Halo: Infinite Walkthrough Game Guide

Halo: Infinite Walkthrough Game Guide

 Halo: Infinite Complete Walkthrough and Boss Tactics

In this guide, you'll find a complete walkthrough of the Halo: Infinite story campaign.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Gameplay ...
Halo Infinite Multiplayer Gameplay [PC]

Warship "Gbraakon"

After watching the initial video, we are transferred to the costume of the Master Chief. We look at the flashlight and hit the road. We move along the platforms to the right, use the hook and gravitate to the upper platform. In the central control room we destroy opponents and jump down. As a hint, use the down arrow key on the controller's crosshair and move along the marker.

We go into a long corridor and kill a strong enemy. We follow the tunnel forward and exit into a large location with moving platforms. Don't forget to use the orange and blue terminals to replenish your ammo. We turn right, use the hook and get to the elevator. We activate the button and go up to the upper level.

At the exit from the elevator we find the first record of the UNSC. We move to the left and in the next section we find the door in the center. We go into the room with the stairs, destroy the enemies and go upstairs. We climb over a small shelter and go in a straight line further.

After a short cut-scene, we destroy all the enemies, go up to the bridge and turn off the stasis beam using the terminal.

We get down to the lower level and destroy two batteries in the western and eastern sides. We climb back onto the bridge, kill the nearest enemies and lower the lever.

After talking with Atriox we move on the left side and we pass into a long tunnel through the opened door.

We follow the corridor, simultaneously destroying all opponents, and we jump into the elevator shaft.

We leave in a location with a large number of metal structures. We make our way through each of them, jump down and run in a straight line to the ship.


After the cut-scene, we go along the long bridge and go to the station. We follow the narrow platforms.

In a closed room, it is not necessary to kill all enemies, so we run to the point with the blue stream and go into it.

We rise to the upper level and exit into a large location with black columns in the air.

We make our way along them and we reach the door along the marker.

In a large room, we kill all enemies or run through them.

We climb the stairs and move straight to the round platform.

We talk with the projection of the girl and go upstairs on the platform. We follow the corridors to the crucible.

We go down to the platform, grab the energy grain and insert it into the corresponding hole at the top.

We pass over the bridge and take data from the terminal. We move along the corridor for the signal and activate the bridge.

We deal with all opponents and use the terminal one more time to build a platform.

Again we defeat all the enemies and at the end of the location we find another audio recording. We pass through several rooms to one more crucible. We kill the enemy on the tower, we are attracted to it with a hook and we take away the energy grain.

We jump down, insert the object into the hole and rise to the upper level. We go straight along the corridors and find a dead Spartan.

Examine the green object on the floor and get the shield reactor.

We leave into a large room, destroy all enemies and try to activate the elevator. It will not work, so we immediately go down and we pass along the narrow corridor further.

At the end of the bridge, we take the audio recording and take out the energy plant. We go back, insert the object into the hole and activate the elevator.

How to defeat Tremonius

The first serious opponent in the game. At the very beginning of the battle, it is necessary to destroy his small minions. After that, we shoot at the energy cells, which, when the enemy approaches, will reduce his health.

We use the environment and hide behind various objects. We can take a hunting rifle on one of the racks and quickly remove the boss's armor. After that, it is necessary to shoot at him more often from any weapon so that the charge of the shield is not restored.

We finish off the enemy and rise on the elevator to the surface.

Tremonius Outpost

We take away the space module and go further to the left along the corridor. We follow the tunnel, kill the enemies and activate the terminal. We observe the monologue of Esharum and get out to the surface of the planet. We climb onto a large platform, kill all opponents and activate the terminal on the landing site. We talk with the pilot and artificial intelligence, and then we go to the ship to continue the mission. From this moment, free movement around the map will become available.

The player can perform additional tasks in which it is necessary to capture various bases, find weapons and clear territories together with the NPC. We return to the main plot tasks and first of all we go to the Golf base. You can put a mark on the map for convenience. We go downstairs, destroy all opponents and find another audio recording. We activate the terminal and capture the base.


We put a mark on the tower, call the jeep and follow to the specified point. We destroy a bunch of enemies and wait for the artificial intelligence to scan the signal source. We go into the security building, which is located to the left of the entrance to the base and activate the terminal on the second floor.

We go out into the street, run in a straight line to the next point and activate the gravity lift. We deal with the reinforcement of the enemy and jump into a large stream of blue rays to go upstairs. We take away the portable threat sensor on the boxes.

Now you need to go up the tower and find a room with a wounded Spartan. To do this, we move through the tunnels and climb all the stairs to the top. We reach the last room and fight the boss.

How to defeat Chuck 'Loka

This enemy uses camouflage, so you need to immediately switch the hook to the sensor and place the device on any surface next to you. From this point on, the enemy will be highlighted in red.

The boss uses melee tactics, so it's enough to run from him around the columns with an active sensor and shoot at him as much as possible. After defeating him, we watch a short cut-scene.

Excavation site

We go outside to activate the next task. We move along the marker to the point and find the entrance to the caves on the map at the lowest excavation point. To do this, you need to bypass the huge metal structure on the south side and go to the passage in the mountain.

After turning on the drill, we use the hook on the open platform in the upper part of the building on the right and climb inside.

We kill all opponents and turn off the device using the terminal.

We jump down and cut down two regulators. After that we destroy four cooling columns.

To do this, it is necessary to blow up both batteries inside each of them. There will be a lot of opponents, so it is recommended to use grenades more often and try to blow up the columns from afar. We return to the Boer and try to activate the terminal. A powerful enemy will attack the Chief.

How to beat Bassus

The boss uses a gravity hammer in battle. He also moves quickly and jumps short distances to reach the player.

We always keep our distance and often use the grappling hook to get away from the enemy. We use any weapon and defeat the enemy. After the battle, activate the terminal and cut down the drill.


We go down into the caves, go further along the mark and press the button to enter the sarcophagus.

We go in a straight line and find the improvement of the Mjolnir suit, which will open the protective wall.

We follow along the tunnels, defeat the enemies and in a large room we get the energy plant from the upper platform. We insert it into the device. We move on and get to another similar room. The energy crops will now be located on the upper side aisles. We insert two objects and move along the corridor directly through the opened door. We reach the terminal and press the button.

We make our way through several identical hangars, simultaneously killing all enemies. We go down even lower and go out into a large room. We activate artificial intelligence and watch a small video. We repel the enemy's attack, take the artificial intelligence from the terminal and follow the open passage.

We move further along the corridors and find the "Acceleration" improvement. Let's go ahead. In a large location, we kill all powerful opponents and use the button to take the elevator.

We pass through the door and watch a cut-scene in which the Chief meets the Harbinger. As soon as the Spartan gets out of the sarcophagus, a new task will open.


Follow the marker to the huge structure. We destroy two hunters at the base of the spire. These opponents have strong armor, so we use grenades and needle throwers lying nearby.

Press the button and jump into the energy elevator. We go up the stairs to the terminal and activate the artificial intelligence.

After talking with Adjutant Composure, we move straight. We follow the ball along the corridors of the station. We pass along the energy bridge and go up the elevator even higher. We use the terminal to turn off the stations at the top of the spire, but the Adjutant will prevent you from doing it.

How to Defeat Adjutant Composure

One of the easiest bosses in the game. To destroy it, first shoot at the glowing places on the pincers. After four accurate hits, aim in the center at the ball and finish off the enemy. Do not forget to hide behind the columns from the enemy's beam. If you run out of ammo in the weapon, then you can take several guns on the rack to the right of the terminal. We press the button, watch the video and set off on the next mission, in which it is necessary to destroy three anti-aircraft guns.

Pelican shot down

In turn, we get to each anti-aircraft gun, marked on the map, we clean the territory from opponents and destroy the guns. The western installation is located at the top of the slope, so first of all you need to get to the foot of the mountain, press the button after destroying all the enemies and take the elevator upstairs. At the top, near the northern gun, we activate the terminal to launch the gravity lift.

We do the same at the eastern cannon. We rise inside each anti-aircraft gun, open the reactor and destroy the battery. We listen to the monologue of the enemy commander-in-chief twice and choose outside. We follow to the third cannon, rise on the gravilift and detonate the weapon. After destroying all anti-aircraft installations, follow the marker to the center of the island and deal with the bosses.

How to defeat Hyperius and Tovarus

One of the brothers uses "Chopper", so first of all it is necessary to get close to the enemy and take away the vehicle from him. After that, keep our distance and shoot both bosses from afar.

The second brother launches multiple rockets at the Spartan. We dodge his shots and kill him. If it did not work to take away the equipment or it was destroyed in the battle, then we finish off the nearest sniper and take the "Ostrog". It will not be difficult to finish off the wounded brothers with this rifle.

We climb to the nearest slope, which is marked in the screenshot above and talk to the pilot.


After a lengthy cut-scene, we go into the aircraft and continue the storyline. We land near the second spire.

We destroy all enemies and press the button near the locked door of the station. Artificial intelligence will not be able to open the door, so you will have to go to the three towers and get the missing data.

We climb to the tower, activate the terminal to open the gate, and use the hook to cling to the banshee. You can also shoot the aircraft a couple of times to attract the enemy. This will help close the distance to the technique.

We fly to the eastern tower, destroy all opponents and go inside the structure.

We use the terminal on the lower floor and go to three other lighthouses. Do the same and get full access to the spiers. We grab the banshee and return by the marker to the station. We use the terminal, go inside and go down to the lower level of the spire.


We follow the corridors forward. It is not necessary to destroy all enemies. We run straight and pass by the spire hologram.

We follow forward, go down to the level below and go deep into the station. We get to the large hall and destroy all enemies.

We use the terminal to open the passage further. We follow the door to the left and in the next room we destroy two hunters.

Press the button and jump down. We move straight and pass along a large long bridge.

We activate the gondola and defend ourselves from flying robots. For this it is best to use the "Guardian Beam" weapon.

After stopping the platform, we follow to the right and make our way further. The energy bridge ahead will disappear for a few seconds. We are waiting for a short period of time and continue our journey.

We pass forward and observe the conversation between the Chief and the artificial intelligence. Press the button. To activate the gravilift and enter the "Plexus", you will need to find three energy grains.

We follow in the only open door we pass along the bridge and we take away the object. We destroy all opponents on the way. We return to the central hall, insert the energy plant into one of the three terminals and go to the next door. We repeat the previous steps and find two more energy grains.

We enter the luminous flux and climb the spire.

Command spire

We destroy opponents and activate the terminal. We follow the columns and climb upward using the hook.

We move straight and find energy-grain.

We insert it into the terminal and use the stream to rise higher. Now you have to wade through hordes of enemies in small locations. You don't have to kill everyone.

We get to the hall with the blue stream and we go through it to teleport to another place. We continue our way further and get to another energy elevator. We rise along the stairs above the spire.

We find ourselves in a huge hangar. We carefully run through it and find another stream. We pass through it and teleport to another place.

In the next room, we use the hook to get to the platform in the center. We meet again with Adjutant Composure. We use exactly the same tactics as before and destroy the robot.

We use the terminal and go up to the observation deck. We kill all opponents and try to activate one more device.

Three aircraft will appear in turn. We use the prison and the grenade launcher to destroy all the equipment. Press the button and watch the next video.


We go up the corridor and run along the long bridge. It is not necessary to kill all flying opponents.

We pass into the next room and get to the platform with the terminal. We destroy the nearest enemies and activate the console.

We follow forward and we pass through a large area with opponents. It is also not necessary to touch them, so if you have a pumped hook, you can just run past.

We get to the window and find the next target. We follow the marker and go up even higher at the station. Find the gravilift and press the button to start it.

We move forward and we pass into a large hall with two containers for energy grains. After clearing the zone, we go down two levels below, first through the left door, and then through the right. Below, on each side of the player, there will be two powerful opponents and a small detachment of flying robots. We deal with all the enemies one by one and go through the opened door.

We take away the energy plant and use the teleport to get to the terminals faster. We insert both objects and use the energy lift. We pass along the narrow corridors and press the button in a large room.

After a short cut-scene, we move along the marker to the exit. We use the terminal, we pass along a small corridor and again find ourselves outside.


We follow the street to the right and get into the tank. In this mission, you need to get to the enemy base, simultaneously destroying opponents. We get to the gate. We jump over the wall and use the terminal to lower the obstacle.

We move on and get to the next gate. They will drop as they approach. We follow to the left platform and use the terminal to open the bridge. We pass along it inside the building.

House of Vengeance

We follow into the depths of the structure and find ourselves in a huge arena with an endless variety of different equipment and weapons. We use everything that comes to hand, and we clean the territory from enemies. We go into the elevator and press the button to go upstairs.

The Master Chief will enter a training zone of increased difficulty. Again we defeat all enemies. At the end of the battle, you will have to destroy two hunters. To do this, it is recommended to use the grenade launcher or "Sharp", which are located in the central section of the arena. We use another elevator.

We enter the third arena, stock up on weapons and go to the voice. We climb onto the platform in the center of the room and find a recording on the floor. After a short video, we enter into a fight with the boss.

How to beat Jag 'Rdomnay

This enemy uses disguise, which is not always revealed with the help of the sensor. Despite this, we activate the device and try to dodge the attacks of the enemy. The easiest way is to run away from him to the side and deliver a few successful punches from the hand.

We use the existing weapon and move from side to side with the help of the hook and evasion. After defeating the enemy, we go along the marker and go up to the upper floor by elevator. We are trying to turn off the grips to free the pilot. It will not work right away. First of all, you have to destroy the boss.

How to defeat Esharum

We attack the enemy until he activates an impenetrable shield. We wait for the signal from artificial intelligence and blow up one battery. After that, we inflict as much damage to the enemy as possible. After the shield is restored, we repeat all actions again.

In the final stage, the boss will take the gravity hammer. We use the grappling hook and try to dodge every blow of Esharum. We finish off the enemy and activate the terminal near the pilot.

Silent lecture hall

We disembark from the starship and clear the entire arena. Press the button and open the door. We move along the marker and find a container without energy grain.

We turn in the opposite direction and in the corridor opposite we find the missing object. We insert the energy grain into the hole and move along the narrow corridors along the marker.

In the large hall we destroy two hunters and activate the terminal.

We make our way through a huge hangar and along small corridors we reach the cliff.

Press the button to launch the energy bridge. We follow straight. We run through another hangar and turn off at the very end into the left door.

We move along the narrow corridors and reach the large hall, where we will meet the Adjutant Composure. You won't have to fight him this time. We follow him and wait for him to open the next door. We move straight, press the button and we pass along the long bridge.

We activate the terminal and take the elevator upstairs. We are trying to pick up artificial intelligence and watch a short cut-scene. We pass further, enter the system and fight the final boss. It is recommended to take the most powerful weapon in the last room.

How to defeat the Harbinger

There should be no difficulty in fighting this enemy. The enemy will hide behind an energy shield. During this time, it cannot be attacked. We destroy all the minions in the zone and after removing the shield we shoot at the boss. He will constantly teleport from one place to another.

On the counter against the wall, you can take the "Guardian Beam", which will help you quickly remove the armor from the Harbinger.

We repeat all actions several times and finish off the enemy. We are enjoying the final video.

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