How to destroy Roxy in Five Nights At Freddy's: Security Breach

 How to decommission Roxy's animatronic: where to find the head, how to fix it, and so on

Deal with Monty or Chica, after which you will be offered to go to Roxy. Visit Roxy Races, head down the stairs to the right and look for a racing kart with a headless bot near the right wall. As you get closer to it, you will learn that you need a head for the bot. There is a bag next to it, which says that the last serviceable driver bot was hidden in the northwest part of the attraction, on the side of the race track. Go to the opposite wall to find a bag and a level 0 red door. This door is associated with the secret ending of the game. Behind the boxes where the bag was, look for a wooden box with a driver bot. As you approach it, a bot will drop out, whose head will fall off.

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Pick up this head and examine the garages on the ground floor. Moving away from where the head was, look into the penultimate garage to find a dance ticket. Go up to the third floor of the atrium and go to the elevator, above which the FAZCADE sign hangs. This elevator takes you to the dance floor in the west arcade. To get started, go up to the second floor and move to the far right corner. There will be a red door, and behind it is a technical corridor with machine guns and a gray door. Go through the door, save, go around the device in the center in a circle to turn off the power (assuming you have a faulty bot head).

Now you need to restore the power supply. Go downstairs and walk to the left of the elevator, to the area where the DJ is. There is a red lever on the wall in front, to the right of the DJ. Lower it, go back and into the corridor on the right, with the restrooms. Enter the back restroom to find a tech room with a second lever. Exit here through the right door. On the first floor near the slot machines, look for the third lever, on the wall to the left. Climb up and turn left to find in about the same place, but on the second floor, the fourth lever. Run into the technical corridor with machine guns, past the gray door, and at the very end, on the right, look for the last lever. After lowering it, run away from the DJ. Enter the gray room and toss the head of the driver bot into the hole in the center piece.

With a working head, head to Roxy Racing and place it on the racing kart on the right. Watch the cut-scene. Take Roxy's eyes and run away from her, forcing her to destroy the wooden doors (dodge to the sides and use the holes in the walls).

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