HALO INFINITE: Campaign Tips and Tricks

HALO INFINITE: Campaign Tips and Tricks

 In the approximately 30 to 35 hours of the Halo Infinite campaign (which can also be played in co-op from May 2022), you have almost a free hand in which order you want to tackle the stations of the Zeta Ring. However, you should heed certain tips in order not to make it too difficult for you.

These tips apply across all hardware devices, regardless of whether you play on the PC, an Xbox Series console or the Xbox One. Apart from a few graphical details and the display modes (quality / performance), these versions do not differ. Strategically, you can always proceed in the same way.

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1) The grapple is your most valuable tool.

Master Chief can use a very handy hook in Halo Infinite. It does not allow you to climb onto higher platforms. It is also an auxiliary weapon and a gripping tool for objects further away. During the course of the campaign, you can upgrade your armor and tools with the help of Spartan Cores. The hook should enjoy top priority together with the protective shield, because with early upgrades you will learn to use the hook more often and a shock function that temporarily paralyzes your opponent. So you knock off their shields and can pull yourself up to opponents and give them one on the chewing bar with your elbow.

2) Melee combat has advantages.

Halo is a shooter that you'll be firing at most of the time, but that's not the best approach in every scene. Especially the well-trained opponents (the little grunts and the agile Jackals) rob you of a lot of ammunition, even if you aim through the gaps in their shields. It is better if you either snatch the shield from them (briefly) with a grappling hook, or if you knock one into them with your elbow. Both in combination is even better: Take the shield with the hook, then pull the hook and hit them, the lower variants are then even dead immediately.

3) Don't cling to certain weapons.

There are weapons that are stronger than others and there are weapons that are more practical. Even so, you shouldn't cling to one type of weapon, as you can only carry two weapons. The ammunition supplies in the open field are far too few and far between for hoarding. Reacting quickly is often more important than necessarily getting away with a particular weapon. So weigh up what you use and let go of it. No matter which weapon you have just grown fond of, you are guaranteed to find it again soon. Especially where it is very useful.

4) Uses Canisters

There are canisters around almost every corner in Halo Infinite. They contain fuel and other energy resources. Their explosiveness depends on the content. So you can tell by their color, how much blast radius they have and how they behave when they are hit. Use them as often as you can. Is an enemy standing next to a canister? Then shoot the canister! Do you want to save ammunition? Then take a canister (also with a grapple hook) and throw it at an adversary. Use it as often as possible! But be careful, if you carry a canister around with you, you expose yourself to an increased risk, because your opponents also know how explosive it is. If something like that goes off in your arms, you (usually) die instantly.

5) Take soldiers with you if you can.

As soon as you free the forts and outposts, some marines gather around you. In addition, you can often have vehicles delivered to you. All vehicles allow the transport of one or even more soldiers, take as many as possible with you when you rush to the next battlefield. They're not very effective, but they can distract opponents so that if you're spotted, you won't end up with all of your enemies at once.

6) Take over enemy vehicles instead of fighting them

Fighting enemy vehicles is arduous when you are out on foot yourself. It costs a lot of ammunition and you have to face superior firepower. Make it easy for yourself: Get as close as possible to a vehicle and use the grapple to pull yourself towards the vehicle. Then there are two options. With open vehicles such as a ghost, you simply push the pilot off the seat and drive yourself. With heavily armored vehicles, however, you can leave a grenade in the driver's cab. Both are more effective than an open exchange of blows.

7) Think three-dimensionally.

Many an outpost is like a fortress. Simply beating yourself through works occasionally, but usually you are rubbing yourself on pointlessly. So think three-dimensionally. Where can you shoot down from above? Where can you sneak in unnoticed, open gates, maybe even steal a vehicle? Things like that extend your life and make it more fun at the same time.

8) Get flying vehicles from the sky

Nothing is more annoying than a couple of flying jackals grazing the sky in one-man hunters and sticking to your buttocks. They fire all the time and hit you even if you think you've found good cover. Arguing with foot soldiers at the same time is like a suicide squad. Better get them down to earth right away, then you'll be rid of them!

You have two options for getting them down from heaven. The simplest is to take a shock rifle and aim well. The shock rifle overrides their drive so that they fall like a stone. This gives you time to either fire like a madman or provoke them to get out (which usually only works after they have sailed to the ground two or three times). Alternatively, you can try to lure them close to the ground and grapple with the grappling hook. But it doesn't always work, so it's better to find a shock rifle.

The Master Chief's equipment

You start the game with minimal equipment , but you will get new equipment at regular intervals. Especially when finding dead Spartans whose armor you take with you. You can use most of this equipment by pressing the RB button, although you have to select one beforehand using the directional pad.

You can level up all of these tools with the help of so-called Spartan Cores to make them more efficient and stronger. With every further increase, however, you need more Spartan cores, so you should plan your upgrades well. You should prefer shield and grappling hook, but all other tools also have their uses.

1) grappling hook:

You have the grapple right from the start. It helps you cross abysses or climb steep walls. But it also serves as an extended arm for gripping objects (weapons, canisters) or as a combat tool, with which you can clear enemies' shields or approach an enemy. By leveling up the grappling hook you can reuse it faster and it has a shock function that you can use to paralyze opponents.

2) shield core

The efficiency of your shield core defines how many hits you can take without dying. A distinction is made between the outer shield and the inner shield. As soon as the shield core is affected, you will hear a regular beeping. The deeper the beeping, the closer you are to death. Both parts of the shield recharge if you remain intact for a few seconds. The efficiency of these components, however, depends on the chosen level of difficulty. When you upgrade the shield core, it receives 15% more energy from the original bar. So you can gain a maximum of 75% more energy for the core.

3) location sensor

This tool becomes especially important as soon as you face opponents who can camouflage themselves. Their camouflage is not perfect, so you may be able to briefly recognize where a camouflaged enemy is, but at that moment he may have long since started the attack. Sometimes it's too late for a good resistance. The location sensor therefore helps you to recognize camouflaged enemies at any time. You just have to shoot it somewhere in the ground or against a wall so that it makes all enemies visible within a limited radius (including those hiding behind a wall). Upgrades for this tool increase the radius of action so that you can see cloaked enemies from ever greater distances.

4) protective wall

The protective wall is about an external protective shield that you place on the ground. It builds an energy wall in the form of a network that keeps enemy projectiles off. You can walk through this wall or, for example, stick the tip of your weapon through it to target enemies and still be protected. However, since you can only put up one wall in one direction, you will always be vulnerable from the other side. So it is best to have a solid wall in your back. Caution: Individual tiles of the protective wall can be removed by repeated bombardment, which makes it perforated. But that only plays a role late in the game, as the protective wall can only be maintained for a short time anyway and then has a cooldown time before you can build it again. Upgrades consolidate the network,

5) Thrusters

The Master Chief isn't exactly the most agile action hero, but with the help of the thrusters, which you find relatively late in the game, you can sprint to the side at lightning speed at the push of a button. For example, to avoid approaching projectiles, or to make your movement pattern less predictable, which is especially useful when snipers target you. Upgrades reduce the cooldown of the thrusters.

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