Essential tips to start playing Terraria


Essential tips to start playing Terraria

If you have already purchased and installed Terraria on your preferred platform, it is natural that you want to start your adventure through this almost infinite world and explore all that it has to offer . However, just like in real life, following certain tips can help you avoid making mistakes that you may regret later.

You should already know that Terraria is a game that has a variety of content so that players have fun for many hours and without getting bored. From exploration and survival tasks to confronting powerful enemies and visiting the different types of Biomes .

Tips for beginners: everything you need to know when starting in Terraria

Terraria is a title that is available on various platforms , so players have many channels to enjoy this wonderful and entertaining game . However, with so many things you can do in this world, it is easy to make mistakes or omit certain aspects that you may regret later or that can directly harm you, such as not getting the necessary amount of a material , for example.

Therefore, and with the intention of avoiding bad decisions , we have prepared a list of essential tips that will be very useful for new players. In this way, they will be able to enjoy Terraria efficiently and without wasting any type of material that may be necessary later.

In the next few lines we will tell you the essential tips that every new Terraria explorer should know and that will allow them to have an advantage against this huge world.

Mine stones and cut down enough trees

Trees that can be felled in the Forest Biome in Terraria
Trees that can be felled in the Forest Biome in Terraria

Perhaps this advice may seem extremely obvious, but it is important to point it out. Before you think about collecting the Eldritch Gods fabric , you need to gather some other basic resources . In fact, the fundamental and initial task of the users is to collect stone and wood , as they are the materials that are needed to make some of the most basic structures, such as a house or even workstations.

When players appear in the world of Terraria, they possess nothing more than an ax, a copper sword, and a pickaxe . Therefore, you must use them wisely to collect the most important resources as soon as you start your adventure. In addition, trees are very common to find, so using the ax you can easily acquire the wood. And as for the stone, you can use the pick and dig about two blocks just below the ground .

Make sure to collect a good amount of both resources , as we mentioned, they are the cornerstone of many essential buildings in the game. In addition, in this way you will avoid staying without the materials when you are in full construction.

You must kill Slime to make your torches

Because many of Terraria's maps and Biomes are uninhabited, darkness abounds in them, so having a light source becomes essential to allow us to properly explore every corner . And this is even more important when you decide to go into the underground caves in search of treasures and chests but cannot visualize your way, thus exposing yourself to potential danger.

So if you are planning to go underground, you need to have your own light source. This is where torches come in, as they are a quick way to fix this visibility problem . And to make them, you will have to have enough wood, but if you followed our previous advice, you will surely have plenty.

Once you have the wood, the next thing will be to collect the necessary gel to create this incendiary element . For this, you will have to kill the Slimes that you find at the beginning of your adventure. Only with these materials can you make your own torch, which you can not only carry in your hand wherever you go, but you can also place it in your home to serve as a source of light and make it a habitable place.

Make sure to build two houses (at least) when starting

NPCs living together in a house in Terraria
NPCs living together in a house in Terraria

Terraria is a vast world where not only are there a variety of Biomes waiting to be explored, but there are also many dangers lurking in every corner . Here you can run into zombies, among many other monsters that rise at nightfall and that can ruin your adventure.

It is precisely for this reason that one of the main objectives that every player should have when starting to play Terraria is to build a house that will serve as a refuge from the dangers of the outside , but also to store objects and items that he has collected in his adventure. In addition, as we told you in the game's NPC guide , these structures can be inhabited by NPCs and offer you many benefits.

To make your own house, you must meet some conditions, such as having a light source, chairs, tables, doors and walls .Due to the simplicity with which this task can be accomplished, players are advised to craft at least two continuous hearths. One where your character can live and one where the Guide NPC will inhabit.

As the two houses are together, it will count as having built a village, which will attract the attention of other NPCs and they will come closer for the players to interact with them and offer them a place to live . For this reason it is necessary to have at least two households when starting to play.

Make an oven and workbench

Maybe at first you don't notice that it is necessary, but as you progress through the game, one of your needs will be to make workstations where you can build new objects , weapons, armor and even the sniper.

It can be said that the workbench is the easiest workstation to build and that it is extremely necessary to be able to manufacture the vast majority of elements available in the game . But this is not all, since a furnace is also essential, as it is the place where you can build new weapons and improve the armor you already have.

To build the furnace, you will need about 20 stones, 3 torches and 4 pieces of wood . These are simple materials to collect and that you will come across frequently. And if you still wonder why you should make the oven, the reason is simple, because through this you can build other objects that will help you get resources more easily, such as a higher quality pickaxe or even kill monsters with more swords. powerful .

Protect and keep the Guide NPC safe

House construction in Terraria
House construction in Terraria

Believe it or not, your first friend and most useful resource when you start playing Terraria is the NPC Guide, who will not only offer you important advice when you are lost or do not know what to do , but will also give you information on what elements to use. they can build from other materials. And if that were not enough, it is thanks to the help of this NPC that you can find the fleshy Wall, which is one of the bosses in the game.

For all this and more, you must build a house so that this NPC can stay safe and protected from the dangers of the world, such as monsters. And if on the first day you pass you have no possibility of making a home for him, then you will have to build a kind of wall of earth blocks around him to keep the zombies away from him.

These monsters lurk in the dark, so the first night is essential and you have to keep the guide protected so that they can continue to help you and give you advice on what you can and should do on your adventure through this vast world.

Make use of platforms to return to the surface

After a certain time of play, you will know that you must explore underground to acquire certain minerals and materials that are essential. However, in doing so, although it sounds obvious, you will have to make sure you have a way to return to the surface . To do this, you can use ropes, since they are one of the best tools to move vertically, although at first they are difficult to obtain.

Instead of these, it is best that you opt for platforms, since they are special elements that players can traverse . In addition, you can make it with different materials, including wood, being one of the most efficient methods to move from top to bottom and vice versa in mining shafts.

Because the platforms can be traversed by players, but do not allow movement in the opposite direction, they are a great way to descend into the depths of the caves , but without causing damage when falling from the height.

Explore the caves for chests, cobwebs and flowerpots

Terraria underground biomes
Terraria underground biomes

Many of the most attractive features and items you can find while exploring Terraria lie deep within caverns and underground spaces. In fact, caves are one of the best places where you can search for treasure chests and even cobwebs . This last element is essential for making ropes and even cosmetics.

When you explore the caves of Terraria, there is a chance that you will find gold coins, minerals and special materials , as well as treasure chests. And if you destroy the boats, then you will receive additional rewards. And if you've emptied a chest, you can always put it to a new use as a storage unit for other items.

As we mentioned before, you can also get cobwebs in the caves , which you can turn into silk, which in turn is one of the objects needed to build a bed. For all this and more, you need to take the time to go underground and get various resources.

Make a yo-yo that serves as a weapon

While it is true that, in Terraria, there is a great variety of weapons that you can equip and with which you can destroy monsters, there are also others that are less flashy, but that are also important, such as the yoyo . This can become a melee weapon when you are starting your adventure.

We already told you that this world is full of threats and monsters that will not hesitate to attack you. Therefore, it is necessary that you always have a way to defend yourself and, when you are starting out, you do not have access to the most powerful weapons, so you must act with what you have at hand.

Yo-yos are an excellent long-range weapon that will allow you to deal damage to monsters over a period of time. In addition, its construction is simple, since you only need 20 cobwebs and 10 woods on the workbench.

Plant sunflowers around houses and villages

Monsters can stalk the houses where the NPCs are and scare them, which will decrease their happiness. Therefore, it is necessary that you know how to increase it and the best way is through sunflowers , which also make the rate of monsters appear lower.

Another benefit of sunflowers is that they can prevent tokens from getting contaminated by being in contact with Crimson or Corruption . And if you want to collect these plants, you can find them in nature. Then, through the pick, you can displace it and then plant it in your town and keep the NPCs happy .

Don't run away from boss battles at the beginning of the game

This world is not a place of peace, but there are many dangers. And if you have just started your adventure recently, you may feel intimidated with so many dangers lurking around you . Also, when you are faced with the idea that you will eventually run into a boss, it is likely to generate a concern, since you are not sufficiently equipped.

However, it is recommended that you do not run away from these boss battles , since when you manage to assassinate one starting your adventure, you will get a group of extra hearts that will help you later. And if you wish, you can summon the Slime King or the Eye of Cthulhu to take advantage of this bonus. It should also be mentioned that if you defeat them, you will get special weapons.

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