Shin Megami Tensei V: How to defeat Boss Daisoujou - Game guide


Shin Megami Tensei V: How to defeat Boss Daisoujou - Game guide

In the DLC "Return of the True Demon", you will have the opportunity to face the nine Cursed as well as a last boss who will surely be very happy to the regulars of the series. Similar to Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, the Cursed appear in certain places and you will have to face them to advance to the next Cursed. So here is a detailed guide on how to beat Daisoujou.

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Before you launch into the fight against Daisoujou, you must pay attention to your resistance. Not only do not be weak in Hama and Mudo or face an instant-kill, but we must also pay close attention to the unique ability to Daisoujou Preach , which may impose property / Confusion / Sleep to your entire team. With a +3 potential for ailments, Daisoujou will easily inflict ailments on you so watch out for status resistances from Nahobino and demons as well.

Also, make sure you come up with a way to heal your MP if the fight drags on because Daisoujou has the unique Meditation ability , which will allow him to steal a lot of MP and HP from a member of your team, which can be problematic. depending on the target daemon.

At this point in the game, you should have access to the Cironnup daemon , which is perfect for this fight. Not only can it exploit Daisoujou's fire weakness , it is also an excellent support that can greatly facilitate this fight with its unique Encouragement support , which increases the defense and agility of all allies by 1 rank. For the offensive, you have the choice between many demons which can exploit the weakness fire effectively: Jack-o'-Lantern, Aitvaras, Berith ... But it will be necessary to use some grimoites.

Keep buffs yourself permanently with Cironnup, apply some debuffs if you have time with your healer, and stuff Fire attacks with Nahobino / one last demon. The Essence of Rakshasa allows you to have resistance to Hama and Mudo for your Nahobino, but you will have weakness when sleeping so come with something to heal ailments.

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