Character creation and start in Terraria: what you need to know


Character creation and start in Terraria: what you need to know

If what you like is adventure, world exploration, fighting dangerous enemies and powerful bosses , as well as building structures in which you can live, then you should definitely give Terraria a chance, as it manages to unify all these elements and the result is wonderful.

Terraria is a game that belongs to the genre of open world, exploration and construction , which was published a little over a decade ago and has managed to remain among the best and most fun.

In addition, one of the most interesting mechanics that this title offers is the possibility for each player to create their own character, which in this case represents an infinite world . And it should also be mentioned that the editing system is quite complex.

Obviously one of the steps, and one of the most important, when starting to play this title is the creation of the character and the world , which is where all the adventures will take place. And if you are interested in learning about this and more, you have come to the right place, because in the next few lines we will tell you everything you need to know.

Terraria Character Creation Guide

After purchasing and installing Terraria on the platform where you want to play it, you will realize that the first thing you should do is create your character. This through a fairly simple menu , but full of options that will allow you to design various aspects of the avatar to your liking to fit what you have in mind.

Logically, being a game that uses an 8 Bit style with pixels , you should not expect super realistic graphics like a Triple A game . However, if you are nostalgic for that console era, then you will have a lot of fun creating your avatar in Terraria.

This character will be the one you control and with whom you live hundreds of endless adventures throughout this world and its types of Biomes , finding secret chests, fighting against many enemies, building your house , among other possibilities. And now that you know this, it is time to move on to address each editing option that this fun title offers you, available for several consoles .

Character creation options in Terraria

While it is true that, as we mentioned, in Terraria, by not seeking to imitate realistic character and environment graphics, you cannot expect the avatar you design to look like you . However, this does not take away from the fun, since you can create your version in 8 Bits to enter the universe of this title.

To do this, you must go through each of the character creation options available in Terraria and that are well distributed so that you know what each one does. Next, we are going to delve into this in detail.

Your character's name

The first thing you can see in this character creation interface is a text bar in which you must enter the name of your avatar . It is important to note that you will not be able to change it later, so you must make sure you choose correctly.

The name of your character is an important aspect, but if you can't decide or have no idea of ​​a good one, you can always make use of the random option that will suggest some totally random ones.

The gender of the character

Before starting to design your character, you must choose their gender , whether you prefer a male or female avatar to start your adventure. According to what you choose, the options of the rest of the creation menus will change, such as the types of hair.

It is also necessary to point out that in the gender section of the character , you are also provided with some random designs of the avatar, using some predefined colors. This in case you don't feel like you have the creativity to idealize your character.

Character skin tone

In Terraria, the player has total freedom when designing their avatar , so it is also possible to choose the skin tone that the character will have, be it lighter or darker. This is very positive, especially when players want to design their own 8 Bit version, as they can determine their complexion.

There are also some slightly more exaggerated colors in case you're feeling creative and want to design a more personalized and unique avatar.

Eyes and hair: types and colors

We already anticipated that from the character creation menu , players will be able to select from a long list of hairstyles for their avatar, which will depend on the gender chosen previously . In addition, as expected, they can also modify their color to taste.

The same happens with the eyes, since players have the opportunity to choose the tone of the iris of their avatar , being able to select some more traditional tones or even taken from a fictional movie or series.

The character's clothing

Another element that you can modify and change not only before starting your adventure, but also after starting to play is the character's clothing .

In Terraria you will find that there is a great variety of alternatives to dress your character , from classic clothes to armor of different rarities that will provide some benefit to the avatar's statistics. However, when you are in the creation stage, you will only be able to select clothes.

From jackets, pants or skirts, shoes, t-shirts and more, you can equip your character to give it a special and personalized touch. But it is not all, but you can also change its color according to your tastes.

Adventure difficulty selection in Terraria

After covering everything related to character creation, the following is also important, as it will greatly affect the experience you have during your adventure . We refer specifically to the difficulty related to the characters.

It is important not to confuse this difficulty with that of the world , which we will see later. It should be noted that, currently, there are 4 types of difficulties that affect the characters and then we will learn about each one.

Travel Difficulty in Terraria

The first difficulty you can choose is Travel . This is also the easiest of all, so it doesn't mean big changes if you select it. In fact, its description only tells us that, in case of choosing it, our avatar will have extra equipment.

It can be said that, being the easiest mode of the whole game, the system offers us a little extra help. This in case you want to get a little familiar with the controls and know how the adventure unfolds in Terraria.

But the fact that it is the easiest also has its negative aspect, since the enemies will not throw anything of value at us when killing them . This is a feature that is reserved for greater difficulties.

Classic Difficulty in Terraria

This difficulty continues to be easy, although not as easy as the previous one. However, all items remain unchanged. In fact, the only thing that is modified with respect to the difficulty of Travel, is that when you kill the enemies in the Classic , they will throw you money.

This change in the mechanics can be very positive, since through money you will be able to acquire various elements in the world of Terraria that will be of great help to you in your adventure, for the simple fact that the enemies leave you this resource, it's a very good thing.

Medium Core Difficulty in Terraria

As the difficulty gradually increases, some characteristics also change. In the case of selecting the Medium Core difficulty when creating your character , what will happen is that when you kill the enemies, they will throw some objects at you.

It should be noted that the type of object and its rarity will depend on various factors , but only with the fact that when assassinating an enemy there is a probability that they will throw an item of value at us, it is a very positive point.

Extreme Difficulty in Terraria

Finally, in the maximum difficulty that can be chosen when creating our character, we have the Extreme . It is important not to take it lightly, because when choosing it, you must be aware that when a character dies, such as an NPC at the hands of any monster , it will leave forever.

In other words, in Extreme difficulty the Respawn of characters is eliminated , so if they are killed, they will not appear again and in case of being an NPC that offers us some benefit, we will not be able to count on this. Besides that you will not be able to get the achievement that demands that all the NPCs are living in your world.

World Creation in Terraria: what you need to know

Crimson evil in the world of Terraria
Crimson evil in the world of Terraria

Now that we address each aspect related to the options available during character creation, we still need to cover another point before starting our adventure: world creation .

The world in Terraria is the whole environment where we are going to carry out our adventures and where all the Biomes that we meet along the way will be found . And to create one, we must not only set a name for it, but also other options, which we will explore below.

Size of the world in Terraria

The first thing you should change when creating your world in Terraria is its size. These dimensions will determine the amount of content you will find on your adventure.

The small size is an option designed for those who simply want a quick and short experience , allowing them to learn the essence of Terraria. While the medium size adds a little more content to the Biomes, in addition to being more varied.

Finally, the large size is the definitive immersion experience, as it will create a gigantic world , ideal to play both alone or with a friend. Without a doubt, it is the best option you can select.

Difficulty of the world in Terraria

The world difficulty section is very important, so you should think carefully before making a decision , as this will affect all the elements within your adventure, from the enemies, the amount of these, the life and attack that they have , the Crystal Hearts, among many other things.

The most advisable thing is that you choose the travel difficulty and as you advance and meet certain conditions , such as defeating the fleshy Wall Boss , go to the Difficult difficulty and based on this the world is shaped.

Evil of the world in Terraria

Evil Corruption in the world of Terraria
Evil Corruption in the world of Terraria

You should know that one of the most important and differential characteristics that Terraria has compared to other titles of the same genre is the evil of the world. This is divided into two types that are Corruption and Crimson . Each one worse than the last.

This evil is spreading throughout the world and is consuming everything in its path, corrupting it, damaging it and more. Also, before starting your adventure, you have the possibility to choose what kind of evil you want to exist in your universe.

If you choose the evil Corruption , you will have the certainty that in your adventure it will be spreading, like a plague or a disease, so you will eventually run into it.

But if you choose Crimson , then this evil will form in your world and its presence will affect everything in its path. However, you can also select to have this determined randomly by the very nature of the game.

Establish name and seed to the world in Terraria

You have to intelligently choose the name that your world will have, as it will be impossible to change it later . In addition, the game offers you the possibility to choose between randomly suggested alternatives or you can enter the text manually.

Then we also have the seed of the world, which consists of a series of numbers, which will be the DNA of the universe that you create and will determine some of its features . Again, the game itself offers you some randomly generated options.

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