Walkthrough Far Cry 6: The Madness of Vaas - game guide


Walkthrough Far Cry 6: The Madness of Vaas - game guide

Walkthrough of all Vaas: Insanity story missions, analysis of the main mechanics, search for weapons, abilities, tips on how to make money and much more

In the add-on "The Madness of Vaasa" you are asked to find three parts of a special blade that will help leave the mind of the villain from the third part of the series.

How to get Vaasa weapons and armor for Dani

If you have access to the new add-on "The Madness of Vaasa", then during the passage of the main storyline campaign you will receive a notification about this. Dani will automatically have access to the following things:

  • New transport - buggy "Vaasmobil"
  • New weapon - "Mind Blast" pistol
  • A unique Rack 'Em Up weapon mod for Vaasa that shoots magnetic impulses capable of piercing the armor of targets

As for Vaasa's equipment, you must fulfill a certain condition for the clothes to be worn by Dani Rojas from the story campaign. You will have to do this during the passage of the supplement. The difficulty level does not affect anything, so there is no need to complicate the task. Let's take a closer look.

Mohawk Vaasa

Significantly improves stamina recovery. Collect at least 25,000 points in the final battle. That is, at the end of the game, instead of running away, you should linger. Keep killing enemies until 20 waves have passed. After that, you will most likely be able to escape, since you will gain the required number of points.

Mike Vaasa

Improves health recovery. You need to escape from the mind of Vaas, that is, simply complete the plot of the expansion. To do this, you will have to find all three parts of the Silver Dragon's blade. Complete three story missions. Once you do this, you can travel to the final location and eventually leave the area.

Vaasa's Pants

Increases maximum stamina. You need to collect at least $ 8000. The idea is to use those abilities that will significantly increase the loot or allow it to be saved. You can also pass the tests of Citra and instead of accepting abilities, sell your reward.

Vaasa Boots

Increases movement speed after killing three enemies quickly. You need to open all the places in Vaasa's consciousness. Use the complete map we have added below. You just need to get close to these places for them to appear on the map.

How to make more money for Vaasa

The most obvious sources of money in Vaasa's Madness are treasure chests and loot from enemies. I will not touch on them, but instead give some practical advice.

Money flow boosters

Among the many temporary powers in the add-on, there are four boosts that increase the amount of money received:

  • Blackmail, Deep Pockets and Mercenary are abilities that increase the amount of money received from all sources. The Mercenary provides the biggest bonus, but you can use all three as these effects stack.
  • Gift / Reward is by far one of the most important abilities. Grants extra money for killing enemies with finishing moves. With a normal kill, you should go to the "white sphere", grazing out of the enemies and indicating the prey. If you have this ability, you will receive additional money automatically. But the white spheres will still have to be manually lifted.
Most of the abilities that enhance the drop are randomized. However, I managed to knock the last ability out of the chest several times in a row. The game doesn’t guarantee you anything, but if you don’t find the right ability from the very beginning, you can just start over.

Note. You can combine Bounty with certain traits from the Mirror of Vaasa that allow you to complete finishing moves on all enemies. Even from the front when you were discovered. As well as armored targets. Since you will be transferring a lot of money, unlock the "Greed" trait in the mirror as soon as possible, which allows you to keep a certain amount of money in the event of Vaasa's death.

Constant strength

Fortitude can be obtained for each completion of the Citra challenge. They act like extra lives, replenishing your health bar if you take lethal damage. As with other, temporary abilities, you can give up this power and sell it for money. To do this, move the crosshair over them and hold Z. Instead of taking such a power, you will receive $ 1000 for each of them. Thanks to the "reset mission progression" mechanic, when you save and go to the hideout, you can rerun the Citra challenges to get the same reward.

Vaasa's Pants

Keep in mind that in order to get Vaasa Pants for Dani Rojas from the main story campaign, you need to save $ 8,000 in an add-on. The Pants-related perk increases your maximum stamina.

Strengthening by increasing the level of difficulty

After completing the game for the first time, you will be able to increase the difficulty level. Enemies will become stronger, but the loot falling from them will also be improved. Here's a hundred you can do:

  • During the finale on the first difficulty level, before starting, make sure to take on the powers that increase the amount of money received.
  • Deal with all the waves. This can be done at will, since the main task is simply to escape.
  • In the main menu, you need to increase the difficulty level to the fifth. This will restart the entire run, but you will keep the weapons and abilities you have collected.
  • Open the chest in the vault yard to receive $ 150.
  • Kill several nearby enemies. A clone of Jason Brody will already appear here, from which you can knock out $ 400-500.
  • Return to the safe area, save and exit the game. Repeat the process collecting nearby items.
Note . There is another excellent cash farming method in Vaas Madness. The idea is to go to the location with the prison and run past the enemies. You visit this place according to the plot. Focus on the trivial liberation of all Vaasa clones. Use medication when your health is low. This will instantly complete the quest.

How to survive ghost attacks at night

The Vaas Madness cycle of day and night takes approximately 1 hour. Each time of day is approximately 10 minutes long, but if you don’t prepare yourself, you will run into significant problems. When this happens, a notification will appear at the top of the screen that night is approaching. You will still need to fight common enemies like tribesmen and wild animals. But in addition to them, ghosts will appear at locations. According to Vaasa, these are the spirits of the people he killed in the past, and they want revenge.

Fortunately, killing ghosts is easy enough. Literally after one hit, their shapeless silhouettes will dissolve into thin air. In fact, if you line them up and fire one bullet, it will destroy absolutely all enemies. As with other mobs, money drops from ghosts.

There are only a few unpleasant moments:

  • As long as you move unnoticed, no ghost should disturb you. However, as soon as you fire a weapon without a silencer, you can expect ghosts to appear. Their radius of aggression is enormous. Compared to regular soldiers, they will often know where Vaas is and will instantly move to your current position. There were even cases that some of them ran after me almost from the opposite hill.
  • If they get too close to you, they will explode and deal a lot of damage. This usually results in the loss of some health. Since there are still other enemies remaining in the locations, the combination of this ghostly explosion and the hits from the firearms can quickly kill Vaas. Definitely don't even try to eliminate ghosts in close combat.
In any case, the night cycle will end after a few minutes. Alternatively, if you know that night is about to fall, return to any hideout and wait for the cycle to complete.

How to travel fast

The Madness of Vaasa has special doors that are used as a means of fast travel. When you find one of the doors and use it, you will be teleported to another, with the corresponding number. This is the only possible destination. Two doors are connected to each other, and you can travel strictly in a given direction - back and forth.

The screenshot above shows 6 doors - three pairs that you can travel between.
The screenshot above shows 6 doors - three pairs that you can travel between.

Location of all hideouts

Vaults allow you to leave the game without losing money, accumulated skills, and so on, but resetting all the story progress of the add-on. You will be taken to the main base in case of death or exit from the game anywhere except the hideout. Inside the vaults, there is a mirror to unlock new perks and a weapon locker that contains all weapons unlocked through challenges. In addition to the main hideout, there are three additional ones on the add-on map. They also have a mirror and a weapon locker inside.

Location of all hideouts

As mentioned earlier, the add-on is roguelite-inspired. Death must be avoided, as in this case Vaas loses almost everything, with the exception of unlocked weapons and permanent abilities. However, exiting the game in any hideout will allow you to save all equipment and inventory, including money and temporary skills. Only the progress of the task will be reset. This means that enemies will appear in all locations that you cleared earlier. You will have to re-search for all the pieces of the Silver Dragon's blade. Even the hideout you just visited will have to be cleared again.

Confronting Jason Brody

Before you can unlock any hideout, you need to eliminate Vaas' nemesis, Jason Brody. In each of the locations there will be Brody himself and a couple of wild animals. If you manage to kill everyone, the shelter will become available for exploitation. If you drag out the battle, then after 10 seconds additional soldiers will appear, and you will have to kill them as well. Here are Brody's archetypes and the wild animals that accompany him:

  • Beach - Brody with a gun and two crocodiles.
  • Jungle - Brody with a sniper rifle and two panthers.
  • Volcano - Brody with a flamethrower and two dogs.

How to get new weapons in the DLC (challenges)

Weapon Trials in Vaasa's Madness are called Weapon Shows, and each one gives you access to a specific weapon case. You can see all the challenges marked on the map in the screenshot below. Here are some tips:

  • Discovered weapon crates (that is, a specific weapon) will persist for all subsequent playthroughs, regardless of deaths, exits and reloads, even when switching to higher difficulty modes.
  • If you die, you will need to buy this weapon again, for money.
  • If you save and exit while inside the main or secondary shelter, you will have all your equipment, money and strength. But you will lose the progress of the quest, including all the pieces of the Silver Dragon blade found. Even the tests will be marked as incomplete.

What weapons can be unlocked in challenges

The aim of the weapon tests in Vaasa's Madness is to defeat multiple enemies. In total, there can be from 8 to 22 mobs on a location. For example, you will encounter 8 enemies in the Bow Challenge, and 22 in the Grenade Launcher Challenge. As soon as you kill the required number of enemies, the rest will disappear. Then open the chest and take away the weapon that will appear in your arsenal. Likewise, the corresponding container in the weapon locker inside Vaasa's hideout will be unlocked. We list all the weapons that you can get in the trials.

What weapons can be unlocked in challenges

Main slot:

  • Rifle BZ19
  • SBS shotgun
  • AK-47 assault rifle
Second weapon slot:

  • Pistol 1911 (available at launch)
  • Automatic pistol SMG-11
Slot for special weapons:

  • Recurve bow
  • Sniper carbine .308
  • Machine gun M60 NV
  • M79 grenade launcher

Upgrading Weapon Crates and Getting Mods

Each crate / weapon can be upgraded several times by increasing the rarity from Uncommon (White) to Legendary (Gold). After the upgrade, the weapon also receives modifications, although you will need to press the T key to install them. Keep in mind that the cost of upgrading and rearranging mods will only increase.

By the way, about the mod reroll. Every time you choose a new weapon mod, you have to buy it. Once you make a purchase, you will not be able to replace weapon mods until you upgrade the weapon container or save and subsequently exit the game. If you restart the game, the cost of replacing the modification will be reset.

Best skills

All the skills and abilities of the mirror in Vaas Madness require money. Naturally, you will need to earn as much cash as possible in order to unlock all the useful bonuses. In any case, perks are divided into 5 categories, and you will have to upgrade before getting the next skill from the table.

Traits of pride increase Vaas's health, although these improvements can be noticed at higher difficulty levels, when opponents can kill you with two or three "pokes".

  • Provides two healing syringes that automatically regenerate over time.
  • Minor increase in health.
  • Increased health.
  • Moderate health boost.
  • Significant improvement in health.
  • Huge health boost.
The traits of greed allow Vaas to keep money even after death. If playing on normal difficulty, you can take the first two abilities and ignore the rest.

  • Save 500 cash.
  • Save 1000 cash.
  • Save 3000 cash.
  • Save 6,000 cash.
  • Visit the last place where you died to get your loot back. Mechanics similar to Dark Souls. A very useful skill that will probably only be useful at higher difficulty levels.

The Ghost charts are focused on finishing off enemies. Almost all of them are very useful whether you are acting aggressively or covertly:

  • Movement speed is temporarily increased after a successful last hit.
  • Increased detection time by opponents.
  • Finishing moves automatically reload your weapon.
  • Finishing bounces slightly restore your health.
  • Allows you to finish off warned enemies from the front. An extremely useful and important skill for high difficulty levels as you can pounce on enemies. Except for the ghosts that appear at night.
  • Allows you to make a chain of finishing moves and eliminate enemies with heavy armor.
Other traits improve Vaasa's movement speed, research and healing abilities:

  • Adds 2 extra healing syringes.
  • Shows the silhouettes of enemies through obstacles.
  • Unlocks wingsuit, parachute and grapple hook. They are all useful for exploring the island, although a wingsuit can be dangerous if you run into trees or obstacles.
  • Increases squatting movement. Great for stealth assassinations.
  • Adds two more healing syringes.
  • Quad bikes (buggies) appear in hideouts, including the main one and all three additional ones.
  • Adds 2 more healing syringes.
Traits of Envy add extra gadget slots to Vaasa's weapon wheel.

  • Slot for devices # 1. Throwing shells - hatchets, knives, smoke bombs, distracting grenades.
  • Slot for devices # 2. Explosive shells - Molotov cocktails, fragmentation and poison grenades, sticky grenades, dynamite bombs.
  • Slot for devices # 3. Installed explosives - claymore, poisonous non-contact mine, flaming non-contact charge, non-contact explosive, fuel canister.
  • Slot for devices # 4. Misc - DIY bomb, C4, blinding grenade, healing canister, items from other slots.
After unlocking the first slot, you will receive a random gadget from the list above. Check the locker in the hideout and go to the appropriate tab to select a different device if necessary. If you have multiple slots unlocked, the reroll value is split between all of them. The more often you use this option, the higher the price per reroll will be. Save and exit to reset your reroll prices.

Passing the level "Prison"

When you get to the prison, you will see several clones of Jason Brody nearby. He will also be protected by ordinary opponents. Your task is to rescue three Vaas clones sitting in cages. And there are several ways to do this. You can go the usual way, kill all the enemies and free the clones. Near each cell there is one Jason clone and 5-6 common enemies. Another method - more risky - is to run from cell to cell and interact with them, and if necessary, use a healing syringe.

So, as usual, try to act covertly for as long as you can to free the Vaasa clones. Use finishing moves against regular enemies and a silenced 308 carbine to eliminate Jason Brody (if you have one). Brody cannot be killed with one shot from the same AK-47 or 1911 pistol. Ultimately, he will warn all enemies, and you will have no choice but to join the battle.

The dumber and more risky way to complete this part of the game is to rely on a few syringes and a couple of skills to increase your movement speed. Basically, you need to immediately run to the cages and free the Vaas, one by one. The cells will open in any scenario, even if all opponents and Jason are alive. All you have to do is get closer and press the interaction key / button. They will open fire on you, so you will need to periodically heal.

As soon as you free the third Vaasa, all opponents will disappear, then a piece of the Silver Blade will appear.

Passage of the level "Volcano"

When you enter the huge cave inside the volcano area, the first thing you will notice is Medusa. This is a ship from Far Cry 3 that was actually used by the Vaasa Pirates as a means of communication. This time our task is connected with the destruction of all four radio stations on the ship. You can chop them off with your machete, or come close and hold down the interact key / button to complete the process. However, one should be wary of the appearance of enemies.

Every time you destroy the radio, a new wave of opponents appears. This squad will have at least one clone of Jason Brody, so there is no need to rush, otherwise you will have to fight several enemies at once. The images below show the location of all radios.

After turning off the four receivers, a cut-scene will start. You can then visit the control room, where you found the first radio, and collect a piece of the Silver Dragon's blade. Also get the collectible: Vaas taunts Joseph Sid for shaming his speech about insanity.

Passage of the level "Temple of Citra"

I definitely recommend doing this part of the assignment last. This is a very difficult place. In fact, this is the last task you complete. Check out the checklist:

  • You must collect all the weapons for the arsenal, improve them, purchase modifications. Ideally, you want a shotgun or sniper rifle, as these have the highest damage output in the game.
  • Buy as many traits in the mirror as possible to increase your chances of survival. Improve your healing abilities.
  • Do you have temporary abilities? Is there something that can increase the amount of money you make?
  • Have you unlocked the wingsuit? It might come in handy.
  • In any case, once you get to the Temple of Citra, you will see several collectibles. When you approach the altar, you will encounter Citra herself, the sister of Vaasa. To defeat her, first learn the basic boss mechanics:
  • Her full health bar has 5 sections.
  • After you destroy one section of the Citra's health bar, a transition phase will begin, and you will need to get to the new area of ​​the temple. You can find additional items along the way.
  • Citra periodically summons mobs, and at later stages the most dangerous opponents will appear.
  • There are several chests in each room where you fight Citra. Don't open them yet. Do this only if you need additional syringes or when you need to start the next phase (leave the room and go to another).
In any case, the first phase of the battle with Citra is pretty straightforward. Just shoot at it until you decrease your health, and destroy all the mobs that appear. The second phase is similar, but you need to avoid meteors that fall at regular intervals.

The third phase is more hectic. Citra will take the form of a tiger, and will call for help from panthers and crocodiles. It is imperative to stay in constant motion! If Citra or another wild animal captures you, you will be helpless, and other animals will gnaw Vaasa. Try using explosives, including frag grenades and improvised bombs, to destroy multiple enemies at the same time.

As soon as Citra has a minimum of health, it will take its human form. You will be prompted to fix it. There is no need to delay the moment, as it will do nothing. She will reset the ability, and the cutscene will begin. You will also receive another collectible. If this is the last area you visited, then you will receive the third and final piece of the blade.

Final battle

But that is not all. It's time to head back to Vaasa's main hideout to avoid the trap. If you have a wingsuit, you can jump on it, just try not to hit trees or obstacles. You will be given one last chance to prepare for the final battle. Choose weapons, traits, and so on. And now about the final fight.

How to survive the 20th wave

After you take all three pieces of the blade, Vaasa's mind will begin to gradually collapse. After going down to the main hideout, prepare for battle. Do not associate with Citra. Chat with memory to start the fight. In the distance, you see a huge version of Zither. The horde mode will begin, and the opponents will go at you in waves, from all the entrances to the shelter.

  • You need to win in five waves. This will end the fight and the doors will open. You can walk into the light and escape Vaasa's mind.
  • However, Citra will reproach you for your weakness. This is why a timer for 60 seconds will also appear. If you allow time to run out, additional enemy waves will appear. Four in a row. By destroying everyone, you will reopen the exit. If you don't leave, four more waves will begin.
  • At the beginning of each series of such waves, ammunition, syringes, and so on will be replenished. There are several chests in this area, but you shouldn't open them. Use only when syringes are needed. Unfortunately, the turret ammo will not be replenished.
  • First, there will be humanoid enemies, wild animals and ghosts in the waves.
  • Clones of Jason Brody and Zitra will start appearing soon. Jason can have a flamethrower, machine gun, or sniper rifle. Citra usually uses a shotgun or grenade launcher.

You cannot pick up weapons that are used by opponents, but money drops out of them, like from ordinary mobs.

In almost every wave, it is best to sit in a building in the south-eastern part of the camp (not to be confused with the building where the locker and mirror are located). There are two entrances here that enemies can pass through. You can place explosives there, including mines and claymores. The only threats are that enemies can throw grenades inside, and ghosts appear when you least expect them. Also, don't forget about opponents in armor.

Don't mix up the waves. The 18th wave is not the last! Zither will add two more waves, increasing their total to 20. If you run out of explosives, problems can arise. As soon as the enemies are inside the complex, you can go to the outer wall in the southern part, just do not go through the purple aura that will kill you. For some reason, opponents will not be able to reach you. They will walk back and forth. In general, the game will end immediately after the destruction of the last, 20th wave.

There will be no more enemies. You will have no choice but to leave this place. You will see your rating, you can unlock rewards that Dani can use in the main campaign. In addition, you will notice the following changes:

  • Now you can change the difficulty level, and even raise it immediately to the fifth. This will lead to the fact that the enemies will become much stronger, but they will drop an improved reward.
  • All weapons, powers, traits, money that you had during the last playthrough will be saved for the new game.

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