Controls guide in Terraria for PC: how to play


Controls guide in Terraria for PC: how to play

If you are interested in playing Terraria, which is considered one of the most popular construction and free exploration titles in recent years , even being compared to Minecraft; then you should know that this is available for a wide variety of platforms, both mobile and console and computer.

However, it is necessary to point out that, over the years, since Terraria was officially launched in 2011, it has been available on other platforms , which little by little lost support and stopped updating, so they no longer they receive the news that the developers integrate.

If you have chosen to give this wonderful title developed by Re-Logic a try , then you must choose one of the platforms that are still supported. In addition, you need to master the controls of this to get the most out of it. But it should be noted that the version with the most shortcuts and that requires a learning curve is the computer version.

For all this and more, we have developed this guide, in which we will address the controls of this game , explaining in detail what they are, as well as some of the most important shortcuts that you should know. 

Platforms on which Terraria is available

House with some NPCs built in Terraria
House with some NPCs built in Terraria

Before starting with Terraria's game controls, it is necessary to point out which platforms it is available and supported on. Beforehand we must rule out the versions of PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 , as well as Nintendo DS.

After this elimination of gaming platforms, Terraria is available for smartphones (iOS and Android), computers ( Steam and GOG ), as well as for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One , which are two of the most used consoles and where some users prefer play.

Although it is available on several platforms, only the PC version requires the player to spend time studying the controls , since, for example, Terraria for smartphones is extremely intuitive and all the buttons are on the screen, so that the player learn them quickly.

If you are going to play Terraria on PC, it is necessary that you go over the controls a little to avoid surprises and that you quickly master all the possibilities it offers. Therefore, below we will explain how to play it in this popular version.

How to play Terraria on its PC / Steam version

If you want to play Terraria on your computer, you can do it through Steam, although obviously you will have to buy it for about $ 10 . However, by doing this, you will have legal access to an almost infinite world, full of Biomes with NPCs , monsters and Bosses , as well as many adventures that are waiting for you.

In addition, playing Terraria on PC is a lot of fun , since you have a bigger screen to appreciate this beautiful and nostalgic world in 2D with pixel design . However, to get the hang of it quickly, you'll need to learn what action each button on the keyboard triggers and also what shortcuts exist. And we will tell you all this in the next few lines.

Default controls in Terraria for PC / Steam

We have selected and detailed all the useful buttons on your computer keyboard for Terraria, as well as the actions they execute when you press them . In this way you will know how to move, interact with your environment and much more. And, although it may seem long, you will get used to it quickly.

  • W key : allows you to hold a rope or chain. You can also activate a gravity potion or even climb, if you are carrying a flying mount.
  • A / D keys : using the A and D keys, you can move to the left and right respectively.
  • S Key : This key allows you to descend from platforms or even travel horizontally with certain special wings.
  • Space bar : when pressing this key, the character will immediately jump and fly.
  • Enter key : pressing this key activates in-game chat , which is a communication channel with the environment.
  • T key : if you press this key, the character will drop the object in his hand.
  • Left click : with this mouse key, the character can place blocks or even use an object.
  • H key : when pressing this key, the character uses a source of health regeneration , which is closer to his position.
  • M key : using this key, the game map is opened .
  • E key : with this you can use a hook .
  • J Key : When you press this key, the character uses the closest source of mana regeneration .
  • Key B : if you press on this key, the character will use all the potions at his disposal quickly.
  • R key : with this key, the avatar will be able to ride .
  • Escape key : pressing this key will immediately open the game inventory and the player will be able to view all the items they have collected.
  • Tab key : by means of this key, the layout of the game map is changed .
  • Shift key : this shortcut allows you to quickly use a tool according to the location of the mouse on the screen. For example, if you have the mouse on a block and press this key, then the Pickaxe will be equipped in hand. But if you do it on a tree, the equipped tool will be the ax.
  • Alt Key + Right Click Combination : Pressing this combination will mark an item as a Favorite , which means that it cannot be sold, dropped or deposited.
  • Alt key + Right click combination with open chat : this combination allows you to link an object you want to share in the chat .
  • Ctrl key : Deactivate and activate the smart cursor.
  • F1 key : if you press on this button, the game's built-in camera mode is activated .
  • F7 key : provides you with information related to the current performance of the game.
  • F9 key : this key allows you to change the lighting of the game.
  • F10 key : with this key you can view the frames per second (FPS) of the game at all times . This is great for finding any pull or slowdown in fluency.
  • F11 key : this button allows you to hide all the icons that are displayed on the screen to have a minimalist and clean view.
  • Alt + Enter combination : if you press this combination, you can enter or leave full screen mode , without leaving the mode you are currently in.

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