The Rebirth Island map in Call of Duty: Warzone is currently no longer playable. The developers have nevertheless announced the date of its return.

Recently, Call of Duty: Warzone players no longer have access to Verdansk, which has been replaced by Caldera, the new map in the Pacific. However, players can also no longer play on Rebirth Island , the Resurgence mode map.

Although Rebirth Island is currently no longer available on Warzone, the developers have confirmed that the map will return on December 16 .

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Why can't we play Rebirth Island on Warzone anymore?

As announced by Raven Software, Rebirth Island has been removed from Warzone following the final release of Caldera , the Pacific map that replaces Verdansk. However, the developers have confirmed that the Resurgence mode map will return to the Battle Royale on December 16

In the meantime players can still play Resurgence mode, but on Caldera . The new Warzone map also allows you to play the following modes.

  • Vanguard Royale (only with Call of Duty: Vanguard weapons )
  • Battle Royale (using Vanguard , Modern Warfare and Cold War weapons )
  • Looting 
We will therefore have to wait a week before seeing Rebirth Island return to Warzone. Regarding Verdansk, the developers also hinted that the card would one day make a comeback. However, they did not specify when, or in what form.

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