How to fish / catch fish in Wartales


How to fish / catch fish in Wartales

Fishing in Wartales is one of the ways to stock up on food, which is so necessary for the survival of a group of mercenaries. Once a day, they need to rest in the camp, but at the same time they must eat before going to bed. If you feed them scraps, rat meat, and so on, then you will quickly lower the level of happiness, and the mercenaries will gradually leave your squad. The caught fish is excellent food.

At the moment you can catch eel and carp. Fish can also be bought in towns and market squares. The first thing to know is that you don't need a fishing rod. You have it "automatically". All you need to fish is a hook and a fishing spot. With the first, everything is quite simple. The hook can be purchased from merchants or refugees, or crafted at the workbench in the camp by spending Iron Ore. The blueprint for crafting the hook will be available by default.

After that, pay attention to the reservoirs. A flickering dot should appear on the shore. This is the place where you can fish. You can also fish on the piers of houses located right next to water bodies. If there is a hook, go to that spot and LMB on the water. A scale will appear immediately after that. You need to periodically press and release the LMB so that the slider remains in the center of the scale that appears. If the slider goes into the red zone, then after 2-3 seconds the line will break.

Basically, this is all there is to know about fishing in Wartales at the moment.

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