HALO INFINITE How to defeat boss Bassus

 Bassus doesn't look very sporty, but that is deceptive. He is fast and agile, which he proves by the fact that he (similar to Brute Berzerker) rushes towards you. In this case, however, with his mace ahead, which will cost you your life after one or two hits at the latest (depending on the level of difficulty).

HALO INFINITE Ho to defeat boss Bassus

You can't cope with running away alone with him. You have to use your grappling hook to avoid him and gain as much distance as possible so that you can shoot him regularly. It's even better if you can throw an explosive energy canister around his ears.

That costs him (as usual) all of his shield energy. Whereby Bassus Schild is generally not as strong as that of the previous bosses. As a weapon recommendation, we want to recommend the shock rifle to you, because the lightning bolt paralyzes Bassus so that he cannot jump at you again right away. Not as intense or as long as normal opponents, but at least for a second.

This fight can be very frustrating because it may be over in as little as 5 seconds. If Bassus catches you, it rattles a lot. Therefore, you should invest more energy in avoiding him. Shoot him when you have enough space. The same applies to the throw with the energy canister. A too imprecise throw behind him is of no use, you need space and time to aim. So it's better to swing the grappling hook one time too much than one time too little.

After the fight, the weapon can finally deactivate the drill beam. The free tunnel will take you towards the Conservatory, but you shouldn't rush over there straight away. You'd better check the excavation site for audio logs.

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