Guide to NPCs in Terraria: what they are and what they can do


Guide to NPCs in Terraria: what they are and what they can do

In Terraria, there are a large number of NPCs, acronyms that correspond to the term "Non-playable characters " . These have various interactions with the game world and can even provide the player with a little extra help by awarding them goodies.

Although some of these NPCs have been removed over time , the list is still quite extensive. In addition, each of these characters has specific requirements in order to appear. And if you are just starting out to play Terraria, this is information you need to know.

Therefore, along the next few lines, we will tell you everything you need to know about the NPCs currently available in the game. 

What are NPCs in Terraria and how do they work

On the subject of non-playable characters , basically, they are beings that exist in the world of Terraria and with which the player can interact , but cannot control. These have been programmed to perform specific tasks and follow predefined movement patterns. However, unlike what happens in other titles, here they are of great importance, because you can get many benefits from them, especially if they stay with you.

The latter is a reality in Terraria, since if you meet a certain requirement, the NPC can stay and live with you. Regarding the characters themselves, you should know that they have their own vitality, defense and attack statistics , so they can die and be damaged by monsters, except the Elder .

In the middle of the day, you will be able to observe how the NPCs interact with each other, chat, socialize and walk a bit , but this changes at night, as they enter the house and remain in their rooms. And as a bonus, when one of these characters moves into your home, it will slightly decrease the probability that enemies will appear nearby, although this will not activate if an event is taking place.

Requirements for NPCs to stay with you

House built in Terraria
House built in Terraria

If you meet the requirements for an NPC to appear, you will need to ensure that they move into your home. But for this, you must meet an additional condition, which may seem very obvious , and that is to have a house.

But you must not only have a house built, but there must be free rooms so that they can move in . In addition, as for the structure itself, it must have block walls, since the earth ones do not work, there must also be a roof, floor, furniture, at least one door and lighting.

In general, the minimum measurements that a room should have is 10 x 6 . Additionally, all NPCs can stay with you, except for the Walking Merchant, Elder, and Skeleton Merchant .

What are the NPCs available in Terraria and how to get them

Now that you know a little more in detail about the NPCs that can be found in the different biomes and scenarios of Terraria, it's time to tell you what all of them are and how they can be obtained.

But for this, we are going to separate them according to the difficulty in which you play, since if you start your adventure in Hard Mode , you will be able to meet new NPCs that are not available in Normal Mode . In addition, we will tell you about some of the animals that exist in this world and that you can adopt.

NPCs available in Terraria Normal Mode

To begin, we are going to talk about the NPCs that you can find when you start your adventure on normal difficulty , where the vitality of the enemies and their offensive power is quite low, so it is a little easier to survive and develop.

  • Guide : This NPC teaches you everything you need to know about crafting certain minerals using specific materials. And to achieve it, you only have to have one house in the world.
  • Merchant : this character is characterized by selling you fairly basic and common objects. And to get it, you must collect 50 silver coins .
  • Nurse : she is able to heal and undo all kinds of negative effects that the player has applied in exchange for some coins. And to obtain it, you must find and use a Life Crystal .
  • Demolisher : This character will sell you explosives that you can use for your purposes. And to unlock it, you will need to have any explosives stored in inventory.
  • Dryad : his mission is to sell you objects related to nature, Corruption, Crimson and the state of the world. To obtain it, you will have to defeat the Eye of Cthulhu, World Eater, Skeletron or the Brain of Cthulhu .
  • Arms Dealer : He can sell you ammunition and firearms , which always comes in handy. To achieve this, you must acquire any pistol or weapon.
  • Elder : he is in the dungeon waiting for you to rescue him, since he is cursed . To unlock it, you don't have to have beaten Skeletron .
  • Peddler : This NPC stands out because it sells yarn and clothes that you can equip on your character. And to obtain it, you will have to defeat the Skeletron Chief .
  • Mechanics : she sells you all kinds of objects that are related to mechanisms. If you want to unlock it, you must rescue it in the dungeon after defeating the Skeletron Chief .
  • Sloppy goblin : this character sells you various kinds of items, as well as can reforge your accessories and weapons to do more damage . To obtain it, you must defeat the Goblin Army and free it at any point underground.
  • Dye Merchant : This NPC sells dyes, but also allows you to activate quests related to these products. To unlock it, you must have any dye material with you and have defeated any Boss in Normal Mode or, failing that, have a strange Plant .
  • Party Girl : She will sell you all kinds of party-related items. If you want to unlock it, you must have between 8 to 13 NPCs unlocked and its spawn rate per day is 2%.
  • Painter : as his name implies, this character sells paintings and items to paint. And to achieve this, you must have between 4 to 7 NPCs .
  • Witch Doctor : This character sells you a special machine to infuse weapons and water fountains . If you want to unlock it, you must defeat the Queen Bee .
  • Stylist : his mission is to help you modify your character's hair and skin color , but he also sells special hair dyes. To achieve this, you will have to free her from the Cave of Spiders .
  • Walking merchant : this character can sell you random products. If you have 2 NPCs, then he will stay at your house one day , but will leave the next. It will return randomly any other day.
  • Fisherman - Offers you many rewards for completing fishing missions . To unlock it, you just have to wake it up on any of the beaches in the world.
  • Innkeeper : This NPC sells you items that relate to Dungeon Defenders 2 . To obtain it, you will have to wake him up after defeating the Cthulhu Brain or the World Eater .
  • Skeleton merchant : he has objects related to mining and yo-yos for sale. You can find it randomly in the underground.
  • Zoologist : she sells you items and products for animals. To obtain it, you must complete 10% of the Bestiary or have 52 entries.
  • Golfer : This character sells golf related items. If you want to unlock it, you will have to rescue it in the Underground Desert .

NPCs available in Terraria Hard Mode

The NPCs that we will talk about below will only appear and can be unlocked in Hard Mode , which increases its difficulty considerably compared to Normal Mode and the enemies are more resistant and deadly.

These NPCs can sell you very valuable objects that will help you on your adventure throughout the world of Terraria, but they can also offer you simple decorations and accessories that have no relevant use.

Magician : this character has articles related to magic for sale. To unlock it, you will have to rescue it in the subsoil or in the dungeon , except in the Underworld .
Tax Collector : Your mission is to collect money from all the other NPCs, up to about 50 coins for each house . To obtain it, you must find a Tortured Soul in the Underworld and use Purification Powder on it .
  • Truffle : This NPC sells you items that are related to mushrooms, as well as the self-hammer. To get it, you must have a house built in the mushroom biome .
  • Steampunker : This character will sell you items and products that are related to the Steampunk theme . To get it, you must defeat any Mechanic Boss .
  • Cyborg - This robotic NPC will sell you mines and rockets. To unlock it, you must defeat Plantera .
  • Pirate : as its name implies, it sells you items related to the world of piracy. If you want to achieve this, you must defeat the Pirate Invasion .
  • Santa Claus : has for sale all kinds of products related to Christmas. To get it, you just have to defeat the Legion of Frost in the Christmas event.
  • Princess : is the most recent NPC to be added. It sells you products that are related to the performance, as well as a music box . To unlock it, you must have all the other NPCs that we have mentioned.

Animals that can be adopted in Terraria

In Terraria it is also possible to get hold of some animals , with which you can also interact. At the moment, the list is quite short, but it may be that in the future it will grow.

It is important to note that the purpose of these animals is simply to love them and this is demonstrated through petting . Having said all this, we will tell you which ones are available and how to obtain them.
  • Cat : the function of this feline friend is simply to be petted. To achieve this, you must activate a Cat License .
  • Dog : in the same way as the previous one, you can only interact with the dog through caresses. To achieve this, you must use a Dog License .
  • Rabbit : This adorable animal can also be petted and is its only purpose. To achieve this, the player must use a Rabbit License .

The happiness of the NPCs: how does it affect the sale prices?

In Travel Mode , a new mechanic was added that affects NPCs and the way they interact with you: happiness. This system can go up or down, depending on several factors , which are directly related to the life that the non-playable character is having.

Players can know at any time how happiness is found for an NPC , simply by clicking on the corresponding button when interacting with them. It should be noted that the level of happiness that the non-playable character has will directly affect the price of the items that it sells , so it may have a discount or surcharge.

Factors affecting the happiness of NPCs

For the vast majority of NPCs available in Terraria, living in a biome that they like or love , as well as being surrounded by other characters they like and being close to home, will make them feel very happy, so they will sell you their products at a discount, being 75% the cheapest they can sell .

However, when these NPCs are living in a biome they don't like, are near other characters they don't like, are far from home, or are in a dungeon, Crimson or Corruption , then their happiness will be very low, causing them to sell. their products at a premium, reaching up to 150% more expensive than the original value .

Factors affecting the happiness of the Skeletal Merchant

This NPC does not offer discounts on the sale of their items, but there are certain factors that cause their prices to increase . These factors are related to the time of day and the moon.

When there is a full moon, the increase will be 40%. On a gibbous moon, it will be 30% more expensive . While on a quarter moon, the increase will be 20% and on a waxing moon, it will be 10%. However, when there is a new moon, there will be no change in the original value of your products. But during the day, you will increase the price of what you sell by 10% .

Factors Affecting the Happiness of the Traveling Merchant

The Happiness of the Traveling Merchant works a little differently from the rest of the NPCs that we have seen, since their prices will vary depending on the horizontal distance of their location with respect to the point where the world has been generated.

This means that from the world generation zone, it will have an increase of 16.67% in its prices, while in the limits of the world, the discount will be 16.67% cheaper .

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