Icarus leveling guide

 All the most effective ways to level up in Icarus

ICARUS is a session-based survival simulator on random planets with different weather conditions and goals for players. In addition to dangerous animals, a harsh climate and the needs of the character, the pumping system also presents difficulties in this game. Before choosing a new skill, you should think twice about whether you need it, as different situations require different sets of abilities. Complicating the situation is the fact that with each level it will take more effort to get the next. If you do not know how to speed up the process of pumping your character or which skills should be preferred, then this guide will help you figure it out.

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Getting lost
IELTS Speaking Part 1 Getting lost

Experience gain

Experience in this game is awarded for almost all actions. However, you get the most experience points for the following activities:

  1. Felling trees - at the moment, for every tree felled, you get 300 experience points. With the simplest stone ax, you can cut down a tree in 3-4 seconds. Thus, you can earn experience points by chopping trees right on the way from one place to another. After collecting enough resources, proceed to the next stage of pumping.
  2. Building - By collecting enough timber, you will be able to build the simplest wooden structures. First of all, build your temporary home, and then start building and dismantling the same buildings. When using this method, it is important to always have a spare amount of wood to repair your main home, as the weather effects slowly but surely damage all of your buildings. Having reached level 10 or at least 5, as well as having received basic combat skills, you can move on to the next pumping method.
  3. Hunting - Hunting is not only a source of vital supplies, but also an opportunity to quickly level up. In order to get as much experience from hunting as possible, you need to build any long-range weapon and kill at least one animal. The fastest way to do this is with a headshot from stealth mode. When the beast is killed, you should not immediately run to its body to skin it. Hidden again and wait until the predatory animals come running to the place, smelling the smell of food. Get rid of the emerging predators also stealthily and quickly, and you will have the opportunity to wait for the arrival of a new group of animals. This algorithm can be repeated until you run out of arrows or animals in the area.

If you encounter especially dangerous enemies like bears or Mammoths, then try to trap them with the help of construction or hide in places where they simply cannot climb. If you have the opportunity, then it is best to do this even before the start of the hunt, so that later you do not have to run far from the predators.

After finishing the hunt, butcher the carcasses of animals and get a huge amount of experience for this. This method may not be suitable for pumping from the first level, since without any experience and equipment you will not be able to kill many animals. Therefore, before you go hunting, reach at least level 5.

Helpful talents

Helpful talents

For leveling up, you will receive skill points. The first step is to spend it on the following talents.

  • Speedy Mining, Speedy Chopper, Lucky Strike and Peerless Lumberjack. The first two skills increase your mining speed for minerals and wood, while Lucky Strike and Peerless Lumberjack give you a chance to finish mining in one hit. It is very useful if you prefer the first pumping method or do not want to extract resources for a long time.
  • Combat skills. In combat skills, prioritize bow-related skills first. After you have the opportunity to create firearms, pump skills related to guns or pistols. It is better not to use the branch with shotguns at all, since at the moment this weapon does not do more damage, but it is much more difficult for them to hit. Melee skills are best left for multiplayer.
  • Survival skills. Spend most of the points on the branches of hunting and resource extraction. They will help you not only keep yourself and your camp in good condition, but will also help you with the tasks.
  • Extra skills. Having pumped all the recommended skills, you can spend the rest of the points on skills related to character characteristics or construction.

Some skills may be less or more useful depending on the planet. It can take a few failed attempts to learn how to rebuild your leveling and tactics. By adhering to the general plan described in this guide, and remembering your mistakes, you will learn not only to survive on any planet, but also to pump yourself and your camp as quickly as possible.

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