Complete guide to fishing in Terraria: everything you need to know


Complete guide to fishing in Terraria: everything you need to know

Fishing is one of the funniest activities in Terraria since the fish are super rare and showy , this is what excites every player; In addition, these can be sold later and get good rewards in return.

However, it can be a bit complicated if you do not know exactly what you need to fish , as well as the ideal places to do it and how you can get good catches.

Therefore, this time we are going to tell you how you can improve your skills in this Terraria activity . 

What is fishing in Terraria?

This is an activity that is done using a fishing pole and one or many baits that are located in the main inventory . Next, you must throw the hook that brings the rod into the pool, but this must have a minimum of liquid.

If you perform this activity properly, you will get rewards such as useless items, special items, fish for sale, alchemical fish, common fish, and boxes.

Steps to fish

Player fishing in Terraria
Player fishing in Terraria

To start fishing, the first thing you should have is a well-equipped fishing rod , as we mentioned before. Later you will have to throw the hook of the rod into the water, to do this click; the hook will follow the direction of the cursor, also gravity will influence. In this step, you must ensure that it always falls on a liquid .

Once this is done, you should wait for the hook to begin to move , which indicates that you have managed to catch something which in turn means that it will be time to pick it up because otherwise you will lose the fishing.

Basic requirements to start fishing in Terraria

In order for you to become a professional fisherman in Terraria, it is necessary that you know what are the elements that you must have on hand to be able to fish and if you already know them then it is worth doing a little review of them. 

The first thing you should know about this activity, fishing in Terraria, is that there are three types of liquids where you can fish: Water, Lava and Honey . In the case of Lava, you can only go fishing if you have a rod, bait or some accessory from the Underworld .

In addition, in order to carry out this activity, you will need a lake that is built with at least 75 interconnected blocks and about 1000 blocks so that you can emulate oceans . On the other hand, for Honey you need about 50 blocks, while for Lava you must reach 300 blocks.

Another question that is often asked is how deep the lake should be, and the answer is that depth is not taken into account . In fact, you can easily fish in a lagoon that is only a block deep. It should be noted that, for this to be possible, you must comply with the minimum amount of liquid .

As for the distance that the player takes from the shore to the side, it is not a factor that influences when fishing, but what does matter is the shape of the lake .

The latter is because the solid blocks, which are not platforms, cut or subtract the connection that the liquid blocks have located just below them and are in contact. Therefore, if the shape of the lake avoids those solid blocks within a liquid such as the gaps or protrusions of the same, then the liquid that is stored will be greatly used.

Another point that you should consider is that while you are submerged in a liquid you will not be able to fish , although it is possible to fish when the hook is moving or riding, flying or grabbing a hook on a block.

In addition to this, there is an effect that allows you to identify a lagoon, ocean or lake suitable for this activity ; These are small dim lights that form adjacent to the ideal surface for fishing. So if you find such a site, it is the right one.

Requirements that you must meet for mission fishing

To catch mission fish you need other additional requirements than those that have already been mentioned throughout this post. So you must comply with the following:

  • The activity must be carried out in the appropriate biome and the necessary height for the mission that the player carries out. The latter is determined by the fisherman through dialogues, that is, if you do not talk to this NPC before fishing , then you will not be able to catch a mission fish or, it is possible to get one, but the process will be quite laborious since you must find the Biome and the appropriate height
  • The fishing system does not allow the player to store the fish from the daily quest in their inventory . Instead, it will need to be disposed of or stored elsewhere to have room to continue fishing for the ongoing mission.
  • You will not be able to give the fish from the daily quest to said fisherman.

What is fishing power and what is it for?

This is a determinant of the speed of the fishing , as well as how rare the object that has been caught is. The great part of these objects obtained increase percentage and cumulatively this fishing power, so knowing them is extremely important. These objects are the following:

The fishing rods equipped

It is the main item a Terraria fisherman needs. How do you get it? Well, creating it with your supplies or you can also obtain it through NPCs, chests, defeated enemies or boxes.

In the game there are about 9 fishing rods and each one has its own effectiveness , so you must always choose the best one, that is, the Golden Rod. The latter has a 50% power and is followed by the Direct Hook which has a power of 45% and is suitable for fishing in Lava. Both types of rods are captured by the player as a random reward.


This is the second essential item for Terraria fishing. The bait is the one in charge of attracting the fish , or failing that, the treasures. These are somewhat difficult to find, however, you can obtain several by opening boxes, completing missions or when you capture them on your own.

Baits can be insects that behave like ammunition and, like fishing rods, there are several types with different efficiency. In fact, Master's Bait is considered the best as it has 50% power, but cannot be used on Lava. The Fishing portion is part of the normal mode and grants the buff by fishing for a period of eight minutes or at least until its use is canceled manually. The latter is achieved by clicking on its icon. This fishing buff acts by increasing the fishing power to 15%, which favors the fish that will surface.

The fisherman's earring or abyssal slope

It is an accessory that you get by completing missions commissioned by the fisherman . This is only used in normal mode and when equipped it manages to raise the fishing power to 10%. The best thing is that this accessory can be combined with others and so you will have your own fishing tackle bag.

Fisherman armor

This allows you to increase the fishing levels , in fact each of its pieces raises the fishing power to 5%. You get this armor when you complete missions assigned to you by the fisherman.

Bait Bucket or Buddy Bucket

It is a type of consumable that is applied in the normal mode of the video game and is left by those monsters that are approaching the Blood Moon special event . The buddy cube has an effect that only activates when thrown into the liquid and this will allow the fishing power to increase. However, the percentage of this increase will depend on how many cubes you have thrown or used to fish.

Remember that the maximum amount to use is 3 , so if you throw a cube the fishing power will reach 11, if there are two then it will reach 17 and if there are three uses then said power will reach 20.

At the time of fishing, some environmental factors also intervene that influence the power to fish , these are the climate, the moon phase, the climate and the size of the lake.

List of fish that can be caught in Terraria

Below, we provide you with a fairly extensive list of all the fish that you can find in the Terraria bodies of water and that you can later sell to obtain some valuable coins.

  • Tuna : This fish can be sold for 7 silver or 50 copper and is found in the Ocean Biome .
  • Atlantic Cod - Can be sold for 7 Silver or 50 Copper and is found in the Tundra Biome .
  • Double Cod : It can be sold for 15 silver coins and is found in the Jungle Biome.
  • Gold Carp - Can be sold for 10 gold coins and can be found in any Biome.
  • Ebonkoi - Can be sold for 15 silver and is only found in the Corruption Biome.
  • Gamba : It can be sold for 15 silver coins and is found in the Ocean Biome.
  • Hemopiranha : This fish is found only in the Crimson Biome and can be sold for 15 silver coins.
  • Finned Koi : It can be sold for 50 silver and is exclusively found in the Underworld Biome .
  • Sea Bass : This fish can be sold for as little as 5 silver coins and can be fished in any Biome.
  • Blue Jellyfish - This can be sold for 3 gold or 50 silver and is found in any Biome.
  • Pink jellyfish : in the same way as the previous one, it can be sold for 3 gold coins or 50 silver coins and is found in the Ocean Biome.
  • Green jellyfish : its value is 3 gold coins or 50 silver coins and it lies in any Biome.
  • Mendo Frozen : It costs 15 silver and can only be fished in the Tundra Biome.
  • Red snapper : its price is 7 silver coins or 50 copper coins. It lies in the Ocean Biome.
  • Stinky fish : its value is 25 silver coins and can be fished in the Jungle Biome.
  • Damsel Fish : This can be fished in any type of Biome and then sold for 30 silver.
  • Armored Cave Fish - Found in any Biome and can be sold for 15 Silver.
  • Obsidian Fish : Lies only in the Underworld Biome and can be sold for 15 silver.
  • Chaos Fish : its value is 3 gold coins and can only be fished in the Blessing Biome .
  • Spectacular Fish - Can be sold for 7 Silver or 50 Copper. It can be found in any Biome.
  • Multicolored Butterfish : It costs 15 silver and is only found in the Jungle Biome.
  • Princess Fish - Can only be fished in the Blessing Biome and sold for 25 silver.
  • Crimson Tiger Fish : It is only found in the Crimson Biome and its cost is 7 silver coins or 50 copper coins.
  • Prismite : another fish from the Blessing Biome , whose market cost is 1 gold coin .
  • Neon Tetra - Can be sold for 15 Silver and is only found in the Jungle Biome.
  • Trout : its cost is 5 gold coins and it can be fished in the Ocean Biome.

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