Shin Megami Tensei V: How to defeat Boss Red Rider - Game Guide

Shin Megami Tensei V: How to defeat Boss Red Rider - Game Guide

 In the DLC "Return of the True Demon", you will have the opportunity to face the nine Cursed as well as a last boss who will surely be very happy to the regulars of the series. Similar to Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, the Cursed appear in certain places and you will have to face them to advance to the next Cursed. So here is a detailed guide on how to beat Red Rider.

Red Rider will summon two level 45 Powers at the start of the fight , and will use Soldier Call to summon them again as soon as you kill them. As with all other fights against the Cavaliers, it is still interesting to try to kill one per turn for the same reasons: on the one hand, it reduces the number of base turns at the start of the enemy's turn. and, most importantly, it forces Red Rider to waste a turn using Soldier Call and summon them again.

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Power is low to Wind and Shadow , so you can reuse any demons you use against White Rider to take them out as quickly as possible, as long as you take care that they aren't weak on electricity. and to the wind because Red Rider can use Crushing Thunderstorm and Zandyne . Thus, Alice may be the most relevant choice for Shadow weakness while for support, you can use Idunn as long as you give him an electrical resistance ( Essence of Valkyrie for example, or via fusion).

For the offensive, Artemis will be very powerful thanks to his access to Mabufula and his various physical attacks, including Somersault to directly reduce the defense of Red Rider. Not only will this allow you to do more damage to Red Rider during your turn, it will also force him to use Dekunda (or keep his defense down to the max, you're a winner anyway). If you are already level 50, you can fuse a Yurlungur , which will be able to do considerable damage with its Bufudyne +3 and its Magic stat. Otherwise, you can still use Lahmu .

The Powers have access to Marakukaja and White Dragon Strike , so bring Dekaja or Marakunda if you don't have Artemis to lower Red Rider's defense again. When concentrating Magatsuhi, Red Horseman will use Crushing Thunderstorm, while Powers will use White Dragon Strike . Use Lightning Suppressor as you won't survive a critical hit from this attack.

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