HALO INFINITE: How to Beat Boss: Tremonius

 Tremonius, the subordinate of the nasty Escharum, gets out of the moving elevator. Not only does it have a jetpack that allows it to fly briefly, but it also has an energy shield similar to that of the Master Chief.

HALO INFINITE: How to Beat Boss: Tremonius

So you can't just throw him over the heap. Its armor is too strong. Hence, he has two power bars above his head. The upper bar in white shows the state of his shield, the lower, red bar represents his life force.

When you shoot Tremonius, the first thing you do is drain his shield energy. However, his shield recharges after a few seconds if you don't give him a permanent treat - which is difficult because he moves a lot and sometimes flies into cover so that his minions can take action. Therefore, we suggest the following strategy :

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cover yourselves from his attacks and try to eliminate as many of his minions as possible. The quickest way to do this is to use the grappling hook to push away their mobile shields and then knock them over unprotected. Just don't rush it, or you'll run into Tremonius' missiles. Cover from his attacks is essential for survival.

Once you've got a little space, you shouldgrab an energy canister. You don't have to run to the canisters, you can also use the grappling hook to get them to you. Throw such a can at him on the head. A precise hit wears off its entire protective shield, so that every shot you fire now reduces its life force.

At least for a while, because as already mentioned, his shield will recharge if he is not hit for a (short) time - and he will make sure of that by taking cover or running around. Therefore, you shouldn't hesitate for long: Shoot him full as soon as you've hit him with a canister. Best headshots if you can do it. Grenades can also be effective if it stays within the blast radius.

You will likely have to go through this procedure twice to complete it, if not three times. You can only get it small the first time with a lot of luck and skill. The problem is, there are only two canisters lying around here to throw. So that means, for a third attempt you have to lure him near a large standing energy canister and then shoot the canister. For killing this boss you get an achievement.

As soon as you have finished Tremonius, you should equip yourself up to the number of jaws. See if you can pick up a stalking rifle from the dead enemy . This is a fairly powerful rifle that requires a lot of precision, but does a lot of damage if you hit. Then you stand on the central elevator and take it upstairs.

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