Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Find Riolu and develop into Lucario

 Lucario is not only a very popular, but also quite a powerful monster in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. If you want it on your team, you have to develop a Riolu. Riolu is extremely rare, and there is only one way to get it in-game. We'll tell you how to get Riolu! Alternatively.

Reach iron island

If you want to receive Riolu, you have to explore the optional Iron Island. You can reach the Eiseninsel by ship from Fleetburg. This means that you can only get Riolu if you have five medals and then set off with Surfer west of Jubelstadt via Route 218 to Fleetburg.

In Fleetburg you don't have to defeat the arena leader , you can go straight to the iron island. All you have to do is talk to the seafarer in the southwest of the city who will take you to the Iron Island with his ship.

This is how you get the riolu egg

Arrived on the iron island you run up the stairs and go into the cave. In the entrance area of ​​the cave you first go down the right stairs . Cross the area and use the southern elevator to get to the lower level. Below you will discover two stairs again - follow the stairs on the left.

In the following section you will meet Urs, who will join you to investigate discrepancies in the cave. Urs will support you in the next fights and will use his Lucario. In the south of the cave section you will finally find two bully from Team Galaktik that you have to defeat . After the win, Urs will give you a riolu egg! 

Develop Riolu into Lucario

When Riolu has finally hatched from the egg, you can think of developing it into Lucario. Riolu develops into Lucario through a level-up on the day when the friendship value is high . You can find useful tips on how to increase this in the linked guide.

But it shouldn't take too long. Since Riolu hatched from an egg, it is immediately more trusting than normal. In addition, Riolu is initially at level 1. This allows you to quickly receive level-ups that accelerate the affection. If you don't make an extra effort and just have Riolu on the team, it could develop as it moves towards level 40. Just make sure that Riolu is not defeated in battles.

Lucario will be a great addition to your team.
Lucario will be a great addition to your team.

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