Shin Megami Tensei V: How to defeat Boss Trumpeter - Game Guide


Shin Megami Tensei V: How to defeat Boss Trumpeter - Game Guide

In the DLC "Return of the True Demon", you will have the opportunity to face the nine Cursed as well as a last boss who will surely be very happy to the regulars of the series. Similar to Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, the Cursed appear in certain places and you will have to face them to advance to the next Cursed. So here is a detailed guide on how to beat Trumpeter.

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Trumpeter is the last Cursed to defeat, and possibly the most complicated. He has no weaknesses, resists all elements, blocks Light and Shadow, and possesses the Ma-dyne versions of all elemental attacks . So you can take any demons you want but make sure to cover their weaknesses with Essences, or else take demons that are weak in Light and Shadow because they don't fear anything about those weaknesses.

Trumpeter has a very high Magicka stat, which means that all of his attacks will do a lot of damage, especially his Megidolaon . So make sure to always apply two ranks of Tarunda / Debuff before you buff. Just use a single rank of Delicious Shard for your buffs as Trumpeter will use Dekaja to remove them. This still allows him to waste a turn, and you enjoy the delicious Glow effects during your entire turn if you put your buffer first. Batifolage of Cleopatra is also very powerful in lowering direct its attack and defense to -2.

For the offense, the easiest will be to use physical demons. At this point in the game, Futsunushi is probably the perfect demon: his only weakness is Shadow, he has a very good Force stat, learns Catastrophe and Piercing Aura . Since there's no real need to pierce resistances here, you can swap Piercing Aura for Critical Aura ( Werewolf Essence ) to grant yourself the critical hit and recover extra turns.

Trumpeter's most dangerous attack is Cursed Melody , which can simply instant-kill a demon. You cannot use resistances to block the attack since it is considered a state disorder. However, you can use Abyss Mask ( Essence of Thor ) which greatly reduces the chance of suffering instant death to limit the risks.

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