Diablo 3: All Soul Shards in Season 25 and their strong bonuses


Diablo 3: All Soul Shards in Season 25 and their strong bonuses

In Season 25 of Diablo 3 you can farm Soul Shards of the Great Evils and the Lesser Evils. We'll show you all the soul fragments and their basic bonuses as well as the additional properties. You can also find out what you do with “Sparks of the Hellforge”.

What kind of splinters are these? The season theme of Season 25 in Diablo 3 runs under the motto "The rulers of hell". Everything revolves around the soul fragments. You can wear two of them at the same time per character. They drop in their basic form and can then be improved by you.

In this overview we show you all soul shards and their bonuses from Season 25. This way you know which ones are suitable for your class and which play style and are worth upgrading.

Seasonal theme of Season 25 - Shards of Souls and Sparks of the Hellforge

How does the topic work?  You can carry two splinters at the same time, one in the head and one in the weapon. They work like gemstones, but are much more powerful than any gemstone you have known before. Because they combine effects. 

  • There are three Soul Shards of the Great Evils that fit into your helmet sockets 
  • And four Soul Shards of Lesser Evils that fit your weapon sockets 
  • You can upgrade each soul shard three times, this works with exclusive seasonal items “Sparks of the Hellforge” - these are consumable  items
  • By upgrading you unlock the additional properties 

Where do you find the soul shards?  The new soul shards and also the sparks of the Hellforge can drop anywhere. With bosses, the chance of soul shards is greater. You cannot trade the splinters with other players, but you can recycle them at the blacksmith or use them in Caldesann's desperation. 

After the end of the season, you cannot take the Soul Shards or the Sparks from the Hellforge with you into the non-season. 

All soul shards and their bonuses in Season 25 

In the following we show you all the splinters with the basic bonuses and the additional properties.

The additional properties you unlock gradually, if you upgrade the soul shards with the sparks of the Hellforge. 

These are the soul shards from Season 25

Shard of Terror (Great Evil) 

Basic bonus: Your cooldown times are increased by 25%. For each skill that decays, the damage you take is reduced by 12.5% ​​and the damage you deal increased by 25%. 

Additional features:  

For each skill that decays, your attack speed and critical strike chance are increased by 5%. 
You conjure up a ring of fire after killing 100 enemies. 
If there are at least three skills on the cooldown, the damage done by your lightning and fire skills is increased by 50%. 

Shards of Hatred (Great Evil) 

Basic bonus: Your damage is reduced by 15% if there are three or fewer enemies within 25 meters of you. On the other hand, if there are more than three enemies, your damage per enemy is increased by 5% - up to a maximum of 50%. 

Additional features:  

  1. If you kill an elite opponent, all opponents will be pulled within 40 meters of the elite opponent's place of death. 
  2. Increases your movement speed by 50%. Your movement speed is reduced by 10% for each enemy within 25 meters - up to a maximum of 70%. 
  3. You now do not 5%, but 10% more damage per enemy - up to a maximum of 100%. 

Fragment of Destruction (Great Evil) 

Basic bonus: You can run unhindered through opponents and cover those you walked through with the mark of destruction for seven seconds. If an enemy who bears the mark dies, they reduce the cooldown of one of your skills by one second. If the time runs out without the opponent dying, you suffer damage per opponent amounting to 2% of your maximum life. If your character is less than 35% life, no mark is applied. 

Additional features: 

  1. There is a 25% chance that an enemy killed and afflicted with the Mark of Destruction will restore 5% life to you 
  2. For each enemy that is covered with one mark of destruction, you increase your movement speed by 5% for seven seconds - a maximum of 10 stacks are possible 
  3. You're leaving a trail of flames. Enemies that are afflicted with the mark of destruction and have less than 10% health are killed instantly. 

Mark of Sin (Lesser Evil) 

Basic bonus: You deal 25% less damage. If you kill 50 enemies, then you create a pool of blood that increases the damage taken by elite enemies by 150% and remains active for 15 seconds. 

Additional features: 

  1. The pool of blood now removes the affixes of elite enemies in the area of ​​effect 
  2. If you kill a group of elite opponents, you will receive an additional progress ball for portals 
  3. The pool of blood now collects the portal progress balls for you 

Sediment of Lies (Lesser Evil) 

Basic bonus: You yourself cause 25% less damage, but your companions and servants cause 25% more damage. 

Additional features:  

  1. If you kill an elite enemy, your active cooldown times are reduced by five seconds 
  2. If you suffer damage that would kill you, you summon a shadow. This prevents your death and restores 35% of your maximum health. In addition, the shadow grants all group members +225 resistance to all types of damage while the shadow is active. He stays for 15 seconds 
  3. Your damage increases by 0.5% every time one of your servants or companions hits. This can be stacked up to 100 times, so it will bring you a maximum of 50% more damage. If you have reached 100 stacks, the stacks will be reset to 0 within a short time 

Rudiment of Pain (Lesser Evil) 

Basic bonus: Your critical strike chance is reduced by 15%. In return, you always hit incompetent opponents critically. 

Additional features: 

  1. If you hit opponents with cold damage, there is a 50% chance that you will freeze the opponent. Cold skills deal 20% more damage to frozen targets 
  2. If you have more than + 50% increased movement speed, then you can run through opponents and push them back, after which they are stunned for two seconds 
  3. If you hit opponents critically, the attack speed of all players in your group is increased by 5% for five seconds - stackable up to ten times 

Essence of Torment (Lesser Evil) 

Base bonus: Every time you deal damage with poison skills, your cooldown reduction and movement speed are increased by 2.5% for ten seconds and your damage taken is increased by 5%. It can be stacked up to ten times. 

Additional features: 

  1. The poison damage you inflict can increase your movement speed and cooldown reduction up to 15 times. 
  2. If you inflict poison damage on an opponent, they will suffer 50% more poison damage from all sources for ten seconds 
  3. If you kill an enemy, the damage from the killing blow is added to all enemies within 25 meters 

How do you like the bonuses of the Soul Shards from Season 25 in Diablo 3? Do you find them strong enough and have you already found a favorite? Write us which splinters you are going to build into your builds and talk to the community about them.

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