Terraria exploration guide: scenes and monsters available


Terraria exploration guide: scenes and monsters available

Terraria is a video game available for various platforms , which stands out not only for its old 2D 8-Bit design, but also for the vastness of its world. In fact, this title allows you to explore a wide variety of settings, where each one has elements that decorate and constitute a harmonious environment.

These scenarios are known as Biomes , and as you will have seen in our guide on this topic, there is a great variety, distributed on the surface of the earth, as well as below it . In other words, lovers of free exploration have in their hands a game that gives them the opportunity to enter a complex universe.

However, if this is your first time playing this type of construction and exploration video game , you may be feeling overwhelmed by how vast the world of Terraria is. And if this is your case, do not worry, because in the next few lines, we will address everything related to the available scenarios.

But this is not all, since we will also know more in depth about the monsters that exist and that stalk the players . All this with the hope that new users know a little about what this fun title offers.

Guide to scenarios you can explore in Terraria

As we have mentioned, Terraria belongs to construction games, so players can collect various resources from nature to build their houses , shelters and even farms, where they can live together with other NPCs , which will offer them useful services.

But beyond the possibility of building things, in Terraria exploration predominates. In fact, as soon as we create our avatar and it is thrown into the vast world, we understand that our first mission is to know the surroundings while cutting down some trees to obtain wood.

This title is built with a 2D perspective, so the controls allow us to move left or right . And the further we advance, we will encounter new natural settings, such as forests, jungles and much more.

It should be noted that you can not only find these scenarios by moving to the left or right, but also down, where the Underworld and its super hot ecosystem lie . Next, we are going to go into a little detail about the Biomes that you can freely explore in Terraria.

Forest Scenario

The Forest Biome in Terraria
The Forest Biome in Terraria

You may never have given it importance, but from the moment you start your adventure in the world of Terraria , the first setting you discover is the Forest. Usually this one has a few trees that players can cut down to get the wood to start their builds.

Regarding the monsters, it is necessary to point out that of all those available, those that inhabit the Forest are the easiest to defeat and do not pose a real danger to the players. In fact, the most recommended thing for all users is that they build their houses in this Biome, where the enemies are usually simple Slimes .

However, during the nights, the enemies become a bit more troublesome , but these are still easy to defeat compared to others that we will see later.

In this scenario, you can meet the following animals and monsters:

  • Minnow
  • Chipmunk
  • Rabbit
  • Bird
  • Duck
  • Real duck
  • Butterfly
  • Cardinal
  • Blue jack
  • Firefly
  • Worm
  • Grasshopper
  • Golden animals
  • Corrupted bunny
  • Green slime
  • Blue slime
  • Purple slime
  • Pink slime
  • Explorer goblin
  • Zombie

The Evil Scenario: Corruption

Biome of Corruption in Terraria
Biome of Corruption in Terraria

It is important that, as soon as you start your adventure, you are very careful when moving forward , especially if you come across purple herbs. If you do, you should get as far away as possible, as this is one of the special characteristics of one of the two evils in the world: Corruption .

In this corrupt scenario, the monsters are very strong , so to face them, you will have to try to equip yourself very well with weapons and everything you need to defeat them. Also, the Boss of this site is the World Eater .

If you are an advanced player, it is natural that you think that this Boss is not the strongest, because you will have faced others. However, if you are just starting out, it is a difficult enemy, especially if you do not have the experience or resources to fight to your advantage.

The enemies that you will find in the corruption scenario and also in the underground Corruption , are the following.

  • Corrupted minnow
  • Devour souls
  • Devourer
  • Corrupter
  • Slot machine
  • Tainted slime
  • Slimeling
  • Slimer
  • Mummy of darkness
  • Vile ghul
  • Desert spirit
  • Cursed hammer
  • Limpet
  • Corrupted Fake Chest
  • Mine
  • Bone biter
  • Dragon pig
  • World Eater Chief

Underground Evil: Corruption

First of all, it should be noted that this scenario is only available in Terraria's Hard Mode , although it can be found in Normal Mode, but a minimal portion of it and there will be no monsters.

If you are playing in Normal Mode, when you are in the middle of your journey, you will need to enter this stage in search of Demonic Altars . Obviously, when you are in Hard Mode, you will be able to find many enemies and other objects, such as treasures and chests.

You need to be careful when you go to break Shadow Orbs , as if you destroy 3, you will immediately summon the World Eater Boss . Without a doubt, it is a very important scenario in which you will have to enter the Hard Mode.

The Stage of Evil: Crimson

Crimson Biome in Terraria
Crimson Biome in Terraria

This is the second stage of the evil of the world and an alternative to Corruption, which we talked about recently. You should know that they are not the same Biomes, but that Crimson is much more dangerous than the previous one. Besides that it is spreading rapidly throughout the explorable universe and the Boss is the Brain of Cthulhu , which is quite dangerous.

The enemies that you will find in the Crimson and Crimson underground evil scenario are the following:

  • Crimson minnow
  • Carmebicho
  • Monster face
  • Blood creeper
  • Blood swallower
  • Crimson slime
  • Lerduno
  • Blood jellyfish
  • Mummy of darkness
  • Desert spirit
  • Fleet
  • Icor sticker
  • Crimson Fake Chest
  • Crimson ax
  • Tainted ghul
  • Mine
  • Meat reaper
  • Dragon pig
  • Chief Brain of Cthulhu

Underground Evil: The Crimson

As for the representation of the evil of the world underneath, we have the Underground Crimson . And when you play in Hard Mode, new enemies will appear much more powerful and dangerous. This scenario is definitely very tricky, especially when starting on this difficulty.

However, despite being difficult, you will eventually have to visit it, since many important objects are inside. You just have to make sure you are very well equipped.

The Blessing and the Underground Blessing

Biome of Blessing in Terraria and some Unicorns
Biome of Blessing in Terraria and some Unicorns

While it is true that the name of this scenario may seem hopeful and something positive for the player, in reality it is the opposite . In fact, it is a Biome that is only available in Hard Mode .

Don't be fooled by its name and stay alert at all times. In addition, you must take care of unicorns , which are extremely fast creatures and have the ability to charge, causing a lot of damage.

The part of the subsoil where this scene extends, is known as Underground Blessing and many valuable objects abound , such as pearl stones and crystals. Also, by assassinating the enemies that you find here, you will receive souls of light.

Among the enemies that you can find in the Blessing scenario , we have the following:

  • Pixie
  • Unicorn
  • Gastropod
  • Dreamer ghul
  • Glass thresher
  • Mummy of light
  • Dragon pig
  • Rainbow slime
  • Luminous slime
  • Elemental chaos
  • Luminous bat
  • Enchanted sword
  • Holy Fake Chest

Desert Scenarios and Desert with Blessing

Desert Biome in Terraria throughout the day
Desert Biome in Terraria throughout the day

This scenario is not difficult at all, especially when compared to the evils of the world. In addition, the enemies that you will find here do not pose too much danger . As for the content of this place, as expected, it is mainly sand and some cacti.

If during your trip you arrive at this stage, try to obtain some cactus, since with this resource you can make more resistant armor than wooden ones. And watch out for sandstorms , which make new enemies appear.

It is possible for the Blessing to affect the Desert scenario and the result is known as Desert with blessing . When this happens, the sand turns into pearl sand and the enemies that appear are the mummies of light.

The animals and monsters that you can meet on your journey through the desert scene are the following:

  • Ant-lion
  • Vulture
  • Sand slime
  • Ant loader lion
  • Swarm of lion ants
  • Trepatumbas
  • Mummy
  • Mummy of darkness
  • Mummy of light
  • Angry flipper
  • Basilisk
  • Sand hunter
  • Mine
  • Dunes
  • Ghul
  • Vile ghul
  • Tainted ghul
  • Dreamer ghul
  • Desert spirit
  • Sand shark
  • Bone biter
  • Meat reaper
  • Glass thresher
  • Sand elemental

The Dungeon setting

The Dungeon setting in Terraria
The Dungeon setting in Terraria

To access this place, you will first have to assassinate Chief Skeletron . If you try to enter without meeting this condition, then you will encounter a Guardian, who will deal immediate lethal damage if you touch him or if he reaches you . In fact, the damage expressed in numbers is 9,999, so the smart thing to do is stick to the instructions.

You can find the entrance to the Dungeon at any point to the west or east of the world, just before reaching the Ocean stage.

Among the enemies that we can find in the Dungeon scenario , we have to mention the following:

  • Dungeon keeper
  • Angry little bones
  • Sinister magician
  • Cursed skull
  • Dungeon Slime
  • Spiked ball
  • Burning wheel
  • Armored Blue Bones
  • Armored Old Bones
  • Armored Hell Bones
  • Necromancer
  • Commando skeleton
  • Ragged Wizard
  • Devilist
  • Sniper skeleton
  • Tactical skeleton
  • Giant Cursed Skull
  • Lee bone
  • Dungeon spirit
  • Lunatic devotee
  • Blue Cult Archer
  • Paladin
  • Skeletron Chief
  • Lunatic Cultist

The Ocean Stage

Ocean scenery in Terraria
Ocean scenery in Terraria

The gigantic body of ocean water is found at both ends of every map in the game . Here you will run into large expanses of water, inhabited by pink jellyfish, sharks and other animals. Also, if you dive deep, you will come across treasure chests, a trident, flotation boots , among many other interesting elements.

The animals and enemies that you can find in the Ocean scenario are the following:

  • Pink jellyfish
  • Crab
  • Sea snail
  • Squid
  • Shark
  • Duke Fishron

The Meteorite stage

It is a special scenario and for it to appear, you have to destroy a Beating Heart or a Shadow Orb. Here you will only come across meteor heads, which are a bit annoying. And if you are not careful and step on the surface of the meteorite, then it is going to burn you.

The Underworld stage

Underworld biome in Terraria, a place of lava and sulfur
Underworld biome in Terraria, a place of lava and sulfur

If you descend from the surface, then you will run into an extremely hot scene where lava is abundant. This is the Underworld , which is of vital importance when you are playing in Normal Mode .

First of all, this stage is home to Hellstones and other items, but it's also the place where you can summon the fleshy Wall Boss . You have to defeat him in order to advance to Hard Mode.

In the Underworld stage you can find the following enemies:

  • Infernal bat
  • Lava slug
  • Devil
  • Fire demon
  • Archdemon
  • Voodoo demon
  • Snake skeleton
  • Fake chest
  • Tortured soul
  • Red Devil
  • Fleshy Wall Boss

The Floating Islands scenery

It is, as its name implies, small pieces of land that float in the sky. Although its existence will totally depend on the size you have selected for the world . These are fun places to explore and where you can find some cool items.

As for enemies, there are the Harpies, which are not really a problem , as long as you have good equipment. Then we have, in Hard Mode, the Wyvern Dragon , against which you will have to be prepared.

The Jungle and Underground Jungle scenery

Jungle Scenery in Terraria
Jungle Scenery in Terraria

Every player who has just started his adventure, must bear in mind that this is one of the most demanding and difficult scenarios , since there are some enemies that are annoying, such as the jungle slimes, wasps, catchers , among others.

On the stage itself, it is made up of mahogany and mud trees , although you can also find some chests with hidden objects.

If you want to access the Underground Jungle, you must be fully equipped, as enemies abound who will not hesitate to assassinate you . In addition, here are the panels, from where you can extract honey. But be careful, because if you destroy the wasp larva of this place, the Head of the Queen Bee will appear .

This Boss is quite complicated, especially since it requires you to be prepared with ranged weapons . And if you play in Hard Mode, this environment is more important, as it serves as your entrance to the Jungle Temple .

The hostile enemies that you can find in the Jungle and Underground Jungle are the following:

  • Catcher
  • Piranha
  • Jungle bat
  • Whip doctor
  • Jungle slime
  • Abyssal fish
  • Arapaima
  • Giant turtle
  • Angry trapper
  • Silly
  • Giant flying fox
  • Hornet
  • Dragon wasp
  • Devours men
  • Spiky Jungle Slime
  • Lacquer beetle
  • Bees
  • Jungle creature
  • Moth
  • Chief Queen Bee
  • Plantera Chief
  • Lihzahrd
  • Flying snake
  • Chief Golem

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