A potential playable character has leaked and it's Cyno, a character from Sumeru, one of the next regions to be added to the game and we present him to you.

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In Genshin Impact , many characters are playable and two will be added soon to patch 2.3, namely Gorou and Arataki Itto with the release of the second banner available on December 14 .

However, some dataminers like to browse files in game and during beta. Info on a next playable character has also leaked, and it's Cyno who comes from the Sumeru region.

Is Cyno a next playable character in Genshin Impact?

If you want to know if Cyno is a playable character, well it looks like it is from the information available in the game files during the beta. In terms of reliable information around the person, we know that he comes from Sumeru and that he would therefore be available after the release of Act 3 of the main story which will unlock this new region. We also know that he has red eyes and white hair , and that he has an outfit very similar to that of Anubis, the Egyptian god. Within the manga, we also know that he wears a black coat and that he knows Amber. In addition, he is a student at the Academy of Sumeru, the school in which Lisa studied.

As for a little less certain information, Cyno would use the element Pyro if one refers to the Vision present on his belt and that he would wield a pole weapon in view of his visual available above. Obviously, we will have to wait for an officialization of the character from miHoYo to have new information.

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