Shin Megami Tensei V: How to defeat Boss White Rider - Game guide


Shin Megami Tensei V: How to defeat Boss White Rider - Game guide

In the DLC "Return of the True Demon", you will have the opportunity to face the nine Cursed as well as a last boss who will surely be very happy to the regulars of the series. Similar to Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, the Cursed appear in certain places and you will have to face them to advance to the next Cursed. So here is a detailed guide on how to beat White Cavalier.

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White Cavalier can only be faced after defeating Surt , so you'll most likely have the advantage when it comes to levels since White Cavalier is only level 43, while Surt is level 49. That doesn't mean, however. that the fight will be a walk in the park. White Rider summons two Dominations at the start of combat, and he will re-summon them each time you kill one. White Rider is weak to electricity while Domination is weak to Shadow and Wind. Even though White Rider summons Domination every time, it's still worth trying to kill one each turn to, on the one hand, reduce your enemies' base turns and, most importantly, it will push White Rider wasting his turn using Angel Call rather than attacking. If you can keep this loop, White Rider will never be able to concentrate Magatsuhi.

For your demons, Thunderbird is a very demon to exploit White Rider's electrical weakness, while demons like Anubis, Alice, or Black Frost can take care of the Shadow of Domination weakness. Anubis has the advantage of blocking Light attacks naturally (Alice also learns Light-Resist ). Either way, don't come with fire weaknesses where you won't survive White Rider's Ragnarök . Finally, for support, Idunn is quite simply one of the best supports in the game thanks to Golden Apple, and shines especially at this point so feel free to use it. In addition, it blocks light attacks to counter Domination and White Rider attacks.

Dominations can also be very annoying if you let them live. They can use Matarunda, Makarakarn, and worse, Mediarama , healing for around 468 HP. Also, don't spend too much time buffing yourself, Idunn's Golden Apple's is enough, as White Rider can use Dekaja anyway. Instead, use Debuffs and come with Dekunda to remove Matarunda's effects.

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