Halo Infinite: The Best Controller Settings - This is how you improve your gameplay


Halo Infinite: The Best Controller Settings - This is how you improve your gameplay

Halo is a shooter franchise traditionally designed for controllers. Also in Halo Infinite , the controller is the tool of choice for the best players in the game. We tell you how to get the most out of your controller.

Although Halo Infinite can also be played with a mouse & keyboard, the game is better and easier to play with a controller. 

The incredibly powerful aim assist in Halo Infinite is not the only reason: Due to the shield mechanics in Halo, body hits are usually more important than headshots. So the mouse loses its greatest advantage over controllers. 

This is not just a personal assessment: one fan has statistically proven that the average controller player is about as precise as one of the top 100 mouse players.

For this reason, we're going to tell you the best controller settings for Halo Infinite. These recommendations are based on our own experience and on the settings of a professional Halo expert. But as with all settings: All recommendations are only guidelines, not objective truths. So be happy to adapt the options to your own needs.

The best settings for key assignment

Key assignment

Key assignment: standard

Why this attitude? There are many important buttons in Halo Infinite. Unfortunately, with a standard controller, not all of the important keys are easy to reach - regardless of the key assignment. 

The standard key setting is therefore not ideal, but it is a very good option. If you prefer the classic Halo controls, Legacy is also highly recommended. 

However, due to the complexity of the controls, we recommend an elite controller. You can find a detailed explanation below in the article.

Movement and aiming


  • View Inversion (Vertical): Off
  • View Inversion (Horizontal): Off
  • Flight Inversion: Off
  • Hold to crouch: Off / With Elite controller: On
  • Hold down to zoom: On / with legacy buttons: Off
  • Hold to Sprint: Off
  • Motion-assisted steering: On
  • Maintain Sprinting: On
  • Automatic climbing: On
  • Step jump: On

Why these settings? Most of these settings correspond to the standard settings. The only exception in all cases is the 'motion-assisted steering': This helps you to control vehicles more flexibly and easily.

If you prefer to zoom by pressing the right stick, you should turn off 'Hold to zoom'. For players who use the rear buttons on the Elite controller to crouch, activate 'Hold down to crouch': This makes it easier for you to stop sliding.

Crouch spamming is also so much easier. This confuses the opponent and makes it harder for them to hit you.

The best sensitivity settings for controllers

Sensitivity and acceleration

Gaze acceleration: 1.0

Eye Sensitivity (Horizontal): 9.0

Eye Sensitivity (Vertical): 8.0

Move stick

Tolerance zone (center): 2.0

Max. Input threshold: 10.0

Axial tolerance zone: 2.0

Zoom sensitivity

Zoom sensitivity: 1.0 (for all zoom levels)


Tolerance zone (center): 2.0

Max. Input threshold: 10.0

Axial tolerance zone: 2.0

Why these settings? Sensitivity settings are always individual preferences. Therefore, the values ​​recommended by us should not be seen as the "objectively best" settings. So adjust them if necessary.

These sensitivity settings are used by controller professional Eric "Snip3down" Wrona. He's already made a name for himself in old halos as one of the best controller gamers. He also confirmed this reputation in Apex Legends . Now he's back with Halo Infinite at Microsoft's franchise and uses exactly these settings (via Twitch ).

An elite controller is expensive but worth it

Why do we recommend the Elite controller? The Elite Controller for the Xbox is an expensive purchase, but it is of great help in Halo Infinite. This is due to 2 important features:

  • The Elite controller has up to 4 additional buttons on the back.
  • You can adjust the length of the analog sticks
The 4 additional buttons on the back are the most important feature. These so-called 'paddles' are pressed with the middle and ring fingers, which cannot do anything else. The paddles share the function with another freely selectable button on the controller. This makes it easier to access important functions in Halo Infinite.

What are the best elite controller settings? We recommend the following Elite controller settings for Halo Infinite:

We recommend these settings for the paddles.
We recommend these settings for the paddles.

  • Paddle top left: A (jump)
  • Paddle left below: control pad up (mark)
  • Paddle top right: B (crouch)
  • Paddle bottom right: left control pad (change grenade)
  • Left stick: Standard
  • Right stick: Long and convex

Why these settings? It's much easier to keep moving with the paddles: you can keep your thumb on the right stick and keep jumping, crouching and sliding. You can also change your grenades more easily and give your team important information with the marking function.

The longer right stick makes sensitive aiming movements easier, which increases precision in the game. Even smaller tolerance zones are so much easier to use - with all their advantages.

These are the settings we recommend. To do this, we both observed our own gameplay and looked at what the pros are using. 

What are your favorite settings? Have you already tried these settings? Or do you prefer to use a mouse & keyboard? Let us know in the comments.

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