Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Guide - All Arguments with John

 How to start and win every argument with John in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

During his travels across Cordon in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, Sherlock is accompanied by his ghostly companion John, who now and then "tries to take" the young detective on a bet. This is embodied in simple (and sometimes quite difficult) tests, most of which are activated automatically. However, there are some controversies that require additional steps to launch. In this guide, we go over all the arguments with John in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: how to start and what you need to do to win.

Argument with John

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Guide - All Arguments with John

In what task : "Mother's love".

Official synopsis from the magazine . John argued that I did not recognize the retired sailor sitting at our table the first time. Now he will be convinced that he is wrong.

This is the very first dispute. As soon as you get in your hands a cane belonging to an unknown man, secure the evidence, interrogate the nearest gentlemen and learn that a retired sailor was sitting at the table before us. Go out to the courtyard of the hotel where you came from at the very beginning of the game, use focus on Q and examine all the people. The target you need is at the gate on the left. It is important that you speak to the right character (retired sailor) first.

Reincarnation Master

In what task : "Master of transformations".

Official synopsis from the magazine . John offered to surprise Mrs. Nini and first dress like the man in the picture, and only then try to portray a thief. This is an old man with sideburns, a top hat and a white suit.

When, according to the plot of the game, go to Mrs. Nini's studio, the woman will offer to use the clothes from the back room to disguise herself as a bandit. You have a description of the bandit, but don't rush. Examine the painting on the right wall of the room where you found the clothes. The portrait shows an old man with sideburns. John will offer to disguise himself as him in order to surprise the old lady Nini. Go out into the hall to Mrs. Nini, go behind the screen and change your clothes. Choose a tall hat, sideburns, white suit, and old man makeup. Talk to Mrs. Nini.

Treasure stash

In what task : "Mother's love".

Official synopsis from the magazine . John remembered that we had arranged a cache in the room, and persuades him to find it.

There is a cache in Sherlock's bedroom. You will receive this challenge after looting the table in front of the window where there is a wooden handle under the newspaper. Secure this handle in the magazine as your main evidence, go to the closet to the left of the front door and use Concentration to examine one of the top drawers that lacks a handle.


In what task : "This is" w-w-w "for a reason."

When you search the office of the missing inspector, you will definitely stumble upon a niche behind the painting. It contains a jar with an inspector's severed ear. John will offer to pick him up. Do so. The dispute will end right now, but later, towards the end of the mission, you can exchange this ear for a cool revolver.

Trilogy "Bazucology"

In what task : "The Golden Cage".

Official synopsis from the magazine . John wants to put together Wallace de Aurum's Bazooka trilogy. The first book I found in Imogen's room. This is a real desecration of literature, but for some reason the readers like it. Well, I'll try to figure out what is the reason.

To start this debate, you need to find any of the three books in this trilogy. John will immediately talk to you and ask you to find the two remaining. You can collect these books in any order, but please note that this must be done before the end of the mission, before you try to lure the elephant Goliath. In addition, you will get access to some places only during the development of the storyline and a specific investigation.

Now in more detail. One book is in the bedroom of the daughter of the deceased Theodore, in her luggage behind the bed. Look for another book on the shelves in the pantry, inside the boat workshop, near the yacht club. In the same closet, there is a nautophone, a device you will use to lure an elephant. Finally, the third book lies on vases under a canopy at the excavation site. Not far from a place with lots of pits and workers. If you stand facing the bank, then the workers should be on the right, and the shed with the jugs on the left. The ruins still rise above it, where you study and place four statues. Collecting all three books will win the argument.

Elephant life

In what task : "The Golden Cage".

Official synopsis from the magazine . John reminded me of a newspaper article we read as children. It was then that I first learned about these beautiful animals. It is necessary to look in the archive of the editorial office for ten-year-old issues. The article was on the editorial, its author is a science journalist.

As soon as you get the quest "The Golden Cage" and study the scene, John will offer a bet. Go to the archives of the Chronicle newspaper, consolidate this dispute as the main evidence in your diary, and then search for the criteria: 1870-1879. (Period), Journalists (People), Editorial (Section). You will find a newspaper clipping and this will end the argument.

Long-standing confrontation

In what task : "Mother's love".

Official synopsis from the magazine . John offered to play chess with him. the white king is in danger. It is necessary to save the king in one move and put the opponent in check and checkmate. John goes black.

As soon as you find yourself in the bedroom of Sherlock's mother, John will sit at the table on the right, where there is a chessboard. Study it carefully and in concentration mode choose the correct move to checkmate: move the "bishop".

No room for error

In which task : "Love, death, Cordona."
Official synopsis from the magazine . Identify the killer in one go.

To end this dispute, at the end of the current quest, you need to identify the killer without making a mistake. It resembles an argument at the very beginning of the game. There are three characters in the courtyard and you need to talk to the one who is guilty of the murder. Determining the right one is quite simple: there will be traces of blood on it. He stands near the far gate.

The art of hacking

In what task : "Mother's love".

Official synopsis from the magazine . John hopes that now we can open Mycroft's crate in the curiosity store like we dreamed of when we were children.

As you explore the trophy storage in the Holmes mansion, another argument will begin. Secure the evidence, then use concentration to follow in the footsteps of Mycroft from the memory. This will take you to the fireplace. Look into the fireplace to get the key, then return to the trophy storage and open the drawer. You will find Mycroft's docs.

Saving Sean

In what task : "String theory".

Official synopsis from the magazine . John reminded me that on the way back, you can tell the fruit dealer where his donkey is.

When you deal with the sailors who stole the violin and the donkey, returning back to the quest giver, do not forget to talk to the boy again to tell the one where he should look for his donkey.

Chasing a miracle

In what task : "Street tricks".

Official synopsis from the magazine . To find Dilvin, John suggested putting on the magician's hat. Perhaps now is not the time for such childishness.

When you find this task, study all the evidence to pick up the magician's hat. Put it on through the wardrobe and do not take it off until the end of the investigation (conversation with the boy). The boy will leave you a hat anyway.

Valuable item

In what task : "The Lost Shopkeeper".

Official synopsis from the magazine . Mycroft asks for a book by F.D.

You are interested in the book that the stolen shopkeeper had. When you get to the bandits' hideout and learn about the fate of the shopkeeper, do not rush to leave. Return to the cell with the mattress and apply concentration, securing the corresponding evidence (book) to find traces of blood. Move the mattress and open the cache to find a book.

Injured refugee

In what task : "Overseas muse".

Official synopsis from the magazine . One of the refugees in the camp is seriously injured.

When you search the refugee camp, you will find a wounded man lying on the ground. John wants you to help him. Remove a clean rag from the clothesline in front of the wounded man, examine the vat of boiling water, and then go to another part. On the left, behind the bridge, there will be a corpse, and on the right, an aloe grows on the ground. Then apply all of this to the vat, perform a chemical analysis and give the medicine to the injured man.

Amazing resurrection

In what task : "Overseas muse".

Official synopsis from the magazine . John thinks there is no need to tell the landlady about Mercury's death, and asks me not to leave the role.

After searching Mercury's apartment, you will hear recommendations from John before talking to the landlord. Do not change your clothes and do not change anything in your image, go downstairs, ask if anyone came to us (Mercury), and then ask to call you (Mercury) the police.

Not for strangers

In what task : "Overseas muse".

Official synopsis from the magazine . The guard won't let anyone into Bernadotti's warehouse. John insists that I get there without bloodshed. I learned what local employees look like, and I can disguise myself as them.

To infiltrate Bernadotti's warehouse, you need to go to the nearest merchant and buy a Bernadotti gang tattoo from him. Then disguise yourself as a bandit and leave a tattoo on your neck (make-up section). Talk to the bandit at the entrance. He will let you inside.

What's going on in the refugee camp?

In what task : "Overseas muse".

Official synopsis from the magazine . The camp may be completely closed to visitors after a body is found there. The police are worried that this will dry up their earnings.

While searching the refugee camp, overhear the conversation of two cops standing near a large sewer grate. This is how this dispute begins. You can complete it after you figure out what happened here and the refugees are released. Then a girl will appear near a vat of boiling water. Secure the necessary evidence and talk to her. The argument is won!

Good spanking

In what task : "Iron coffin".

Official synopsis from the magazine . John advised us to keep our eyes open when we find ourselves next to the criminals from the "Courtyard Boys". It's just so dangerous to go to them, and we need information.

To win this dispute, go to the address in Miners' Reach and eavesdrop on the communication of two bandits. After that, go to the Mining's Reach market, disguise yourself as a poor man (the H key allows you to see hints) and chat with the only bandit. Select the difficulty mode of the future battle, but this will not affect anything. The dispute will be won in any case.

True Blind Duelist

In what task : "Blind shooting".

Official synopsis from the magazine . During the investigation, you must comply with all the rules of the Club of the Blind Duelists.

There are three rules in total. You can observe the first one at the very beginning, when the undertaker is interrogated again. Never ask him about the Blind Duelists' Club. Then, when you interrogate the sister of the deceased, go out into the courtyard through the nearest door and shoot at all the bottles. John will be looking at them. Finally, when you get to the basement of the Club of the Blind Duelists, defeat all enemies without killing anyone. Use the tools at hand and a snuffbox. You can skip the fight: in this case, it will end in victory without death.

Looking for an informant

In what task : "Catching eels".

Official synopsis from the magazine . John recalled that the informant must be identified on the first try.

You need to talk to the informant the first time, and he will only talk with Sherlock, disguised as a bandit. Accept disguise, then go to crease # 3 and take a close look. Use concentration to find the man with the glass eye. He wears a mustache and can hold a bottle or glass in his hand.

Playing with the law

In what task : "Iron coffin".

Official synopsis from the magazine . John invited me to be a cop, if only for fun. The suspects shouldn't realize that I'm not really a police officer.

During the investigation of this case, communicate with everyone in the station and the safe workshop without taking off the police uniform (clothes, hat). The only time you will have to change your clothes is when exploring the Mining's Reach and communicating with the bandits.

Another dead sailor

In what task : "Song of the Siren."

Official synopsis from the magazine . We learned that another sailor had been found dead behind the Great Sparrow Club on Queen Street, near the intersection with Glory Lane in Scaladio. John asked to know what happened.

When you go to the "Walking Dutchman" bar in Silverstone, disguise yourself as a noble sailor and talk to the bartender. He will talk about the curse and another murder. Move to the indicated address, study everything carefully and complete the reconstruction to understand that this sailor died in a completely different way.

Yellow press

In what task : "The Sacrificial Lamb".

Official synopsis from the magazine . John asked for information for a sensational article about the local wealthy.

Once inside the mansion where the party is taking place, overhear the conversation of the couple standing on the right just outside the entrance, in the main hall. Then go into the corridor on the left and overhear the conversation of the couple sitting behind the half-open red curtain. You will collect all the parts you need and the dispute will be won.

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