Activision has released a list of the best drop locations for Caldera, Call of Duty: Warzone's new Pacific map.

With the release of Caldera, the new Pacific map for Call of Duty: Warzone , players have lost their ways of Verdansk. They are therefore looking for new strategies to achieve victory in Vanguard Royale or Battle Royale.

Activision has therefore published on its official website a map of the 20 best Caldera drops on Warzone.

What are the best Caldera drops on Warzone Pacific?

With Caldera it's a whole new map that players discover in Call of Duty: Warzone. And to win a game it is important to start it well. This is why Activision has published a map of the best drops of the new Warzone map.

Activision released a map of the best Caldera drops on Warzone
Activision released a map of the best Caldera drops on Warzone

Although each area of ​​Caldera has an interesting drop, we can also notice that the following areas are the best for drops on Warzone.

  • Docks (B)
  • Peak (F)
  • Capital (N)
  • Airfield (J)
  • Resort (O)

The Fields are also an interesting area on Warzone but the area is much larger and therefore difficult to control. The Ruins are probably the least interesting area but it can be chosen by players wanting a quieter but slower start.

It is also recalled that it is necessary to favor areas with enough buildings to be able to loot weapons, money and equipment quickly. It is therefore not recommended to parachute in the middle of the fields.

However, targeting the areas with the most buildings and loot also means that there is a higher chance of meeting other players. We must therefore try to land before them and quickly recover a weapon . The butt is to be preferred in very close combat since it inflicts a lot of damage.

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