How to play the Reroll Samira and Talon composition with Impérial and Challenger? The editorial staff offers you a guide on champions, progress, items, hextech increases and positioning.

The composition Samira  of  teamfight Tactics can inflict enormous physical damage very quickly with Heel secondary carry.

Here's our guide to tackling composition, with champions to play , flow , important items , hextech augments, and positioning tips .

The Reroll Samira and Talon line-up with Imperial and Challenger

The Reroll Samira and Talon line-up with Imperial and Challenger

If the game offers you a Hextech Augmentation that boosts the Imperial trait, or if you quickly find several Samira , you may want to consider this composition. Samira can offer massive single target and area physical damage after going past 3 stars with a slow roll strategy, while Talon and Swain  can be relevant secondary carries.

The most effective version for boosting your Samira's DPS is to play 6 Challengers , but it's also possible to play more Utility Champions instead, allowing you to have more powerful units late in the game. Champions like Yuumi or Ekko 3 stars are for example to be considered.

Procedure and level crossings

Since this is a composition where you want 3-star champions, the important thing is to focus on your economy at the start of the game, to go to a certain level and “ slow roll ”, ie roll your excess of energy. 'gold over 50 gold every round.

Here are the rounds you want to level up. Those marked with * are preferred if you can be in a winning streak.

  • Level 4 : Round 2-3 (or 2-1 *)
  • Level 5 : Round 3-2 (or 2-5 *) 
  • Level 6 : Round 3-2 (or 3-1 *)
  • Level 7 : Round 4-1 ( or 3-5 *)
Procedure and level crossings

For Samira , you want slow roll at level 7 . If you see that you already have a lot of Swain and Talon , you can start slow rolling at level 6 while you get them 3 stars , then move up to level 7 and continue rolling for the remaining Samiras.

Once you have your 3-star champions, you must try to level up to enter powerful end-game champions and complete your roster.

The favorite stuff on Samira and Swain

Samira (main carry)

The favorite stuff on Samira and Swain

Samira's items should be your priority. Usually she prefers two  offensive  items and  one defensive item in order to do as much damage as possible.

Typical build



Stuff TFT


Stuff TFT


Stuff TFT


Stuff TFT +Stuff TFT


Stuff TFT +Stuff TFT


Stuff TFT +Stuff TFT

 Other options






Stuff TFTStuff TFTStuff TFT


Stuff TFTStuff TFT

Tier A


Stuff TFTStuff TFT


Stuff TFT

Tier B


Stuff TFTStuff TFT


Stuff TFT


Other interesting objects

Iron Solari Medallion  : This item is almost as important as Samira's items, since it compensates for the lack of tankiness in your composition. You can make two or three of them and put them on 3 Star Swain or any of your other melee champions.

Defensive Items for Swain : In the absence of the Iron Solari Medallion, if you have  3 star Swain you can simply give him standard defensive items.

Utility Items  : Feel free to make utility items like the Zephyr  or the  Shroud of Appeasement to slow down opponents.  

The best Hextech augmentations

Always try to choose a Hextech Augmentation according to what you need : usually at the start of the game it is relevant to take a generic Augment since you don't know yet what you are going to play, and then you should try to build up the forces. of your composition.

All For One : Arguably the best hextech boost for this build, healing on your Tyrant helps tremendously.
Dual rule : This boost is very powerful if you have a well-equipped Talon 3 to also benefit from the damage bonus.
On Guard : Disarming the Challengers gives you precious seconds of DPS.
Thrill of the Hunt / Celestial Blessing : With a healing boost, you can do without a healing item for Samira.
Golden ticket / Trade Sector / High Roller : Increases that help you roll are always welcome.

Obviously a lot of Hextech Augments are interesting , especially those that give you Emblems or count as additional characters to strengthen your traits.

What to choose as an emblem (spatula object)?

EmblemImperial (Emblem+Emblem): With this Emblem you can potentially play 5 Imperials, or take Talon or Swain out of your lineup.

EmblemChallenger (Emblem+Emblem) : You can switch to 6 Challengers more easily with this Emblem, which is very powerful on Talon .


EmblemAssassin (Emblem+Emblem) : You can change one of your Challengers (or even Samira ) to an Assassin to increase his damage as well as that of Talon.

 You can use any more versatile emblem like


EmblemClockwork,EmblemEnforcer,EmblemAcademy or EmblemArcanist .

 As usual, the Tactician's Crown is always a great option.Emblem


Positioning advice

Positioning advice

 Samira : In most scenarios, you want to play her in the third row so that she just casts her spell from a distance on a regular basis. However, if you have it 3 stars with one or two Iron Solari Medallions, you can sometimes play Samira frontline at one end, like Warwick in the picture, to have her attack multiple champions at the same time.

Frontline : If you have Iron Solari Medallions, be sure to put your five champions in a row around. 

Talon : Remember to scout your opponents regularly to have Talon on the same side as their carries.

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