Shin Megami Tensei V: How to defeat Boss Hell Biker

Shin Megami Tensei V: How to defeat Boss Hell Biker

 In the DLC "Return of the True Demon", you will have the opportunity to face the nine Cursed as well as a last boss who will surely be very happy to the regulars of the series. Similar to Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, the Cursed appear in certain places and you will have to face them to advance to the next Cursed. So here is a detailed guide on how to beat Hell Rider.

Hell Biker has three unique attacks that hit all enemies: Hell Slip (Mighty - Physical), Hell Burn (Mighty - Fire), and Hell Pot (Medium - Shock). This last attack is particularly annoying since it removes buffs from anyone hit. This is also the attack that Hell Biker tends to use the most, so if you have to choose between blocking fire attacks and shock attacks, prioritize Shock resistance.

For your demons, if you are around level 35 when it comes time to face it, Nekomata and Kikuri-Hime are perfect demons for this fight. Kikuri-Hime will be the ideal support demon since she naturally blocks Shock attacks , and has +3 Healing Potential with Media . Give her some Tarunda / Rakunda style debuffs and you have the dream support. For Nekomata, the latter also has the ability to block Shock attacks. She will also be more offensive thanks to her T ornade of claws and Damascus claw abilities , boosted by her +3 Physical Potential.. Add a few debuffs to her as well and you can make the Hell Biker more or less powerless. For the last demon, you can choose to take a demon capable of exploiting the ice weakness of the biker, or use Cironnup which is still very practical with its Encouragement ability at this level.

If your team composition doesn't really have any options to gain additional actions, which can be the case if you use a Physical Build on your Nahobino for example, don't hesitate to stock up on Shard. ice that you can use with demons if you have the Knowledge of Objects Miracle (obtained by beating the abscess with Jack Frost). Also, don't forget to take Fire Suppressors as he will still use Hell Burn after concentrating Magatsuhi.

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