For the Delta One challenges in Fortnite, you will have to crouch behind a barrier. But where can you find a barrier to squat behind? We explain to you!

Delta One challenges are available in Fortnite , on the occasion of the collaboration with Gears of War! They allow you to obtain XP as well as a reward, provided you succeed in all of them. We help you complete all these challenges, so that you can obtain the promised rewards.


One of these challenges involves “crouching behind a barrier” . But where can one find one of the barriers to meet this challenge? We give you all of the locations below, and we show you how to crouch!

How to crouch behind a barrier in Fortnite?

To crouch behind a barrier and complete the quest, several locations are available . You can use the map below to find the exact locations, and complete the quest faster:

Location of barriers in Fortnite
Location of barriers in Fortnite

Only a barrier is sufficient, and once you crouch down, the quest will be completed! To squat, if you do not know the key, it is "control" that you will have to use on PC. You will then crouch automatically, and then have to press this button again to get up.

Once the challenge is completed, you can proceed to the rest of the Delta One quests. They unlock as you go, and there are 5 in total! They are fairly simple to make, and shouldn't be too much of a problem for you.

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