Lost Ark: 5 things you can do now to prepare for the release

Lost Ark: 5 things you can do now to prepare for the release

 The new MMORPG Lost Ark will be released on February 11th, heralding the new MMORPG year. But what can you do to prepare yourself perfectly for the game? Especially if you missed the beta? We will help you.

What is Lost Ark anyway? Lost Ark might look like Diablo at first glance, but at its core it is a complete MMORPG with all the features you would expect in one.

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This naturally raises the question of how to optimally prepare for an MMORPG and what you can do now to make your start in Lost Ark easier. Especially if you couldn't play the beta.

We'll show you how, in spite of everything, you can prepare yourself perfectly to get started right away for the release and already know what you're doing.

We'll give you a small spoiler warning at this point, which relates to the gameplay mechanics. No story spoilers await you, but if you want to be completely surprised, don't read any further.

1. What should I play?

Pick a class: Lost Ark is an MMORPG that has an enormous amount of character depth. Thanks to different builds, your classes can be very different even though you play the same class.

In addition, Lost Ark will put you to the test right at the start and give you 15 classes from which you should best choose one.

By the way, 15 is only the value of the classes at launch. When Lost Ark appears in February, the Korean version will already have 22 classes , all of which will probably come to us sooner or later.

Why is that important? In Lost Ark you should, especially at the beginning, focus on one class instead of playing several at the same time. There are several reasons for this: One of them is that progress is not shared account-wide. 

You only have your inventory, your friends lists, guilds and much more on your respective character. If you are playing on a different character, you suddenly have no more friends.

But many rewards can only be picked up once and usually you only unlock them on your first character. This means that each additional character has corresponding disadvantages compared to your first.

The endgame also focuses not only on equipment, but also on your ability and how you can deal with your character. So, especially at the beginning, it is advisable to stick to one class.

2. Watch videos

Which videos should you watch? The point is directly related to point number 1, because how should you decide on a character if you don't even know what they can do?

This video gives you a rough overview of most of the available classes, when you've circled your choice, you should find out more about the class of your choice:

What else is there to see? There are also good videos that explain the deeper systems in the game. Depending on how far you want to deal with these mechanics and how much you want to find out for yourself, it is advisable to inform yourself here before starting.

This can save you time for the release, but of course part of the exploration factor that contributes to the fun of the game is also lost.

3. Try the game once

Why is that useful? Lost Ark plays differently than most other games. At first it looks like Diablo or Path of Exile, but feels completely different. This is precisely why it is important to try out the game so that you know what you are getting yourself into.

This is also important because you can then try out your characters. Lost Ark gives you the chance to test the desired class at max level before the game actually starts.

You can also feel for yourself how the MMORPG mechanics fit into the otherwise very Hack'n'Slay-heavy system and whether you actually like it. 

How do you try the game? If you missed the closed beta and didn't have access to the technical alpha at the time, you have probably never played Lost Ark to date. You can change that, however.

There will be no further open beta before the title appears with us. So this is your only chance to check out Lost Ark if you haven't already.

4. Try out the Skillbuilder

What is the skill builder? Once you have decided on your class, many of you are already looking forward to it. You want to deal with your character and ideally have the greatest build at hand.

The Skillbuilder on the Lost Ark Codex site (via lostarkcodex.com ) will help you with this. With it you can choose your class and then see all the skills and the skill points that you can collect in total. Then you can put together and save your build, as well as change it according to your mood.

However, not only can you experiment with the powerful tool yourself, you are also able to download builds from other players and see what experienced players are doing with their skill points.

Why is that useful? Knowing beforehand where you want your character to go and what you want to do with your skills can save you a lot of time. Some players get depressed quickly when they get lost and then are weaker than they could be.

Thanks to the skill builder and the various builds of different users, this is a thing of the past. You can put several strategies in place before the release and are then perfectly prepared for the release.

5. Prepare the right sources

Why is that good? What is often criticized about Lost Ark is that the MMORPG does not explain enough of its mechanics in depth. So it is very useful to have a wiki or a page that will help you if you have any questions while playing.

Especially if you play the game together with your friends, you can score points because you know what is going on. In order to be optimally prepared for all situations, we recommend two pages that should answer all of your questions.

On the other hand, the Lost Ark Wiki (via fandom.com ), which acts as Wikipedia and database for the MMORPG. There you will find descriptions for almost all items that you can find in the game and a practical rough explanation of how you can get them.

The best source from time to time, however, is the directory of Lost Ark streamer Saintone. In this Google Doc you will find in-depth guides for most activities in the game, as well as good builds for almost all classes (via Google Docs ).

So we warmly recommend you bookmark it now and always have the Saintone Directory close at hand while playing. 

Bonus: convince your friends

How come? Like most MMORPGs, Lost Ark is even more fun when you can experience it together with your friends. The game offers you the opportunity to do almost every activity in the game in groups of four.

You have the most fun with Lost Ark when you are with three other people and can ideally still talk in voice chat. The agreement between the players also becomes essential in the later raids and dungeons.

So it is still a great advantage in the late game if you can fall back on your friends. So if you want to start a new MMORPG together, you should start now to get your friends into the hype as much as you do yourself.

Do you have any tips and opportunities that players can do now to prepare for the release of Lost Ark? Feel free to write it to us in the comments here,

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