Skins from the universe of Spiderman, with actors Tom Holland and Zendaya, land in Fortnite! But how do you get them?

Spider-Man No Way Home is finally available in most cinemas, and for the occasion, a collaboration will take place in Fortnite ! Indeed, it will be possible to obtain different skins from the universe of the film, and in particular the skins of the actors Tom Holland and Zendaya !

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But how do you get them? It is in the object shop that we will have to go this Friday, December 17, from 1 in the morning ! In addition to skins, Spiderman cosmetics should also be available in the Item Shop.

How to get the Tom Holland and Zendaya skins in Fortnite?

From this Friday , December 17 , Tom Holland and Zendaya skins, straight out of the Spider-Man No Way Home movie are coming to Fortnite! It is in the shop of objects of the game that we will have to go to obtain them, from 1 am in the morning . You will be able to get the various Spiderman skins and cosmetics in exchange for V-Bucks, but the exact price has not been clarified by Epic Games at this time.

Tom Holland and Zendaya skins in Fortnite

To get Tom Holland, you just need to buy the Spiderman skin . It will normally be sold with a built-in emote , which will allow you to remove or replace the superhero's mask ! You can therefore alternate between Spiderman and Peter Parker in your games.

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