Complete guide to Bosses in Terraria: what they are and how you can summon them


Complete guide to Bosses in Terraria: what they are and how you can summon them

Terraria is part of adventure games, as it gives players the opportunity to explore an immense world with unique Biomes , which are composed of its characteristic elements, as well as enemies that will not hesitate to attack and hurt you. However, by belonging to this genre, it evidently anticipates that we will eventually run into some bosses.

These enemies cannot be confused with the rest of the opponents and monsters that you will run into on the way, since they have clear differences. Also, it is important to note that the list of Bosses in Terraria is quite extensive , not to mention the fact that some are exclusive to old consoles. Although they are mostly available in the currently supported versions of the game.

It is important that, if you are just starting out, you get an idea of the Bosses that you will find in your travels through the different biomes and difficulties that the game offers. 

Bosses in Terraria: what they are and how they differ from common monsters

As in other games, the Bosses in Terraria, also known by the community as « Bosses» , coming from English, are a special type of monsters, which have much higher statistics than the common opponents that you can find in any Biome. . This means that they are much more powerful, with a higher damage potential and more resistance.

But this is not all, since once you manage to defeat a Boss in Terraria, he will drop some object or item of value that you can use for some purpose on your journey . Another difference compared to common enemies is that the Bosses are not in any type of Biome, but certain specific conditions must be met in order for it to be invoked. In some cases, you must obtain a specific milestone, assassinate a character, or perform a summoning ritual.

It is important to note that the Chiefs increase their offensive and defensive stats further as the difficulty of the game intensifies. This means that the Bosses you face in Normal Mode will be weaker compared to those in Hard Mode and these, in turn, are not as strong as those in Master Mode .

A relevant detail to mention about the Bosses of Master Mode is that when you defeat them, they will leave you as a reward some valuable relic for your pets or special mounts . This is something to keep in mind, but they require a lot of strategy.

It is also important to mention that when you have met the conditions for a Boss to appear, a status message will immediately be displayed announcing their appearance, but their soundtrack will also begin to play . But the exclusive event bosses do not have these signals, so you must be aware of what happens on screen.

Boss Types in Terraria Normal Mode

Now that you know more about Terraria Bosses and the signs that are shown when they are about to appear, it is time to tell you which "Bosses" you will meet on your journey in Normal Mode and how you can summon them. Also, it could be said, that these are weaker in terms of power, compared to the ones in Hard Mode .

Boss King Slime in Terraria
Boss King Slime in Terraria

Slime king

It can be said that this is the weakest Boss that you will come across in the entire game. To summon the Slime King, you must do it using the Slime Crown or in full rain of Slimes after killing 75 of these creatures, although the first time it takes 150 murders.

This Boss can appear at any time of the day and if he is far from the player, he will immediately teleport towards his position, so you must be vigilant.

Eye of Cthulhu

Chief Eye of Cthulhu in Terraria
Chief Eye of Cthulhu in Terraria

Unlike the previous Boss, this Boss can appear naturally if you have more than 200 vitality, 10 defense, and more than 2 NPCs with you. It is important to note that this enemy has several forms during battle, which it will adopt when certain conditions are met.

It will take its second form when its life is cut in half . As for the fighting patterns during battle, this Chief will summon his servants, who are a weaker manifestation of demonic eyes and will charge frequently.

When you play in Expert Mode , this Boss has a third form, which will activate when it is low on vitality and will perform much more frequent and frantic lunges.

Devouring worlds

It should be noted that this Boss belongs to the evil Corruption and will be the replacement for the Chief Brain of Cthulhu . To summon it, you will have to destroy 3 Shadow Orbs of Corruption or use worm bait.

Regarding its pattern of attacks in battle, you should know that it will hide underground and will come to the surface, striking the enemy by surprise. But in Expert Mode , his abilities are much faster and he can fire projectiles.

Cthulhu Brain

Chief Brain of Cthulhu in Terraria
Chief Brain of Cthulhu in Terraria

The Chief Brain of Cthulhu belongs to the Crimson evil, being the replacement of the previous one mentioned. To summon him, you will have to destroy 3 Crimson Hearts or use a bloody spine .

To fight this Boss, you must master his attack pattern, because being in his first form, when he receives some damage, he will summon up to 30 creatures that will surround him and only when they are defeated, the Brain can receive damage again.

When facing him in Expert Mode , not only will he have other attack patterns, which activate after 3 seconds, but he will also create copies to distract players and apply debuffs or debuffs .


It is essential to defeat this Boss in order to have access to the Dungeon , otherwise, if you try to enter without having done so, the Guardian who guards the entrance will kill you with a single blow.

To summon Skeletron , you will have to converse with the Elder's NPC during the night to undo his curse . This the first time, because later, if you want to summon him, you will have to kill the Peddler NPC using the Voodoo doll that he sells.

This Boss has only one head and two hands, but he uses all of this to attack the player , either dropping his head or turning it in his direction to deal damage. And if you are in Expert Mode , defeating his hands will launch projectiles from his head.

Queen bee

If you want to summon this Boss, you will have to do it in the Hives by breaking a larva or using the beeamination . His attack patterns consist of 3 forms of it. In addition, it is capable of strongly ramming the player and causing a lot of damage or hitting them with projectiles that inflict poison.

If you face her in expert mode , she will have a new addition to her abilities and that is that by having less life, her attack speed will increase .

Fleshy wall

Fleshy Wall Boss in Terraria
Fleshy Wall Boss in Terraria

In order to summon this Boss, you will have to throw the Guide's Voodoo doll into the lava found in the Underworld, but the Guide NPC must be alive.

The community agrees that this is the toughest and most difficult Boss you'll encounter in Normal Mode and you won't be able to escape the battle until one of them is dead.

The Fleshy Wall strikes with lightning bolts that it shoots from the eyes, but also summons allies to attack you . And when you face him in Expert Mode, he will get closer to you faster and create many more enemies.

What also makes this Boss special is that when you finally defeat him, then the world will advance to Hard Mode , which means, among other things, that new Bosses will appear that you will have to fight. In addition, you must fight against the Crimson and Corruption that will spread faster.

Boss Types in Terraria Hard Mode

Now is the time to change the difficulty and cover the Bosses that you will find in Hard Mode , which are not only more powerful than the previous ones, but also add new mechanics and other variations to their fight patterns.

Slime queen

This Boss belongs to the Blessing and you can fight it as soon as you enter Hard World Mode . To invoke it, you will have to make use of a Jelly Crystal , which you can find in the underground Blessing .

It should be noted that this Boss is totally optional , but that it will serve as a way to prepare you to fight against more powerful enemies, such as Mechanical Bosses, for example.

In terms of his attack patterns, they are similar to those of the Slime King , but when he changes to his second form, this Boss will fly through the air and launch projectiles that will deal a lot of damage.

The destroyer

Boss the Destroyer in Terraria
Boss the Destroyer in Terraria

This Boss could be said to be the mechanical form of the World Eater . To summon it you can use a mechanical worm , but it can also appear naturally when accessing Hard Mode .

This is also the easiest Boss of all mechanics . And regarding its attack patterns, when you deal an amount of damage to all of its sections, probes will form that will attack you with lightning bolts. But when you face him in Expert Mode , not only will he deal more damage but his lightning bolts will be faster.

The Twins

They are considered to be the mechanical form of the Chief Eye of Cthulhu . Its shape is that of two eyes connected to each other, although each one is different. On the one hand, Spasmatizer focuses on melee attacks , while Retinator attacks from a distance .

On their attack patterns, they are similar to those of the aforementioned Boss, although when a certain percentage of damage is inflicted, they will change to their second form and attack at the same time with new and more powerful abilities, such as cursed flames .

And if you want to summon it, you can use a mechanical eye or wait for it to appear naturally after accessing Hard World Mode .

Greater skeletron

The mechanical version of the classic Skeletron. However, this is different, as it has four arms, each with the ability to perform a different attack . And to summon it, you will have to use the Mechanical Skull at night or wait for it to appear naturally.

If you defeat him and it is just daylight, he will launch a final attack on the player , killing him immediately. He is an interesting Boss and one that you should be vigilant against.


Head Plantera in Terraria
Head Plantera in Terraria

If you want to summon Plantera, you simply have to destroy a Plantera Bulb in the underground Jungle Biome, after defeating the 3 Clockwork Bosses. Also, it has two forms. The first allows you to move around using solid blocks and launching projectiles.

In his second form he will be faster and lunges against the player. It will also release some man-eaters from its body that will attack you. Also, you should know that if you make Plantera surface, it will fill with rage and increase its damage and speed.

Empress of light

This Boss belongs to the Blessing and has a massive amount of vitality, specifically 70,000 points of it. It can be summoned when you kill the Prismatic Lacewing within said Biome. However, this is a battle that you can avoid, if you wish.

If we speak of an order, we could say that you must face the Empress after Plantera and before the Golem . By defeating it, it will throw you powerful equipment , it is very difficult and this will help in the fight against the next Boss.


You can find this Boss in the Jungle Temple , although you must summon him using a Lihzahrd Power Cell on his respective altar. It has two different forms. In the first, their limbs can be damaged. And by beating his arms, the head will start to float and attack with projectiles.

If you fight him in Expert Mode , by losing vitality, he will gain speed in his attacks. You must be careful with their melee attacks.

Duke Fishron

Chief Duke Fishron in Terraria
Chief Duke Fishron in Terraria

This Boss is the combination of a Dragon with a Pig and a Fish. To be summoned, you must catch a truffle worm in any Ocean Biome . When in his first form, he will launch into a lunge that hits the player five times and then attack with popping bubbles.

Then, in his second form, his eyes will glow and his body will darken, gaining attack and defense, but he will maintain the same attack pattern. But in Expert Mode , having low vitality, he will become invisible and only his eyes will be seen , in addition to his attacks will be faster and cause more damage.

Lunatic cultist

This Boss will appear after you kill the cultists at the entrance of the dungeon after killing the Golem. In addition, it has 3 types of attacks that cause a lot of damage . And when he loses a lot of life, he will go into his second form, launching powerful purple bolts that are deadly.

Lord of the moon

It should be noted that this is not only the most powerful Boss in Hard Mode, but in the entire game. To invoke it, you must have defeated the 4 Heavenly Towers or use the Heavenly Seal .

It is made up of two hands, which have eyes from which it shoots ghostly projectiles . It also summons spheres that can physically attack you. The final blow against this Boss must come to the heart.

But in Expert Mode , the lightning that this enemy shoots is capable of killing the player just by touching it, so you must be extremely careful.

Exclusive Event Boss types in Terraria

We already anticipate that the Bosses in Terraria are very varied and the list is quite extensive. But now that you know which are the final enemies that you will face both in Normal Mode and Hard Mode , the next thing is to talk about those that are exclusive of events.

These Bosses differ from the rest we have mentioned, as they can only be invoked when their respective event is active. In addition, they do not have a soundtrack or status messages appear when they are about to enter the scene.

Flying dutch

This is the Boss you must face in the pirate invasion event. In addition, it will appear automatically after completing the invasion by 65% . It has cannons that fire long-range projectiles.

Additionally, this Boss has knockback immunity and is capable of flying. As for the method to assassinate him, you must destroy all his cannons, because if you do not, he will also remain immune to damage.

Torch god

This is the final enemy of an event that you can access from Normal Mode . To invoke it, you will have to collect about 100 torches , although it can appear before or after exceeding that amount.

You will know that the event has been activated, since the torches will fire against the player's character and these projectiles will be able to go through all the blocks. This is a slightly different Boss, as it applies a debuff that affects visibility .

Mourning tree

Mourning Tree Chief in Terraria
Mourning Tree Chief in Terraria

This Boss will be the first to appear in the Halloween Pumpkin Moon event . It can be displayed from the fourth wave and has knockback immunity. As for its attack mechanics, it will launch projectiles against the player that can go through all kinds of blocks.

These projectiles will remain on the ground and will deal damage to the player if he touches them. After beating it, you will receive 75 points to continue the event.

Pumpkin king

He is the second Boss you will run into in the aforementioned Halloween event and can appear from wave 7 . He also has recoil immunity and can fly, so you won't be able to trap him.

You must pay attention to the face that he makes, since the attack will depend on this, whether they are projectiles, scythes, among others. It should be noted that it has 3 forms during the battle.

Eternal scream

This is the first Boss of the Christmas event known as Frozen Moon . It can appear from the fourth wave and is immune against recoil. It has attacks similar to those of the Mourning Tree Chief, but its projectiles fail to penetrate the blocks.


Chief Dad-NK1 in Terraria
Chief Dad-NK1 in Terraria

He is the second Boss of the Christmas event. His attack pattern is that once his vitality drops, he will change his face until he shows the real one . It can fire powerful and fast rounds of projectiles from its arm against the player and is capable of raining gifts from the sky, dealing a lot of damage.

Ice queen

He is the last Boss of the Christmas event and can appear from the eleventh wave. It can fly and has great agility , so it is able to dodge your attacks without problems. In addition, it will cause damage to you with its ranged bows.

Solar column

Heavenly Towers Chiefs in Terraria
Heavenly Towers Chiefs in Terraria

It is part of the Heavenly Towers and becomes visible on the map after defeating the Lunatic Cultist . This is a different enemy than the rest that we have seen, because it does not attack directly or even move.

As the player approaches it, the sky will turn orange and fire kites will rain down on the ground , which can deal damage to the player. In addition, it has a shield that protects it and can summon allies to fight against you.

Nebula column

This Chief is another member of the Heavenly Towers and its operation is the same. The difference is that when you get close to it, the sky will turn pink with dark details . But he also has a defense shield and summons allies to fight the player.

Vortex column

Another Chief of the Heavenly Towers . When you approach it, the sky will turn a blue-green hue. He also summons his minions to fight against you and has protection in the form of a shield that protects his life points.

Stardust column

The last of the Chiefs of the Heavenly Towers . In the same way as the previous ones, their battle mechanics are the same, with the exception that the sky is colored a dark blue . Of the rest, apply the same strategy so that you can beat it.

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