How to get the best weapon for Yasuo in Ruined King (Legendary Stormblade Sword)


How to get the best weapon for Yasuo in Ruined King (Legendary Stormblade Sword)

The guide to finding Ruined King's most powerful weapon for Champion Yasuo. When you unlock access to the Arcane Forge and Athenaeum Library of Agony on the Dark Isles in the RPG Ruined King, you will unlock a quest called 'Stormblade' . You will be responsible for collecting several materials to unlock the legendary weapon for Yasuo. This guide shows you the locations of the different materials to be able to forge the weapon.

Duality and neutrality are at the heart of many stories about the wind. If these aspects of the wind come together to forge a weapon, it would be the embodiment of the spirit of the wind and its power.

In a place of peace, only those who prove to be champions will be able to receive the gift of the goddess.

A weary traveler from a land steeped in magic and spirits holds a mustache full of fury. It requires your help.

On a stormy island is a treasure containing maple seeds for the more impatient.

How to unlock Yasuo's legendary weapon, the Stormblade in Ruined King:

To forge the best weapon in the game, you will need to find an Effigy of the Benevolent Wind Goddess, a Wind Fury Mustache and you will also need to collect Maple Seeds Blessed with the Patience of the Wind. Here is where to find the materials to be able to forge the Stormblade, the best weapon for the champion Yasuo of Ruined King (League of Legends) .

→ Effigy of Janna - You will get it while resting from Baron Bilgewater. You will need to have unlocked the battle arena in this location by completing the side quest "Dangerous Currency" given by a woman in the infamous Baron's Rest bar. Then manage to beat the robot that bears the name of "Cruel Recover" by fighting in the arena. At the end of the fight, you will obtain the legendary item "Effigy of Janna" . 

→ Windy Maple Seeds - With Yasuo's land skill, supply wind to the four Wind Mechanisms of Typhoon Island in the following order, North (up) , West (left) , East (right) , South (bottom) . If the order is respected, a chest will appear in the middle of the four wind mechanisms and you can collect the Windy Maple Seeds needed to get the best sword for Yasuo.

→ Empyrean Mustache - You will need to go to Baron's Rest in Bilgewater and talk to Mirrim, a man who is at one of the tables in the Bar. He'll ask you to find a Suspicious Shipment in a Bilgewater Warehouse and use the Lotus Jewel (which he gives you) to neutralize the contents of the Suspicious Shipment (quest name, destination Ionia) . When this is done and you speak with Mirrim again at Baron's Rest, you will be rewarded with the Empyrean Mustache material. The warehouse is located at the Bilgewater Slum Market.

With all three items in your possession, return to the Library of Agony of the Dark Isles and travel to the Arcane and Athenian Forge to craft the Stormblade, the legendary level 28 sword for Yasuo. This very powerful weapon has a special bonus. Each hit from the Stormblade grants Yasuo a Stormblade Charge. This effect stacks ten times before unleashing a bolt of lightning on the enemy, dealing raw damage. 

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