Final Fantasy 7 Remake Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Walkthrough

 Tips on how to complete the Final Fantasy 7 remake story and side missions, and the best ways to defeat all bosses

Final Fantasy VII is the best installment in the series according to most fans of the franchise. Unfortunately, it is very problematic to get acquainted with it today, because it was originally released for the first PlayStation. However, in April 2020, the release of a remake of the seventh "Finalka" was finally released, which turned out to be not a simple re-release, but a full-fledged new game. However, it evokes exactly the same feelings and emotions as the original 1997 game. If you are playing Final Fantasy VII Remake, but are having difficulties during the passage, use our guide.

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General Tips

  • During difficult battles and boss fights, use the tactical pause mode to give orders to your party members.
  • The original game belonged to the jRPG genre, and the re-release is much closer to a full-fledged slasher. To win, you need not only to competently use the abilities of your heroes, but also to dodge enemy attacks in time.
  • Don't ignore the side quests . They are not as fun as the main storyline, but they will bring you experience, money and, most importantly, matter.
  • When you meet a new enemy, scan it . Information about his vulnerabilities can help you in battle
  • Remember that not only the main character is subject to pumping, but also the matter that is installed in his sword. The more you use it, the more effective it becomes.

Chapter 1. Destruction of Mako Reactor 1

Immediately after the introductory cutscene, the first battle in the game awaits you. Do not forget, a single press of the square button is a normal attack, and holding is responsible for a slow but powerful blow. As with many slashers, there is a rage parameter (called ATB) that accumulates as you kill enemies and successfully dodge. As soon as the scale is full, you can make special attacks. To do this, enter the tactical pause mode and select one of the special skills. Practice on the first enemies. After defeating them, go up to the second floor and exit to the balcony.

In the next battle notice the watchdogs (Guard Dog) . They have strong armor, so it is better to use combat spells against them , for example, fire. Guards can be finished off with a sword. Enter the warehouse and take the elevator. Defeat another group of opponents and run after the squad. Open the gate and move forward.

Here you will be taught different stances. We recommend adjusting them to the type of enemy. For example, in Punisher Mode you cannot move quickly and deflect enemy bullets, but your melee attack increases many times over.

After the video, you will be asked to play as other characters in your squad. Control will automatically switch to Barrett. It aims automatically, you just need to choose a suitable enemy. For special abilities, look at Steelskin , Focused Shot, and Overcharge . The last attack is most effective at this stage. To speed up reloading, press the "triangle" several times. In addition to direct control, you can give orders to party members in the tactical pause mode.

Go down the stairs. Dodge the lasers carefully. You will have a fight with a mini-boss, who is called the " Sweeper" . Cloud and Barrett's special skills are most effective against him. Try to fill the stamina bar. As soon as the inscription "Suppressed" (Pressured) appears - use magic and special blows . A similar system with filling the stability bar was used in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice . Go down, destroy turrets and flying drones along the way. Set a timer on the bomb. Twenty minutes is more than enough. After that, you will need to kill the first boss, the Scorpion Sentinel .

Dodge missiles and electric attacks. If one of the heroes is captured, switch to the other and continue the fight. After a few hits, your party member will be released. When the boss has an energy shield, shoot at the generator . Use the magic and special abilities of Barrett. Scorpio is vulnerable to electricity , such as being struck by lightning (Thunder) . As soon as the accumulation of charge for his most powerful cannon begins, hide both heroes behind cover. Towards the end of the battle, the boss will act much more aggressively and will gradually begin to restore health. However, you will have a special move - "Cross Slash" (Cross Slash). Open a tactical pause, select "Abilities» (Abilities) , and then - Limit... Break the Scorpion's leg with this skill, and then finish it off.

During the time that you set on the timer, you will need to get out of the Meco reactor. Keep in mind that you need to kill all the drones in your path , otherwise you will simply not be allowed further. In addition to small opponents, you will have to face the "Cleaner" again.

Chapter 2. Fateful Encounters

Run forward after the squad. After the cutscene, upgrade your sword with new material. Move towards the marker. After the video, follow the guy with long hair. Turn left near the blockage, go up the fire escape of the building and go down from the other side. There you will first meet Iris. Soon she will run away, and you will have to fight with the soldiers. The greatest danger is the Shock Trooper . Hit them with magic , first of all, with fireballs.

After the battle, climb to the roof using the ladders and get down from the other side. Defeat the next opponents. Use special skills against soldiers with a shield , and then finish off with a sword. Once on the train, go forward along the carriages. Along the way, you can talk to your teammates.

Chapter 3. Home Sweet Slum

Get down from the platform and move to the marker until you come to the bar. Talk to Barrett. Tifa will ask you to go outside. Follow her. Sleep and go down to the courtyard and run to the marker. While shopping, you can buy new "matter" if you have enough money. At the end of the walk, you will be offered training to improve your weapon. If you've never played Final Fantasy before , we recommend that you don't miss it . Tifa will take you to the outskirts of the city, where you need to defeat various monsters. If one of them jumps on Cloud, switch to the girl and attack him with a special move. After winning, return to the bar.

Go downstairs and move to the weapon seller ( Weapons inscription ). He will give you a new sword that is weaker in melee compared to the standard blade, but much stronger in magic. If you plan to use it, we recommend placing in its slots all the "matter" that was installed in the previous weapon . Take side quests from the nearest NPC. You will still have to wait for Barrett, so do the side quests for now. They are simple, but will allow you to gain a little experience. As soon as you can go on the main mission, Tifa will inform you about it. Run to the bar and talk to the party members.

Chapter 4. Mad Dash

Immediately after the video, a motorcycle ride awaits. There is nothing complicated in it, but physics requires getting used to. Drive closer to enemy soldiers and drones to chop them down. When the local mini-boss appears, chase him. Remember to dodge his attacks. We recommend striking a few blows with the sword and retreating , because the enemy periodically creates an electric field around him. You can attack him with special moves, for example, " Spinning Slash" .

After the end of the chase, follow the squad. You will need to enter the house through the back door. When you find yourself inside, open the door on the right. The card you need is hidden in an orange suit. To complete the task, simply leave the apartment.

The next goal is to enter the protected area. Move towards the marker. A battle with ordinary soldiers, dogs, elite fighters awaits you. The battle tactics are the same. During the battle with two Cleaners, pay attention to the Summon scale . As soon as it is full, you can summon an ally demon.

At the end, a battle against a mini-boss awaits you. He's vulnerable to fire, so rely on the Fire spell . We recommend switching to Punisher mode. After the video, go outside and move with the squad. During the fight with ghosts, use the special attacks of Cloud and Tifa to fill the resistance scale of opponents, and then finish them off with a sword.

Chapter 5. Dogged Pursuit

On the train, you need to kill all enemies until the timer expires. The battles will flow smoothly to the station. Sit on a bench to restore health and mana . Then turn right and run along the tracks until you see Barrett. Go up the stairs, run across to the other side and help your ally.

Run further along the rails. In the rooms behind the doors on the right you can find first aid kits that will be useful to you in the future. Near the turn of the tunnel, climb the stairs to the right. Below you will find a battle with a particularly strong monster - the queen of spiders. Attack her with ranged attacks. On the opposite side, you will meet flamethrowers for the first time. Try to stay away from them. They are vulnerable to fire attacks, so use magic against them. Run further along the rail until you hit a dead end. Use electricity to counter the turrets , such as Barrett's Thunder .

Mini-Boss Crab Warden

This robot is vulnerable to electricity. Break one of his legs, and then attack the generator, which is located in front . In the second phase of the battle, repair drones will appear. Destroy them first . As soon as the Crab starts to attack with electricity, move away from the rail and hit him in ranged combat. After defeating him, run forward and get into the elevator.

Chapter 6. Light the Way

Get down even lower. Run to the right along the walkways and climb the stairs. Press the button on the scoreboard. Climb up the cylindrical structure and pull the lever. You can now open the previously locked door. Get rid of insects and run forward. Get to the sign G-04 and get down. Next, be guided by the inscription H-08 . Get to the huge pipe along the wooden walkways, climb it and run along it. The next target is H-01 . Go to the huge lamp and turn it off with the switch.

Return to the previous platform. Destroy the turrets with Barrett's help and press the button. Run along the bridge further to the sign H-04 . There is a second lamp next to it, which also needs to be turned off. On the lift, get over to the other side. Focus on the inscription H-05 . On your way there will be Royal beetles. They are vulnerable to freeze spells. Unplug the last lamp.

Return to platform H-01 and apply power. Use the elevator and destroy the turrets. Climb up the stairs and crawl along the ventilation. Run forward along the iron bridges to the target indicated on the map.

Chapter 7. Trup is Sprung

Go down the stairs. A battle with two Cleaners awaits you at once. First, we recommend switching to Barrett and destroying the turrets. During the second battle, you need to defeat the elite fighters with stun guns. Try to destroy them from a distance. After the battle, approach Tifa.

To activate the console, you need a key card. She lies on the box behind you . Using computers, you can weaken the boss. One of them will affect his intelligence (he will miss more often), the other will reduce the number of powerful bombs. You have a choice. We recommend using the first option.

The next room will have a similar choice. In addition to reducing the number of bombs and weakening the AI, you can increase the number of boxes with consumables that you can use before the battle.

In the next room, pay attention to the purple chest. It contains special gloves for Tifa, which are suitable for those who pump her magical abilities. After a series of battles with ordinary opponents, you will be attacked by a particularly strong robot - Cutter ("Cutter"). The tactics of fighting him are not much different from the Cleaner, the only difference is that you have to constantly dodge his saws.

Run on. To activate the mechanism, you first need to simultaneously pull two sticks on the controller. The procedure must be repeated three times:

  1. Pull both sticks up.
  2. Left - down, right - up.
  3. Left - up, right - down.
You go into the opened door and pull the lever. On the right you can take another matter. Take the contents of the boxes and leave. Sit on a bench to restore vital energy and buy consumables. We recommend buying a first-aid kit called Mega Potion , which restores the health of all your party members at once. First of all, install the Elemental fabric on Barrett so that his bullets become electric.

Boss Airbuster

The fight consists of three phases:

  1. The boss often shoots with electricity, so you should not rely on melee. Switch to Sentinel Mode. Keep your distance from him, block his attacks and dodge electromagnetic strikes. Rely
  2. on special moves and Barrett's bullets until the stability bar is full. As soon as he becomes vulnerable, strike with the sword.
  3. In the second phase of the battle, switch to close combat. Beware of laser attacks, they do a lot of damage. However, it is not difficult to evade it. When the boss's arms start to fly separately from the body, attack them with special moves and magic , and then finish off in close combat.
  4. Move to ranged combat. When Airbust gets close to the arena, hit him with Cloud's sword and Tifa's fists.

Chapter 8. Budding Bodyguard

The chapter begins with a protracted battle. Defeat ordinary opponents, after which their leaders will appear.

Reno Mini-Boss

The mercenary is fast and agile, but his basic attacks are easily parried. Just hit the block in time. As soon as he loses stability, hit him with special moves. From magic it is better to use fire spells. As soon as fireballs appear on the battlefield, get rid of them first.

Go upstairs with Iris. After the girl is grabbed, run to the right, cling to the beams on the ceiling, move to the chandelier and throw her down. When Iris gets to the balcony, run to her. Help the girl move the closet and go up the stairs with her. Move along the roofs to the marker. Blue arrows indicate the desired path . Iris has now joined your team. A long walk and skirmishes with ordinary monsters await you.

When you get to the fork, try to open the lock on the latticed door. Then to the left, to the container with hieroglyphs. Green boxes can be moved . Use Iris's spells in the battle against the pink hedgehogs. The further path will be linear. Note that many of the supply containers can be reached from the top of the beams.

In the battle with dymovikami (Smogger) use special moves related to electricity. Be careful, they attack in the area. When you reach the locked gate, climb the stairs to the left and push the green box. Get down, run to the stairs on the left and go upstairs. Climb over the beams from one container to another. Jump off the other side and open the gate.

Run after Iris. Wander around her house while she searches for a basket. Collect flowers and come back. You can get a particularly valuable cloth from a boy in a white shirt. But for her you need to defeat a mini-boss named Shiva. The fight with her at this stage will be difficult - you will have to rely on fire attacks and constantly dodge ice magic. But as a reward, you will get the opportunity to summon her to the battlefield after filling the Summon meter.

Continue your walk with Iris. During battles, try to keep her behind Cloud's back, because her health is much less. A long battle awaits you against a variety of opponents. First of all, kill the smokers. After defeating them, additional tasks will open. Complete them and run to the meeting with Rud.

Boss Rude

The mercenary is vulnerable to wind spells. Blocking the boss's basic attacks is problematic, so it's best to dodge them. Use the magic of Iris and Cloud against him. As soon as the stability scale is full, switch to the Punisher mode and deliver a series of blows.

In the second phase of the fight, Rude will start using new spells. It is better not to dodge the shock wave, but to run away, because it will chase Cloud for a certain time. But it is better to dodge an attack from the ground. After that, it will be possible to inflict a few blows on the boss.

After defeating the boss, return to Iris's house.

Chapter 9. The Town That Never Sleeps

Run with Iris to the marker on the map. Ice spells are effective against new, fast opponents . Go down the stairs and stand at the control panel with a giant hand. The control is standard - the left stick is responsible for up and down movement, and the right one for rotation around its axis. Move the "hand" to Iris, and then transfer it to the stairs. Move on. You can squeeze through to the left of the red container. Go up the stairs.

Defeat the smokers and take the "hand" control panel. Use it to lift the container. Place him near the stairs and put Iris on the very top. Run to her. Use the walkways to get to the nearest door. Move forward through the tunnels and climb up the red stairs.

When fighting the Sweeper prototype, beware of its missiles. As soon as the trunks turn red, dodge. Near the next console, you can control two "hands" at once. Here you need to solve a simple puzzle.

  1. Take control of your right hand, place the container in front of the tunnel and put Iris on it so that she picks up the most valuable material.
  2. Lower the girl down and then place the container on the left platform.
  3. Switch to your left hand and place one container on top of the other.
  4. Place Iris on the resulting structure with your right hand, and move it to the stairs with your left hand.
Go upstairs and kill the bandits. After the video, run forward and talk to the cabman. Go to the market. There you can buy new fabric, complete a new mission for VR and other additional tasks. When done, move to the marker. Talk to Leslie.

You will need to visit three locations in the city. Let's start with Sam (the closest point on the map). Talk to him, and then run north to Madame M. Alas, the institution is closed. Move towards Andrea Rodeo. After the conversation, return to Madame. Now you can get inside. Choose the type of massage that you can afford. When control switches to Iris, talk to the lady. Then head to Fight Club.

Buy consumables, relax on the bench and go to the Arena. 3 easy battles and a boss fight await you.

  1. Defeat the dogs with Iris's ice spells . Cloud, meanwhile, has to kill their master.
  2. Against eight opponents, rely on strikes that target groups of enemies , such as Triple Slash and Infinity's End .
  3. Use electricity in the battle against two robots . First destroy Cutter (Cutter) . Keep him out of Iris! The rest of the battle tactics should be familiar to you.

Boss: Hell House

During this battle, you will have to rely on magic. The House's vulnerabilities will constantly change , so you will have to adjust to the current conditions. If the boss is ablaze with fire - use ice, if lightning flashes - use wind. And vice versa. Try to stay away from the House until its stability bar fills up. As soon as this happens, run up and use Cloud's special moves. Dodge furniture flying out. The most dangerous attack is sucking your companions inside. You can run away from it or interrupt it with a magical attack of the opposite element.

During the second phase, you can only determine the type of magic that the house uses by flying out furniture. The rest of the techniques also become more dangerous and hit harder. To survive, you need to constantly move and change the element of magical attacks. Don't forget to use your summoned allies. As soon as the house activates the shield, run up close and chop it with your sword.

After the victory, return to Madame M. Iris will temporarily leave Cloud. You can complete new additional tasks. For example, spend a few more battles in the Arena. When done, go to the marker. Talk to Leslie, go outside. After the cut-scene, go through the red curtains and talk to the guy at the reception.

Dancing awaits you, which is a simple QTE. During the next battle, throw Tifa into melee range and keep Iris away from the bandits.

Chapter 10. Rough Water

Mini-boss Abzu (Abzu)

The minotaur-like monster is vulnerable to fire and physical attacks . Put Cloud and Tifa in Punisher mode, and choose fire spells for Iris. Watch out for air attacks. As soon as Abzu jumps to the ceiling, watch him closely and immediately after his jerk, run to the side. Don't forget to summon allies when filling the Summon Gauge .

Destroy ordinary monsters and rise higher. Pull the lever to drain the water. Get over to the other side. The sewage system is a maze, but thanks to the map, finding the right path will not be difficult. When you get to a dead end, it's important not to miss the stairs. After passing through the dark corridor, you will find yourself in a room with graffiti in the form of a dog. Go into the room on the left and turn on the light.

Go back a little, drain the water and take the key at the bottom of the pool. Then you need to go back to the graffiti and open the door to the right of it. Run along the corridor, slide down and pull the lever to flush the water. Move forward, pull the lever and run across to the other side along the gate.

Here you will need to raise the water level. Continue along the makeshift raft bridge. Go along the corridors to the fork and turn left to the heavy door that looks like a safe. Run on until you reach the pump station control panel.

Control will switch to Iris. You need to pull the lever at the moment when the arrow is in the red zone. Repeat the procedure three times. When fighting the turtles, rely primarily on Iris's ice magic.

Chapter 11. Haunted

Get to the door on the empty cars, which will slam with a characteristic sound. Defeat new enemies that are vulnerable to cold. Run towards the marker and climb the stairs to the double-decker train. Walk forward along the rooftops and enter the station grounds.

Use fire spells against ghosts . After Tifa tries to open the gate, turn right and enter the carriage with a working lamp. Exit the other side and climb the stairs. Run to the right and go through the door. Go to the farthest end of the room and open the cut, then turn left. Go through the room and go down below. Go forward and climb the stairs to the very top.

Press the button on the remote control. An especially powerful ghost will attack you.

Mini-boss Ghoul 

Like the "Hell House", it periodically changes its element , so at different times it will be vulnerable to cold or fire. Protect yourself from flying objects with a block. Towards the end of the battle, he will summon a double that will block your companions. There is no point in attacking him. Run to the opposite end of the room and beat the real Gulya.

After the victory, go down to the floor below and pull the lever to lower the carriage. Move forward and turn the platform. Get into the cabin of the locomotive and start it. Run to the next steam train. Use it to push the carriages that stand in your way. Move forward on the roof of the train, jump and get on the locomotive and pull the lever. Get over to the other side. Relax and stock up on consumables.

Boss Eligor

This monster is vulnerable to ice magic . In battle, Shiva will help you if you already know how to summon her. Regular sword strikes are ineffective, so try to keep your distance and attack with magic. When the boss approaches you, dodge and step aside. Towards the end of the battle, hit him on the wheels . This way you can quickly fill his resilience bar.

To be continued...

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