In Fortnite, you're going to have to get the trashball collectibles. You are told where to find them in order to complete the Delta One challenge.

Chapter 3 of Fortnite  is now available since Sunday, December 5 and which says new chapter also says new challenges and quests to accomplish which will give you XP, but also various in-game rewards.

Among all the quests and challenges available in the game after the launch of this Chapter 3, there are those that concern  Delta One and one of the quests of which will require you to Obtain the Trashball Collectibles . We therefore tell you where you will be able to find them within the Battle Royale.

Where can I get the trashball collectibles in Fortnite for the Delta One quest?

If you are looking to find out where you are going to be able to collect the trashball collectibles, well it should normally be marked on your map . You will be able to find these objects in the following places :

  • A collector's item at Condo Canyon
  • The second collector's item in the snowy area in the middle of the map
  • The latest collector's item in Sleepy Sound

If you are having difficulty finding them easily, you can use the screens below which give you the location where you will be able to get each trashball collectible.

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