Halo Infinite: How to defeat Boss Adjutant Resolution


Halo Infinite: How to defeat Boss Adjutant Resolution

The previously friendly Kugel (which has a highly amusing British accent when it is spoken in English) is pissed off. Adjutant Resolution sits down in his floating battle armor and wants to kill you. However, he is (at the moment) not a difficult boss if you stick to a few small guidelines.

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First of all, you should equip your protective wall . His projectiles cannot penetrate this wall, even if he should get into a rage. In the meantime, always hold it in front of you, so don't run around like wild animals in the room. That wouldn't give you any advantage. At the same time, you shouldn't get too close to him, otherwise he'll stomp on the ground. The pressure wave is harmful and throws you back a bit anyway.

Now aim at the glowing orange gun muzzle at the ends of his limbs , or concentrate on one muzzle until it explodes. When that happens, he slumps for a moment. Its central sphere begins to light up . Shoot this spot as many times as possible until it catches up again. Adjutant Resolution is now really angry, which can result in various reactions, such as a continuous fire, a thick laser beam and the like. In any case, he is extremely outraged, which you can also see from his comments.

If you have built a protective wall, not much can happen to you. Move just a little back and forth so that his fire doesn't remove any of the tiles of your protective wall. If you are meanwhile in cooldown and cannot build a wall, you can of course only escape behind a wall. This is especially important with his thick laser, because it pulls your mutton legs long (depending on the level of difficulty) in seconds.

After his little tantrum , the procedure starts all over again . So choose another of his limbs and flatten it until he collapses again and reveals his central weak point.

You can also hit his weapon while he is firing. So don't let that stop you from firing when you have a good line of fire. If you run out of ammunition in the meantime, you will find appropriate supplies at several charging stations in the back of the room.

When all limbs are shot to pieces, its core remains permanently vulnerable . Shoot at it until he gives up.

Activate the terminal again. Gun discovers that several points are connected, but the Harbinger discovers her hack into the network. You and the Master Chief must escape from the top, which results in a spectacular stunt. But also in a damage to his rescue Pelican, which has to make an emergency landing.

Fortunately, the emergency landing succeeds - albeit in a completely new area, which is once again more intense.

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