How to build a house in Terraria: everything you need to know


How to build a house in Terraria: everything you need to know

Creating a home in the Terraria video game may sound quite a simple and fun task, however, to start this process it is necessary to meet certain requirements for a site to be considered as such.

But this is not everything, since you must also progress in the game and unlock some additional elements, such as the Non Playable Character (NPC) and, so these can reappear in these places and in this way are considered as a Terraria home.

Therefore, this time we are going to tell you everything you need to know to build your house in Terraria so that you can keep the NPCs safe; We also tell you all the plans and what are the requirements to create a home.

What is a house in Terraria and what is it for?

A house in Terraria is nothing more than a structure that is created by the player for the NPCs so that they can inhabit it. I mean, this home will not be for you, but for the NPCs. 

The idea of ​​building a home for the NPCs is so that they can live at night and also at events, safely. For each house, there is an NPC to inhabit it. So once they are inside the home, they will be protected from monsters, zombies , demon eyes, and slimes.

Fortunately these NPCs have fairly low standards, so it is not necessary to spend many hours building a large house or palace. They even settle for a mud hut and even an NPC prison .

It should be noted that within a home beds can be used. In addition there may be other structures that are generated naturally and if the player introduces light to them they can become houses and will inadvertently attract NPCs. These structures can be moved through the Home Menu in that inventory of the video game.

Basic resources to build a Terraria house

Home built in Terraria
Home built in Terraria

The truth is that to structure your house in Terraria you do not need more than basic resources, these are:

  • A walled area with a minimum of 60 tiles
  • Enough blocks of any material , for a 9 x 7 house. Remember to always leave space for the door
  • A torch or any other source of light
You also need a workbench, regardless of the material, to build some components. These are: door, table and walls .

In this sense, for your construction to be considered a habitable home, it must have the following requirements:

  • A ceiling, walls and a floor with the respective necessary measures
  • The floor must have a solid block , it must not be a platform
  • Back walls
  • The total number of blocks and walls used must be more than 60 and less than 750
  • An entrance , be it a high door, platforms, hatch or just a door
  • Light source
  • Flat cabinet and seat
  • Stay away from Crimson or Corruption .

Requirements to create a home in Terraria

When it comes to building a Terraria house, you don't necessarily have to make a luxurious or attractive structure , the really important thing is to meet the basic criteria. Even after creating a basic home, you can combine it with apartments with some rooms as long as you follow the rules.

Therefore, you should consider the following guidelines before starting to build a Terraria house:

Accessories and decorations for a house in Terraria
Accessories and decorations for a house in Terraria


You cannot build a house near Crimson or Corruption, otherwise it is considered uninhabitable . In the event that these spread to the home, the NPC inside the house will wander aimlessly until they find a new available home .

In fact, when a home is built close to evil, a score is calculated that is calculated by the number of evil blocks used in a 45-block radius surrounding the house. So you should consider that a valid house should reach approximately 250 or a little less . You should consider that:

  • The crimson and ebony stone blocks, ebony and crimson sand and the wicked plant increase the score to 1
  • Each sunflower will decrease the score to 5

Minimum measurements

  • Excluding ceiling, walls and floor , width and height: 3 x 10, 4 x 8, 5 x 7, 6 x 6, 7 x 5, 8 x 4, 10 x 3, 13 x 2
  • Including ceiling, walls and floor , the width and height: 5 x 12, 6 x 10, 7 x 9, 8 x 8, 9 x 7, 10 x 6, 12 x 5, 15 x 4 .
Remember in the first measures for both exclusion and inclusion it can only be done when the workbench is used and the last measure can only be done when the roof is built of platforms.

The walls

In this case you must consider that any wall is valid, however natural walls are not considered that way , except if they are living wood walls that come from the living tree.

In addition, the walls of the home may have some holes as long as they do not exceed 4 blocks in width and height. However, remember that this increases the possibility of monsters appearing in the house .


The furniture that we will mention below is considered totally valid to inhabit a house , so the material of its manufacture is not taken into account.

  • Flat Furniture : These are the tables, pianos, captivating table, bookcases, war table, bathtubs, sideboards, alchemy table and workbench
  • Seat : benches, chairs, thrones, beds and sofas. The latter are not available in the 3DS version
  • Light source : lamps, torches, candles, tiki torch, fireplace (console version, chandeliers, bottled star, pumpkin lantern, heart lantern, Christmas lights, paper ferolillo, chandeliers and skull with candle.

How to build a house in Terraria

NPCs living together in a house in Terraria
NPCs living together in a house in Terraria

We assure you that by taking into account the following instructions to build a Terraria house, the process will be much easier and faster . Remember that players must have a minimum of 25 blocks of earth, 32 walls of earth, 13 woods and 3 torches . Also, this task is more advisable to run during daylight hours.

To start with the construction, the first thing you should do is choose the ideal land where the house will be . Here you must delimit the surface area, make sure it is level so that you can build the house you want.

Next, collect the necessary amount of wood ; To do this, use an ax to cut trees and then create them with the Workbench . By having this element, you must place it in a hole with the following dimensions: 2 x 1. Once this is done, you must go to the location of the hearth and build a rectangular frame , this you will do with the wooden blocks. In this case, you will need at least 150 wooden blocks. In this way you can put the door, chair and table around the home.

To finish, you need wooden walls, which should go to the bottom . Said walls can be manufactured on the same workbench. Finally, when setting them up, you will need a light source to complete the house for an NPC.

How to build a Terraria prison

Prison built in Terraria
Prison built in Terraria

Building a pressure for your NPCs is a good option although it has several cons since this house will trap the NPCs in a way that they will never come out **. Therefore, the jail in Terraria meets the basic requirements to build a home and even more so if you are looking to immobilize people.

To start with this construction, you should form a column that takes up little space on the floor and takes up a little more air . In addition, in this type of house the main body must be a minimum of 9 x 7, with 60 tiles and 2 platforms made of wood in the lower area and around the block.

These platforms and the block will allow you to insert a desk and a chair inside the house, in addition it will allow the NPCs to enter it, but never leave .

An advantage is that if you build the prison above the top of the head the NPCs will be able to interact with other people walking below. However, it is likely that NPCs are not comfortable living forever in prison , which will hurt you; so you should take this into account before deciding to build such a structure.

Additional information about the houses in Terraria

Something that you may not yet discover is that the houses can be united , but it is not all, since they can also share a roof, wall, a door or floor; also these houses can be divided with platforms instead of doors.

In case you use stone walls, these will be transformed to pearl stone and by rendering, the house will be uninhabitable . Another fact is that at night, the NPCs automatically move to their respective home when their player is far enough away, allowing entry to the house.

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