Guide to the types of biomes that exist in Terraria


Guide to the types of biomes that exist in Terraria

The world of Terraria is extremely extensive, full of monsters that seek to harm you, NPCs that can offer their help and interact with you , among many other things. In fact, it can be said that it is a universe enriched with life.

You already know that Terraria is a 2D game , so you can scroll left or right to advance. By doing so, you will arrive at new settings, each with its own type of content, scenery and creatures . It is important that you know more about this, as it will give you an idea of ​​how extensive this game is.

To help you with this, during the next few lines we will tell you everything you need to know about the Biomes available in this world , which, as we mentioned, are varied and full of life. 

What are Biomes in Terraria

When we talk about Biomes, we refer to the different scenarios that you can visit within Terraria when you move from one place to another. Each of these has its own structures, elements, blocks, enemies, music, walls, among other things. All this serves to set the mood and offer an immersive experience to the player.

Jungle Biome in Terraria
Jungle Biome in Terraria

When you start playing Terraria, the first Biome you meet is the Forest , as that is where you appear. From here, you will be able to move in any direction, right or left, which will allow you to eventually reach other Biomes.

It should be noted that there is a great variety of Biomes , which are grouped according to their location, as they can be found on the surface or in the subsoil. As you progress, you will come across Biomes such as the Tundra, Desert, Dungeon, Crimson, Corruption , among others. Also, at the end of all maps, you are going to get to the Ocean , as it does not change its location.

We already anticipate that this world is grouped in layers, where you will find the surface and subsoil layer, as well as the caverns. However, there is also Outer Space , which would be the upper layer of the entire world of Terraria, and in contrast to this, the Underworld, which is the lowest point .

When you start your adventure in Terraria, you will be playing in Normal Mode, but once you defeat the Boss in the Underworld, the Fleshy Wall , then the game will switch to Hard Mode , which will strengthen your enemies, create new Crimson and Corruption points , but the Biome of Blessing will also appear .

Without a doubt, one of the reasons why more and more players want to download and play Terraria is because of the immensity of this title , which manages to create a whole universe of sensations and a wonderful experience. We invite you to give it a try!

What types of Biomes exist in Terraria

Now that we have given you a little advance in what the Terraria Biomes consist of and you understand that there are many, it is time to tackle them one by one. It is important that you know them, because not only will it give you an idea of ​​how extensive this world is , but you will know where to find them and how to recognize them by the time you get to them.

To do this in a more organized way, we have grouped the Biomes according to their location and the level of difficulty where you can find them. Feel free to explore the world that Terraria builds for you and you will be surprised by how well done everything is and the immersive experience it offers.

Surface Biomes in Normal Mode

The Biomes that we will see below are available in the normal mode of the game , so you can find them on your journey as soon as you start the adventure. In addition, they are located on the surface, so there will be no need to dig into the ground or leave the planet.

Forest Biome in Terraria
Forest Biome in Terraria

  • The Forest : this is the first Biome you meet, as it is where you appear when you start your adventure. The stage is made up of grass, dirt, trees and plants . In addition, it is one of the least dangerous and below it, there is the subsoil.
  • The Desert : this Biome is made up of cacti and a lot of sand . To get to this stage, you will have to advance from the central forest, as it is right next to it. In the lower zone is the underground desert .
  • The Tundra : known as the Snow Biome. This can be found in the vicinity of the forest, right next to the Dungeon . It is made up of many blocks of snow, boreal trees, and ice . Also, here lies the Espinatemblor plant and it never rains, but snow falls. In the lower zone is the underground Tundra.
  • Corruption : It is an evil that can be formed in this world, although it is less complicated to deal with compared to Crimson. However, it is a rather dangerous Biome that is constantly expanding, infecting everything in its path . When you are in the caves, you can find Shadow Orbs and Demon Altars , plus you can face the World Eater.
  • The Crimson : It is the other possible evil in the world and it is more difficult compared to Corruption. Undoubtedly, it is an extremely dangerous Biome that is constantly advancing. Also, in the caves you can find Crimson Altars and Crimson Hearts . You can also perform the summoning ritual of the Brain of Cthulhu and face it.
  • The Jungle : this scenario or Biome is available very close to the limits of the world, in the opposite of the Dungeon. It is made up of jungle grass, mud, and mahogany trees . At the bottom lies the underground jungle. However, monsters are dangerous and powerful, so you must be very careful.
  • The Dungeon : This Biome is on the opposite side of the Jungle and right near the edge of the world. It is made of blue, green and pink bricks. Also, here is the Elder NPC that will allow you to face the Skeletron Chief . When you defeat the Golem , some cultists will appear that you can eliminate to fight the Lunatic Cultist .
  • Mushroom Biome : This is an artificial Biome, which can be created using mushroom grass seeds and 200 blocks of mud , or you can use the Clentaminator . Exclusive monsters from Hard Mode will arrive here, regardless of whether you are in Normal Mode.
  • The Ocean : like our oceans, in Terraria these are also vast bodies of water that are found at the limits of the world. They are made up of sand, corals, shells and starfish . In addition, you can find chests with very useful objects, but that are difficult to reach. There are also dangerous monsters and you can drown easily.
  • Outer Space : you can find this Biome in the highest or upper part of this world. Here you will find floating islands with houses where you can find chests and even a lake.

Biomes Available in Hard Mode

Now is the time to tell you about the Biomes that you can find in Hard Mode, which we warn you that they are full of dangerous enemies and that they can inflict a lot of damage , so you must be careful. Also, the vast majority are located in the lower part of the Terraria world, below the ground.

Biome of Blessing in Terraria
Biome of Blessing in Terraria

  • The Blessing : After beating the Fleshy Wall and entering Hard Mode, you will unlock the Blessing Biome. This is expanding throughout the world, like the Biomes of evil, but it is its opposite. In fact, the NPCs can make their living in this place and it does not modify the jungle . While it does not corrupt the scenarios of evil, it does prevent them from advancing.
  • The Subsoil : known as the subterranean Biome, this is located in the lower area of ​​the forest. Here you can find many stones and minerals . As you progress, you will find traps and houses.
  • The Underground Desert : You can enter this Biome through the hole in the desert. You will be able to find a lot of sandstone, desert fossils and sand in this place . However, it is very dangerous, but it is also very useful for obtaining resources.
  • The Underground Tundra : in the same way as the previous one, you can access this Biome through the hole that you will find in the upper biome. Here you will find water covered by a thin layer of ice, as well as chests with ice cream inside . In addition, it is much more dangerous than the upper zone.
  • The Underground Jungle : to enter this Biome you must do it from the holes in the Jungle on the surface. It can get close to the Underworld and is extremely dangerous , but it is also a great way to get resources. Also, there are living mahogany trees and some shrines with chests.
  • The Underground Mushroom Biome - This is a wild type Biome that can appear randomly in certain areas of the world. There is mushroom grass, mud and shiny mushrooms , which you can collect.
  • The Temple of the jungle : this immense structure can be found in any area of ​​the underground jungle. It is extremely difficult to access it, but you can do it through its entrance with a Temple Key , which gives you Plantera when you defeat it. Here you can mine various resources, such as Lihzahrd Blocks .

Cave Biomes on Hard Mode

When you go further down into the world of Terraria, passing underground, you will find the caverns. Here you will find several Biomes, which are extremely dangerous , so you must be very cautious on your journey.

Terraria underground biomes
Terraria underground biomes

  • The Caverns : this Biome is located just below the subsoil. This preserves some of the characteristics found in the subsoil, but it does not have earth, but stones. In addition, it extends and divides into several caverns, not counting the evils .
  • The Underground Corruption : after defeating the fleshy Wall , this Biome will appear, which also infects the caverns, starting from the surface and even reaching the Underworld . Here you will find extremely difficult and powerful monsters, but they can grant you Night Souls by slaying them.
  • The Crimson Underground : this also appears after defeating the fleshy Wall and is very similar to the previous Biome of evil , but this one is more dangerous and can be your end, so it is necessary that you take care to avoid being killed by the monsters that abound .
  • The Underground Blessing : This is the third Biome that spawns when you defeat the Fleshy Wall and it also spreads like evils. However, it is not negative or dangerous, as it is a light scene . Also, the monsters that appear here, by destroying them, can grant you some Souls of Light.

Underworld Biome in Terraria

Also known as the Hell Biome, this can be found in the deepest part of the Terraria world , below the Caverns. Here you will find hell stones, lava and ashes. In addition, in this environment you can find ruins built with blocks of obsidian and infernal stone . Here you can also find infernal forge, which is found in buildings and shadow chests.

Minibiomas in Terraria: what are they?

The Minibiomas are precisely that, Biomes smaller than the scenarios that we have known previously . These are found at various points on the map of Terraria and have their own characteristics.

Cemetery Biome in Terraria
Cemetery Biome in Terraria

  • The Cemetery : this Mini-Bioma is the one that appears whenever there are several tombstones together at one point and it continually expands. In addition, it is also frequent that monsters appear in the day.
  • The Meteorite : This can also appear anywhere in the world after breaking a Crimson Heart or Shadow Orb . The environment is only constituted by the meteorite and there is only a single monster.
  • The Spider's Nest : this Minibioma can be found in caves and underground. It is a cave with a lot of cobwebs and it doesn't really have much use . From time to time some treasure chests and enemies appear.
  • The Beehive : this cave appears very little in the underground Jungle. It is a hive with honey and a larva . If you break it, you will summon the Queen Bee and you will have to fight against her.
  • The Marble Cave : this small place is built with blocks of marble. There are some chests and few enemies , which are not dangerous, but it is recommended to avoid them.
  • Granite cave : in the same way as the previous one, it is a cave that is built with granite blocks. There are not that many powerful enemies , but you should avoid them.

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