Quads are back in Fortnite with the launch of Chapter 3! But where can you easily find these vehicles in season 1? We give you locations.

Fortnite Chapter 3 is finally live, and all players can now access Season 1, provided they have downloaded the update! A brand new Fortnite map is to be discovered in the game, completely new since it is the old returned island. In addition to that, many new features are available, such as the tent or the weapon of Spiderman .

But that's not all, since a vehicle has also just made a comeback in Fortnite: the Quad ! But where can you find these four-wheeled vehicles that allow you to move so much faster in the game? You are given a location.

Where are the quads in Fortnite? Location in chapter 3

Quads are iconic vehicles in Fortnite, which are present in certain seasons. With the arrival of Season 1 of Chapter 3, these vehicles have made a comeback, and it is now possible to find them all over the game map ! They are quite easily spotted due to their size and decoration, so you shouldn't miss them as you walk past.

To make sure you find some, you can go to the location shown in the screenshot below. Use the minimap to find the precise location:

Quads location in Fortnite
Quads location in Fortnite

Other Quad slots exist, and we'll update this article when we have more!

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