Final Fantasy 7 Remake Guide - All Johnny Events

 How to find all Johnny-related events and get the secret achievement "Johnny's Experience"

During the passage of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you can find 5 events related to Johnny. If you find each, you can get the secret achievement The Johnny Experience. You don't have to find them the first time you play the game. It is enough to download the desired chapter through the selection of episodes in the main menu. Thus, you cannot miss anything. The first Johnny-related event will be discovered in the game's plot, but the other four require certain discoveries or various side quests.

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Guide - All Johnny Events

Johnny Event 1

Obtained in Chapter 3, while completing Job Well Done in the Residential District. After completing the side quests, the next main objective marker will lead you back to the Seventh Heaven bar. There is a crowd of people outside the bar, and when you get close to it, a cutscene will start. You will see Johnny for the first time. In fact, this meeting with Johnny is impossible to miss, as it is related to the main task.

Johnny Event 2

In the ninth chapter, during the task "To the Corneo Mansion", in the Wall Market area. Walk down the road south of Chadley and see Johnny running away from you (purple landmark icon). Follow him and talk to Johnny (in the dialogue select "Yes" to agree with him).

Johnny Event 3

In the ninth chapter, you need to complete the side quest "The Party Never Ends" in the Wall Market area. Complete this side quest. During the quest, you will have to run around different parts of the Wall Market with Johnny. Also try to chat with him before each new quest goal, although this probably does not affect the achievement.

Johnny Event 4

In the fourteenth chapter, you need to complete the side quest "Tomboy Bandit" in Sector 5, at the underground station. Complete this Johnny's quest, which can be started at the train station.

Johnny Event 5

All in the same fourteenth chapter, after completing the side quest "Tomboy Bandit" return Johnny his wallet. This will be the last Johnny-related event and this is where you should earn the achievement The Johnny Experience.

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