Icarus: 9 survival tips for beginners

 In Icarus you have to extract valuable resources from a planet, deliver them to the client and fight for survival in the rough world.

Icarus: 9 survival tips for beginners

Icarus is a multiplayer survival game with elements of science fiction . You have to complete missions on the planet Icarus before you can leave it again. These run in real time, which means you have to be ready by a certain point in time, otherwise you will die. The new places are unfamiliar territory for you and you not only have to fulfill the desired tasks, but also survive at the same time. In this guide we explain:

Tips for First Time Travelers
Tips for First Time Travelers

  • The best way to start in Icarus
  • What trick nasty bears use to no longer pose a threat
  • What other uses do campfires have
  • Why water alone does not ensure your survival

Build base and tools

Start your survival mission in Icarus with collecting resources from the ground to make your first tools. In the forest biomes in particular, it should be easy to find stones, fibers or horse mackerel. Build an ax and a pickaxe out of them , with which you can then work on trees and rocks, which you in turn need so that you can build a shelter.

Your shelter doesn't have to be really comfortable, just practical. You should be protected from enemies and storms . At the beginning it is completely sufficient if your first hut is a block in which you can stay. Later in the game, however, it is worthwhile to expand your base further - especially if you unlock additional parts of the building.

Also, don't forget to build a workbench as early as possible so you can learn new blueprints and do research.

Protect your campfire

If you already Valheim reingeschaut or other Survival games have, you may get these mechanics familiar: A campfire building is essential and it should be near your bed. But please not in the hut itself! You can also get smoke inhalation in survival games.

So it is advisable to simply build the campfire near the outside wall where your bed is standing. But it only has to rain once and there is already a layer in the shaft. However, there is a trick you can use to protect your campfire from wind and rain: with a stone!

Ideally, you built your house right near a larger stone. Work it with your pickaxe and hollow it out. Make sure that you don't cut off too much of the rock at the top. The stone should look like a motorcycle helmet in the end.

Now place your campfire inside and it should be protected from wind and weather !

Extra tip: Use the campfire as a storage location first

At the beginning of Icarus you can also use campfires as storage boxes - at least until you have learned how to build real boxes in the research tree. The campfire has separate slots that you would normally place your food in. Until you have enough together, however, you can also use the spaces for other items . The available spaces are not tied to edible resources. And don't worry: your items won't be burned in it either.

Always have a survival kit with you

It makes sense to always have a small emergency case with you. If you are too far away from your actual base, you can quickly build another shelter in this way. That means: In addition to your tools, you should also have enough resources with you to be able to build a small hut quickly. So you can get to safety from impending storms.

Dismantle walls instead of destroying them

Sometimes it happens that you have placed walls incorrectly or you want to expand your base and therefore have to move walls. However, you should avoid tearing down the walls. This only leads to your tool being unnecessarily damaged. In addition, the resources you used to build the wall are gone. You will not get the materials back.

Instead, take it down again. You can do this using the Y key on your keyboard. The animation looks like you're tearing down the wall, but you'll have the item in your inventory and can use it again.

This is how you kill bears without harming yourself

When such a gigantic bear runs towards you, it is absolutely understandable if you prefer to take your legs in hand and run away. But in a mission you have to kill two of them at once! You don't have to wait to own a super cool weapon though. You can even kill the wild animals with the basic bow without any problems .

In this case, clever movement will lead you to victory. As soon as a bear runs towards you, you run towards it too, but walk past it. The four-legged friends are a good deal slower than you. Draw your bow and repeat the game several times . As soon as you have a sufficiently large distance from the bear, aim at his head, take a shot, run towards him and past him again. Repeat this until the bear falls lifeless to the ground.

This way you can kill one or more bears with even the simplest bow without being damaged. It is only important that you take a short time to aim - because during this time you regenerate a little of your valuable endurance .

Always think of water ...

As in real life, water is a vital resource in Icarus. As in most survival games, you should keep an eye on your hunger, but in this case your thirst is also important. Drink as much as you can by streams or lakes and fill your containers with water . In biomes like the forest, water is not too much of a problem. In contrast, it looks more difficult in wintry mountain regions or deserts.

Especially in the desert you have to manage your water well and always have enough of it in your inventory. In the snow-covered regions you will find small snow globes that you can take with you and melt into water over your campfire.

... and oxygen

But oxygen is at least as important as eating and drinking . You won't find anything from him on the planet Icarus, which is why you have to wear your mask and rely on a sufficiently good supply. You ensure this by collecting Oxite, especially at the beginning.

These are blue stones - large and small - that you should take with you as soon as you see them. The vital oxygen is bound in them. You can manually fill the rock in your suit to fill it with oxygen or you can place the rock directly in your suit.

However, it is far more effective if you work with a so-called oxidizer , which you can make from 8x horse mackerel, 12x fibers, 20x leather and 10x bones. If you put your Oxite in the device, the oxygen is extracted and collected in a bladder. Take the collected oxygen with you on your expedition, but first put Oxite back into the Oxidizer so that it can continue working in the meantime.

Pay attention to the statics of the building

As in Valheim, the statics of your buildings also play a not insignificant role in Icarus. Using a color scale, you can see how stable your house is when you are building it. If the items are blue when you aim them, they are perfect . If they light up green, they are stable, but perhaps not adequately supported everywhere. This is particularly noticeable with the floor. Especially there you should make sure that all floor parts are blue so that your house can easily withstand any load that is still to come.

If the respective building parts have neither of the two colors, but are yellow or red , you shouldn't build them or, with the help of supports or other structural measures, make sure that they turn green or even blue. In this way, your house can guarantee a correspondingly high load-bearing capacity and is better equipped against strong storms.

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