Walkthrough Chorus - game guide

Walkthrough Chorus - game guide

 Guide to all Chorus side and story quests

Fly forward exploring the controls. W and S allow you to move forward and stop accordingly. The mouse wheel is a very important button. It allows you to return the orientation of the ship to its original position. That is, if you have done something and now move at an angle, by clicking on the mouse wheel, your ship will return to the original plane. Also note that A and D allow you to flip to the left and right, respectively. And for normal turns, you need to use a crosshair that moves with a gaming mouse.

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Pick up the first battery on the way, then do the same with three more. To highlight all three batteries, use the E key. It activates Nara's flair, which highlights all objects in the search area, one way or another related to the task. After picking up four batteries, fly further to get into the hall with the first turret. Destroy it and the turret a little further, and then pick up the first battery to disable one of the energy barriers. Now the barrier is on the right. Even more to the right, closer to the place from where you flew, there is no longer a barrier. Fly there to the adjacent corridor, destroy the turret and take the battery to eliminate two barriers. Fly to the central building to pick up the third battery. In the same building, there are credits (150) at the top. For them you can buy upgrades for the ship or Nara. After collecting all three batteries, the path will open further. Don't forget to use Nara's flair (E).

Keep flying forward, use Shift to accelerate and E to collect 6 batteries. Also, destroy some turrets. Move and dodge constantly. After that, fly into the next corridor, view the memory and hold E to accelerate and fly past the dangerous turrets. By doing this, you will meet the pirate Rooks. Destroy three enemy fighters. Collect Credits (2 x 150) and view 2 Memories. Fly to the exit.

Way back home

Fly forward using the left CTRL to accelerate. You will receive a signal from Azar shortly. You can ignore it and fly on, or help the woman. Having answered her call for help, fly together to the next station. In front of her, you will meet a pirate. Pay the debt Azar if you wish, and then together get to the Enclave. She will give back all the money spent and add something on top. Dock with the hangar. You can improve your ship. If you completed the side quest, you can purchase two hull upgrades (0 + 400) and one shield upgrade (800). Or three hull improvements (0 + 400 + 600). One way or another, a free upgrade is enough to continue the plot.

Back in the Enclave

Get out of the hangar and hold E. Release the key to see all tasks and points of interest.

Cooking in the Enclave

This quest consists of two separate missions.

Valuable cargo

Follow the marker, fly inside the asteroid and destroy the enemy ship "Raven", which will have a shield. After that, use the E key (hold down for a long time) and look for a yellow marker. Search all crates. One of them will be marked with a story marker. After that, destroy several opponents by selecting the laser on the "1" key. As soon as you destroy everyone, leave this place.

Lost ship

Fly along the marker using Nara's senses and get to the ship. Fly closer and destroy four enemy fighters. After that, return to the ship and sit behind it. Fly forward to the marker and destroy pirates periodically. This is quite simple to do, since this ship has tremendous firepower. After you destroy all the pirates and get to the jump gate, the task will be completed.

When you complete both tasks, you will see a cut-scene.

Enclave distress signal

You will have three markers. The closest two are associated with optional actions. Near one wrecked ship you need to destroy the "Crow" with a shield, near the other - four "Rooks". When you get close to the Enclave, you will need to detonate one psi-totem and destroy one or two "Ravens". The task will be updated.

Liberate the Enclave

Now you need to destroy two psi-totems and two "Ravens". "Ravens" fly near each totem, while the totems capture the AI ​​station, as a result of which you will be attacked by their own turrets. I recommend to destroy the "Crow" and all the "Rooks" near the psi-totem, as well as deal with the turrets, and only after that destroy the totem itself. Repeat with the two enemy groups at the totems.

The outcome of the battle for the Enclave

Fly to the Enclave dock. Buy upgrades if you want. Listen to Sava.

old friend

Fly along the marker and inspect the indicated place where the Nara left the AI. Destroy the mines, hold E and fly along the blue line indicating the path. Look at a couple of flashbacks, then stand so that you shoot the two Rostov seals. After opening the passage, follow on, destroying the mines, until you reunite with Forsaken. Having done this, look for a way out. You will have to master the drift along the way. After accelerating and holding down the RMB, you can turn sharply to shoot at all the seals of Growth. Watch for the blue trajectory, which gives you a hint as to how you best turn around. You will soon find yourself outside. Destroy all Rooks using the fast dodging drift.

To be continued…

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