Final Fantasy XIV: How to unlock the new job Weiser from Endwalker


Final Fantasy XIV: How to unlock the new job Weiser from Endwalker

Starting Friday, December 3, 2021, pre-orderers of Final Fantasy XIV : Endwalker can explore the new add-on and unlock two new jobs. In this guide we explain how you get the job Weiser (Sage).

What can the wise man do? The Sage is one of two new jobs that come into play with Endwalker. He is a shield healer, which means that his focus is on reducing incoming damage from the use of shields. However, the job also has a number of healing skills and can also cause damage.

You even have to actively deal damage in order to use the special Kardia ability. Kardia is a kind of enchantment that is placed on teammates. As long as it is active, the ally will be healed whenever you cause damage.

How do you activate the Weiser job? To unlock the new Job Weiser, you have to complete a quest:

  • Quest Name : The Wise Man's Strange Work
  • Location : Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X: 9.4 / Y: 12.9)
  • Quest giver : Woman from the north
  • Prerequisite : possession of the Endwalker expansion and at least one warrior or mage class at level 70

After the activation you will get more quests that tell you more about the story of the sage.

At what level does the sage begin? The new job is not assigned to any class. So you start with her directly at level 70 and can then play your way to the new max level 90 in Endwalker.

What armor does the wise man need?  The new job will share his armor with the other healers. You can theoretically supply yourself with suitable equipment in advance by exchanging the Allagan Stones of Poetry for level 70 armor. You have until December 2nd for this, because after that the game will go offline for server maintenance.

One can assume, however, that the first quest will give a suitcase with basic equipment as a reward, as was the case with the red mage and samurai in the Stormblood addon or with the dancer in Shadowbringers .

Can I otherwise prepare for activation? Yes, if you want to start with the activation right away, you can log out directly at the quest location in Limsa Lominsa before the start of maintenance on December 2nd at 10:00. That gives you a minimal head start.

Please note, however, that many other people will also log in there and the zone could be overloaded.

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