Top 10 superhero games for iOS and Android

Top 10 superhero games for iOS and Android

 Hello our readers ! Agree that superheroes are cool. You can wear a mask, fly on spider webs and save people. And you can have a romantic relationship with a chicken. In general, this collection of the top 10 superhero games is dedicated to the film Venom 2. And no, we didn't get paid, we just wanted to. And here's a question for you: "When did the first comic with Venom come out?" You will receive the answer at the end, and we drove!

MARVEL Future Revolution

Our top opens MMO Future Revolution. It has about eight heroes from the Marvel universe, they have their own role, introduction and, of course, costumes. According to the plot, we must stop Convergence, that is, the merging of worlds. And since we are dealing with many universes, there are countless options for armor. You can differ from other players not only by the color and style of the costume, but also by the build. For example, your hero will be able to inject more damage or be a kind of tank.

Since this is an MMO, you need to clear the locations represented by separate worlds. You can freely fly or run along them, but use portals to navigate between them. Of course, at some point, the enemies start to hit painfully, so different modes come to the rescue - these are PvP arenas, co-op dungeons and participation in the life of the guild. For all this, you can get cool buffs and unique items, but with one condition - you need to log in daily. As for the graphics, on the flagships Future Revolution looks like a console port, and the auto-mode does not so much interfere as complements the gameplay and allows you to skip the monotonous grind. Download it, you will not regret it.

MARVEL Realm of Champions

Imagine that a Tyrant was overthrown and the whole planet was left without a leader. Of course, a war of factions will begin on it. Realm of Champions is just about that. But instead of inveterate villains, familiar superheroes are fighting each other. Among them are Spider-Man, Tony Stark, Thunderstorm, Hulk and a couple more. Who are we? And we need to join one of the factions, climb the ranks and reveal some secrets. But all the juice is in the gameplay. Look, World of Champions is an action game with echoes of MOBA. Matches last literally 3-5 minutes, and in them two teams of three heroes must smash the enemy's tower. This is done easily - first we destroy the opponents, and while they are in the rollback, we capture the point and hammer the tower. Two such visits and a victory in your pocket.

It would seem, and what's the big deal? The fact is that for victories you stupidly receive a rating and awards from the first skating rink. These are materials and costumes. They differ in level, rarity, characteristics and sometimes even abilities. Some are even part of the set. Yes, all this affects the appearance of the hero, plus they even brought transmogrification, just like in World of Warcraft. And I will say this - you really want to collect suits, although I hate F2P grinders. From the factions, only Tony Stark and his gang are initially available, while others are unlocked with pumping. This also applies to the modes, although their cat cried - the seizure of the arena, which I already mentioned, the test of Thor in solo, the desmatch for three teams and the Battle of the Barons, probably this is for pumped guilds. But it's nice to play and I advise everyone.

Injustice 2

Haha, you thought we'd only have Marvel? In general, I like DC more, the characters there are not so cute. So, mobile phones have Injustice 2. This is an arcade fighting game where you recruit a group of Batman, Superman and another scumbag like Joker. Then there are two options: a single player campaign for pumping and PvP. As you progress, the heroes earn experience, which is spent on pumping basic abilities, special movements, and even juicy costumes.

Compared to the first part, the characters were added more techniques: rebound, dodge, air strikes or low-kick. Also, the number of enemies is different, for example, from three to five bandits can act against you. Unused heroes can be sent on an expedition for money and loot, and local SIM cards are needed to skip fights and reduce grind. Well, the cherry on top - the cinematics before the battles in the story campaign. If you want to know why Superman became angry, download Injustice 2, especially since the creators of Mortal Kombat made it .

League of Legends: Wild Rift

Yes, League of Legends is not really about the usual superheroes. But here, too, there are Champions, and I am talking not only about the characters, but also about the "cyberwomen". Why is Wild Rift and why is it better than other MOBAs on smartphones? See, this is a Riot Games project that has raised the bar for its peers. For example, you can buy cosmetics or a hero for a donation, but if you play often, you will be able to farm without investing money. Of course, this is not a full-fledged PC port, so you have to get used to familiar characters again. But the essence remains the same - split into three lanes and a forest, and then farm. On average, skating rinks last 15-20 minutes and during this time the game unfolds completely.

You can also note the modes. In addition to the regular and ranked skating rink, players are offered ARAM , where five random heroes fight in the mid. But despite the visual appeal, Wild Rift has one big problem - it is the selection of partners. For the most part, you will be scolded for the slightest mistake, and some even talk about conspiracy theory, they say, Riot deliberately adjusts a series of victories and defeats. But if the skating rink is normal, and even playing with friends, then it will come.

Batman: The Enemy Within

We return to the territory of DC. Do you remember the Telltale studio? So, she managed to release two seasons about Batman. In fact, this is an interactive movie with a choice of answers in dialogues and infrequent QTE moments. The players say that the second season is better, so we'll look at it. In general, Bruce Wayne's family is in darkness and not everything is so clean. Almost from the first frames, we can send some personalities and bludgeon the bandits. One of them is Enigma, although the Joker is still promised. The plot is noir, and Russian subtitles were brought in, but sometimes it seems that the story has been artificially stretched.

The graphics in mobile Batman deliver, although the textures and facial animations are old-fashioned. The voice acting and soundtrack are excellent, and the plot will reveal the connection between Bruce Wayne and Batman, such as maybe the "bat" is the real Bruce, and his image of a melancholic millionaire is actually an alter ego. Plus, you can look at the formation of Batman, and your decisions affect the ending and fate. As a minor character, watch your relationships with Tiffany, Gordon, Catwoman, and The Joker. The only thing that kills me is the price. On iOS, you have to pay about 1,400 rubles for all episodes, although the first one is given free of charge.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Legends

Now let's talk about a great replacement for RAID: Shadow Legends . After all, many of us grew up on Ninja Turtles cartoons, and now they are on smartphone screens. According to the plot, in Legends, three turtles, besides Leo, are sucked into the portal and now he with different characters must prevent the villains. Interestingly, your group can include both Casey Jones and Shredder himself with his gang. Battles in Legends are turn-based, they are completed in a couple of minutes, but you can always set the auto-mode. Why do all this? Right to get Rare Hero Cards. To do this, we collect their DNA, and then materials for pumping. There are bronze, silver and gold cards. Usually they are knocked out of a mission of a difficult level or donate.

What's the gameplay? You need to not only "max" your group, but also choose characters depending on their element. Yes, Legends uses the familiar rock-paper-scissors system. In addition, heroes can add buffs or debuffs. For example, someone heals a group, and someone throws ticking damage at enemies or even stuns them. The modes include a storyline, adventure, tournament arena and challenges. They open gradually, but this does not mean that you can immediately take part, because first you need to pump the squad. In general, I can say that the project is solid and worked better for me than RAID. At the same time, there are no social features in the form of guilds, so download if you like Turtles and collecting rare cards.

MARVEL Strike Force

Another great Marvel game is Strike Force. The Avengers, Defenders, and Guardians will come together to fight back against Ultimus, who is trying to take over the Land of the Nexus. What can I say? Yes, this is an RPG where you have to assemble a team of superheroes. The first to give us the Spider-Man and the Healer. And right after the first mission, you realize that right there the graphics and animations are better than in Future Revolution. Yes, there is no open world, but imagine: it is raining on a neon and dark street, and Spider and Luke Cage dodge, use finishing moves and attack rivals together. Dofig characters are Deadpool, Carnage, Venom, Ultron, Doctor Doom and others. They have equipment, unique abilities, pumping level and rarity.

There are a lot of modes in Strike Force, the first of which is the campaign. There we go through the story and farm the items. Next comes "Strike", where we participate in PvP and get fragments of heroes. Next, the Alliance opens, they are also guilds, along with them wars and raids of Alliances are unlocked. Want more? Good - the game has an arena, challenges, stages, temporary events, a dark dimension, and even real-time PvP battles. If that's not enough, then get blockbuster-level symphonic music and excellent Russian localization. For me, the project is on a par with Realm of Champions, so download it.

MARVEL Super War

Now MOBA rolled up on Marvel - Super War. It has about 25 heroes who fight in a 5v5 format. Characters have three or four active skills, plus one passive one. They also differ in the level of difficulty and role: tanks, supports, shooters and others. What we have? For example, Tony Stark can take off and ignore jungle vegetation, units and towers. In this case, the scheme is the same: we have three lines, a forest with special monsters. There is a build for each role that you can customize for yourself.

Interestingly, NetEase decided to abandon such a concept as "fog of war". That is, in Super War, the bright Sun is shining, because of this, you see opponents in any part of the map. On average, battles last 10-15 minutes, which is even slightly less than in Wild Rift. The graphics, of course, let down a little, but that's not even the point - the official website states that this is not a global title and it may remain in Asia.


One of the last games on our list is the Duel card game based on the same Marvel. Everything is good in it and I don't even know why NetEase is pulling with the release all over the world. Look, juicy Gwenpool is teaching. She leads us through the first skating rink, where the project flourishes. In general, your cards have animations, that is, when you attack, you watch a small cinematic with your and the enemy's characters. Further, it is even more interesting - the usual attributes "damage / health" were combined into "strength". But the funny thing is that if your cards are still alive at the end of the turn, then they restore all the lost power.

Of course, the goal remains the same - to win it is necessary to destroy the opponent's "face". For this, there are not only attack cards, but also buffs for specific cards, plus spells. New sets are unlocked as you win and progress through the story. Also note that instead of mana, you have action points. They decide who you can be like, and the unit placed on the table can walk right away, if there was energy. As for the modes, there are not so many of them: a trial match for a hero, trials, a plot and duels. ATAS graphics, so we are waiting.

Dc battle arena

Finally, I left one more toy in the DC universe - Battle Arena. This is not a MOBA, as it might seem at first glance, but a mixture of the battle royale and the king of the hill from Brawl Stars. The map is small and accommodates nine players. They split into teams and fight not only with each other, but also with the reduced area. Coins and points for activating the ultimate are scattered around the map.

The main goal is to accumulate more gold and not lose it until the end of the match. There are about 13 characters in the Battle Arena, including Batman, Superman and Green Lantern. They are knocked out of the Battle Pass for completing Dailies. If we talk about modes, then there is also a duel in solo, as well as "Destruction". In it, you need to carry the bomb twice to the enemy's territory. Well, you can spice it up with "Survival", where you and your partner are eliminated if you die almost at the same time. Unfortunately, there is no information about a global release.

And that's all for me, dear friends!  and we'll meet pretty soon, so we don't say goodbye. 

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