: Everything about the new scenario mode

 Anno 1800 presents "Eden at the end", a new game mode that is available to everyone free of charge. You can find out what to expect here.

Anno 1800 - Eden at the end: Everything about the new scenario mode

With the new scenario mode “Eden at the end”, Anno 1800 prepares us for the fourth Season Pass, which will come in 2022. A completely new game mechanic awaits, which in the first update focuses on optimizing the ecosystem . In this guide you will learn:

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  • When “Eden at the end” appears
  • How scenario mode works
  • What you should know about Season Pass 4

When will “Eden at the End” appear?

The new scenario game mode will be available free of charge to all Anno 1800 owners from December 14th . You can get the mode either through Ubisoft Connect or the Epic Games Store. Download the update and restart the game. As soon as you are in the main menu, you will find another menu item called Scenario under the items Campaign and Free Play. One click is all it takes to start a new adventure.

How does the scenario mode work?

The new game mode is like a separate chapter. You slip into the role of Isabel Sarmento and get a cry for help from Yaosca Rodriguez from the island of La Xultuna . His home has been occupied by the Pyrphorians, who have since disappeared but left the island in a disastrous state. There are still several factories there that are seriously damaging the ecosystem. It is now your job to help La Xultuna.

You must first remove the last traces of the Pyrphorians and at the same time maintain the standards of the residents of La Xultuna. In other words: You make sure that there is electricity on the island, but switch from the polluting generator to more sustainable forms of energy .

This is the game mechanics behind the scenarios

There are only slight changes here

First and foremost, you will benefit from everything you have learned so far from your Anno games. But there are also changes that present you with completely new challenges. For example, the material costs for demolitions are not reimbursed! So you have to manage your resources well and should only demolish buildings if you have enough building materials for new constructions.

Since La Xultuna is in the New World, you will again have to deal with the (slightly changed) needs of the Jornaleros and Obreros . You still want certain goods such as coffee pots or certain drinks, but the requirements for the items are not as high as usual. Factors such as influence or satisfaction do not play a role in scenario mode.

New: the ecological balance

Your island has three new factors that you must always keep an eye on: water quality, soil quality and air quality. All three values ​​are very bad at the beginning and you will have to put in a lot of work to bring them back into shape.

If one of the values ​​drops to zero, you have lost the game . So you should regularly check your life cycle assessment and analyze how you can counteract the downward trend. For example, it helps if you don't build farm complexes for the same raw material, but instead build different farms next to each other. This has a positive effect on the soil quality.

Failure is part of “Eden at the End”!

As they say? You learn from your mistakes! This also applies to the scenario mode in Anno 1800. It is not unlikely that you will fail at least once and have to start over. But you don't have to start from scratch when you restart. Ruins that you have already cleared stay away and technologies that have already been unlocked are retained.

Preview of Season Pass 4

In the coming year, the fourth Season Pass will be released in Anno 1800, which will again include some DLCs. Ubisoft is yet to announce what these will look like.

The special DLC “Plant a Tree” gives a first glimpse . The additional content costs 2.99 euros, but Ubisoft does not earn anything from it. The proceeds go to Ecologi, a social enterprise committed to reforestation. You can buy the DLC until the end of March 2022, after which it will disappear from the store. The DLC does not introduce any new game mechanics, but you will receive a tree ornament.

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