Icarus: mission Kill List Extermination


Icarus: mission Kill List Extermination

How to pass the Kill List Extermination in ICARUS

First you need to complete the standard preparation process. Collect stones, sticks lying on the ground. Interact with bushes for fiber. Collect berries from other bushes. Craft a stone pickaxe and an ax. Chop trees and break stones. Collect the oxyite that looks like a blue-coated stone. Break open oxyite cobblestones to get even more oxygen resource. As soon as you get talent points, be sure to unlock weapons in the tech tree - a spear and a longbow with stone arrows. You will also need a fire, since you can't go far with berries. Then kill the animals to get meat that can be cooked over a fire. The bonfire can and should be taken with you. You can also find other foods, such as pumpkin, which can be fried over a fire. Unlock a wineskin or other container and fill it with water. The reservoir will be at the very beginning of the location.

Do not forget that everything that you collect during the mission will be lost in case of death or completion of the mission. But the talents and technologies you discovered will remain.

Now directly on the task . Be sure to craft a bow and arrow! It is advisable to use bone arrows, which do more damage. After that, go to the first point, and study the clearing at G15. Find the blood trail for the next mark to appear. Head to I13 and look for the trail next to the tree trail. Next, go to K13, follow the mountain until you find a dead carcass. After that, you will be able to defeat the beast. Run to his lair. The beast will appear in the evening and can only be killed from 18:00 to 04:00. Go to sector J16 and look for the beast's lair behind the pits and ridges. Ideally, you need to build a hill that the animal cannot climb. Shoot him with a bow. After winning, return to the shuttle. 

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