Final Fantasy XIV: So you unlock the job reaper in Endwalker


Final Fantasy XIV: So you unlock the job reaper in Endwalker

Reaper is one of the two jobs that appear with the new Endwalker addon from Final Fantasy XIV . In this quick guide, we provide an overview of the Reaper's unlock quest and further details about the job.

What can the reaper do? As the new melee among the FFXIV jobs, the reaper's job is to deal damage out really nicely. The developers put a scythe in his hand as a weapon and give him an unspoken avatar to support him.

In combat, you perform combos and abilities while attacking, with which you collect resources in order to change into the powerful lemur form. As a result, you merge with your avatar for a short time and can cause massive damage.

How do I unlock the job reaper? Like all FFXIV jobs, the reaper also has a quest that you can use to unlock him. It starts in the city of Ul'dah:

  • Name der Quest: Die Sense
  • Location : Ul'dah, Nald Cloister (X: 12.8 / Y: 8.6)
  • Quest giver : Harried-looking servant
  • Prerequisite : possession of the Endwalker expansion and at least one warrior or mage class at level 70

After activation, further quests will follow at regular intervals, which will tell you more about the background and the story of the job.

At what level does the reaper start? The reaper's starting level is 70. Since he is one of the advanced jobs, he has no starter class such as Paladin (Gladiator) or Dragoon (Pikeman). Equipping a scythe will also automatically create the job crystal for you.

What armor does the reaper need? As a melee, the reaper shares his equipment with the dragoon. This means that you can put on all clothes with the affix “of maiming” or “of slaughtering”. Your main attribute is strength.

If you hurry, you can buy a “Mutilate” set for level 70 with Allagan Stones of Poetry until server maintenance (December 2nd, 10:00 am). If not, the unlock quest will likely include a suitcase with suitable equipment for your reaper. Although it has a lower item level than poetry armor, it is still very practical.

Can I otherwise prepare for activation? If you want to start directly with the reaper in the Endwalker add-on, you can log out at the appropriate point in Ul'dah. The servers are expected to go online on December 3rd at 10:00 am, with the developers having already warned that there will be a big rush.

So keep in mind that the zone could be congested. Alternatively, you can log out of Ul'dah's guest room.

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