Know all the differences between Terraria and Minecraft


Know all the differences between Terraria and Minecraft

If you're a fan of free-world building games , then you've likely come across Minecraft and Terraria, which are two of the most popular and beloved titles within the genre , as well as the longest running.

And if you are interested in downloading and playing Terraria to start your adventure, but you think that it is just another Minecraft, you are wrong . These two titles share genre and a little of its possibilities, but in essence they have enough differences to be independent games.

It is a mistake to consider that the title of Re-Logic is a kind of Mod or Port of Minecraft. In the next few lines, we will tell you all the differences between the two games. 

What is Minecraft and why is it so popular

We already saw the differences between the versions of Terraria , but now is the time to compare it with its biggest rival: Minecraft. This is a building game in a free exploration environment, where players can design and build their own world from scratch . In addition, they can carry out various tasks and missions, play with friends, among other possibilities.

This title has been on the market for many years and has remained one of the leading references in this genre . It is also available on various platforms, such as mobile and computer, so users have many ways to enjoy it.

What is Terraria and what makes it so addictive

On the other hand, we have Terraria. This game was developed and published in 2011 for various consoles and also belongs to the genre of construction and free exploration . This game allows users to play with their friends, build their houses, farms, do many activities and even fight against enemies to get rewards.

Despite sharing this and other similarities with Minecraft, both have marked differences and that titles give them their own identity. In the next few lines, we are going to know what these are, so that we end with the idea that they are a carbon copy of the other.

Differences you should know between Minecraft and Terraria

As we have told you, players who have not spent time with Terraria, mistakenly believe that it is only a copy of Minecraft, but this is not the case. In fact, keeping this thought will slow you down in the game , as you won't take advantage of all it has to offer.

Next, we will know all the differences that exist between Minecraft and Terraria . In this way, you can learn more about the latter and understand its full potential to enjoy it to the fullest.

Differences in the perspective of both games

To begin with, the first difference between both titles lies in the perspective they have when playing. On the one hand, we have that Minecraft is a 3D game that offers all the benefits of this vision perspective. Also, many players prefer this type of view.

While Terraria is a game that has a 2D perspective, which added to the 8-Bit design of the characters and the world, provides a feeling of nostalgia for old games. And if you are a user who enjoys this feeling when playing a classic, then you will love the title of Re-Logic .

Gameplay differences

Another difference between the two titles is in the gameplay. On the one hand, Terraria has extremely simple game mechanics , with buttons to jump, move in any direction and select objects to use. This is partly due to its 2D design.

Minecraft has a little more elaborate and complex controls , which can be adjusted by the user to obtain a more personalized experience. In fact, this is one of the clearest differences between the two.

Different rhythms on the soundtrack

This aspect may be underrated, but it is a notable difference between the two games. While Terraria has a more varied soundtrack, which changes the keys and rhythms as you move between the scenarios or face certain bosses, Minecraft is not like that.

One of the complaints of some users has to do with the Minecraft soundtrack, which they consider repetitive and boring . Besides that it is less varied compared to Terraria. This can be seen when facing some of the bosses that the game offers.

Differences in the content of both titles

Continuing with the differences between these titles, we must highlight the variety of content that exists, as well as its quantity. For starters, Terraria has more than 1,300 building blocks, more than 20 Bosses that you can face, more than 200 weapons that can be equipped, just over 15 types of materials, and around 300 items that can be used for decoration.

While, Minecraft is a little more limited, since it has just over 400 building blocks, 2 bosses, an approximate of 6 weapons , 6 types of minerals and about 10 objects that are used to decorate.

When the amount of content is compared between the two games, Terraria is undoubtedly victorious, as it provides more variety to users . They are not only equippable or usable items, but also new enemies to get better rewards.

Difference in content and hours of play

This last difference is related to the one we mentioned earlier. One of the aspects to consider before choosing a game is the amount of hours it offers you of fun . And in this sense, Terraria takes the victory indisputably.

Since Terraria has so much more content and a variety of items, missions, and tasks that you can do, this means that the hours of play and fun are potentially endless . This means that you can go a long time without getting bored and never finish it.

Whereas, Minecraft, being a bit more limited in content, you can finish it in a matter of a few hours . Although one way to get more out of this title is through the creative mode, which will allow you to squeeze more of that fun.

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