Walkthrough Praey for the Gods - game guide

Walkthrough Praey for the Gods - game guide


Walkthrough all bosses, find collectibles including totems, scraps, treasure maps and more

Walk forward and examine the dead body to find the first Fallen note. There are three types of collectible notes in the game:

  • Horn's Letters - 6
  • Lost Journal - 9
  • Fallen Notes - 25

Warm up by the fire to build up a full scale of heat (orange circle) and move on. Climb the wall while holding RMB and enter the cave. After going downstairs, look to the left and you will find the first totem. For every 3 totems, you will improve your stamina. A little further, there is a corpse with a second note from the Fallen. Climb higher and strike the bell three times. Release it with the F key.

Take a running jump forward, climb even higher and pick up the Fallen Note (3/25). Pick up the new tool - the hook. Select it with the "3" key, hold LMB, aim and pull to the other side. To hide the hook, you need to press the ~ key. There is a sign on the wall. Such symbols allow you to open a part of the map. Repeat the steps with the hook and go outside.

First Boss (Skull)

Collect Berries and another Fallen Note on the right (4/25). Get to the bell and hit it. This is how your first boss will appear. A huge monster with a skull mask on its head. The first thing to know is that to win, you need to strike three times on each bell on the monster. You can only climb on those parts of the body that are covered with long hair. You can do this by running up to the paws of the monster from behind. But it is best to climb the stone walls in one of the parts of the location. Climbing up, take pauses, since the monster will periodically release an icy stream that will knock the main character off the wall if she holds on to her. And endurance needs to be restored periodically (without doing anything). From below, you should also collect berries and pieces of meat around the fires. Food not only restores satiety, but also replenishes the health scale. Don't forget to warm up by the fire.

After going upstairs, seize the moment and run up to the bell at the edge. Hit him to make the monster fall to its knees. When this happens, take a running jump down onto the back of the monster. There are bells on the back, on the shoulder and on the head. You have already struck the bell on your head once, so you can do it a couple more times. Periodically, the enemy will try to shake you off his torso or head. Press RMB to hold onto the coat. And every time this happens, the stamina reserve gradually decreases. This says one thing: you will not be able to strike all the bells at once, because sooner or later your stamina will run out. In any case, to defeat the boss, strike 3 times on each of the three bells. Disarm the boss with the bell on the wall: it's much easier to climb up on his torso this way.


As you can see from the hieroglyphs on the wall, you have killed the first boss out of six. Run to the exit, collecting food along the way. You will find a canvas on which you can now float in the air. To do this, hold down "Space". After going downstairs, activate another sigil on the wall to the left. Go outside and use the canvas. Examine the location. Collect melee weapons (clubs) and bows. Please note that the use of any item consumes its durability. Duplicates can be disassembled, the main weapon can be repaired, and so on. You can also improve the first items of clothing.

Also all over the world you can find pedestals around which bowls are placed. There are three such bowls in total. An animal is always depicted on the wall nearby. And you need to place the meat of this animal in these three bowls. After that, the pedestal will open, and you can pick up the totem.

Finally, in the far right corner, at the top of the wall, look for a target. Pull on to her with the hook. Continue to climb higher, gravitating towards other targets. At the very top, between two boxes, a totem is hidden. You will also find a sleeping bag. Use it to regain some of your stamina.

When you're ready, jump down from the center ledge and fly forward using the canvas. You can use F to hide the canvas and then reopen it. Below on the corpse on the left you can find the lost journal (1/9). There is an ax (new weapon) nearby. Moreover, the ax is not only a weapon, but also a tool that allows you to extract wood (cut trees). You can break thin trees with your bare hands. Walk forward a little and kill several boars to get tusks, meat and bones. The wooden building on the right has a totem, a lost journal (2/9) and a Fallen note (4/25). This will be the third totem. Open the journal and click on the "+" button near the three totems, and then choose what you want to improve - stamina or health. Ahead is the Echo Stone, allowing you to replay the battles with defeated bosses. Don't forget to upgrade your gear!

The marker points to the right, you go down the slope to the left. On the left hand nearby there will be an entrance to a dark cave. Go there. There is a campfire site, a sleeping bag, and there is a sign on the wall to the left. Interact with him to reveal this part of the map. Look for the lost magazine by the wall on the right (3/9).

Leave the cave the same way and follow the marker. Use the canvas and fly to the other side. Move up and down the slope, past the fire, kill the worms and enter the cave ahead. Use the sign on the wall to the left to reveal a piece of the map. Apart from the sleeping bag and the fire, there is nothing more interesting in the cave.

Second boss (Worm)

Follow the marker to a spacious location, where the next boss battle awaits you. It will be a huge worm. As with the Skull, there are three bells on its torso that must be struck three times. To get to the body of the Worm, go around and find four large square buttons. Three of them raise small towers up. Having done this, stand behind the tower so that the Worm will launch an energy projectile straight into it. Charge three towers, then go to the fourth button by the wall. Standing on it, you stun the Worm.

This is your chance! Climb onto the part of the wall near the fallen Worm, and then jump to its sides, revealing the canvas. Having reached the Worm, grab his fur. It is noteworthy that on the body of the Worm there are claws on which you can stand on your own two. This means you can restore stamina without jumping off the boss. All three bells are at the top of the Worm. Look for them along the ropes, which intersect in a knot at the location of the bells. Striking three bells will complete the boss fight. Recover stamina periodically. Also, jump onto the spikes on the Worm's torso in order to destroy the blue orbs that are chasing you. After the victory, you will return to the temple again.

Go to the bridge and jump down again. This time you can fly to the right, where rocks and boards are visible. At the very bottom of the lake lie the Horn's letter (1/6) and a totem. If you fly to the left, you can find a note pointing to a marker. Some scraps are not collectible items, but add "red crosses" to the map. These are interesting places. Return to the place where you fought with the Worm, and go further to the northeast. There will be a small camp there. There is a lost journal on the corpse (4/9). On the other corpse is a note with a marker. Inside the tent, look for a totem.

Third boss (Boar)

On the way to this enemy, you can find a round arena with a mini-boss, who is called the Champion. There is one sigil or bell on its back, which you must strike three times. The meaning is this: either you attack the enemy in the legs, successfully dodging his attacks (with melee weapons), but at the same time spend resources on repairing weapons or lose weapons due to a breakdown, or you lure the enemy to the wall and jump from it to him on back. In the first case, the enemy will sooner or later kneel, and you will be able to climb onto his back and attack the bell. Having struck the bell, as always, try to stay behind while the enemy tries to throw you off. Additionally, the Champion has a Powerful Mace when he is building up Energy. Such a blow is guaranteed to sweep you off his back, and even inflict damage, so it is advisable to jump off in advance. Repeat until you win. This boss is optional!

As for the boar, you must enter the inside of the designated cave by standing on the stone button at the gate. Then move forward. Jump down using the canvas to retrieve the Fallen Page. Climb back up and stand on the square button. As soon as the gate opens, jump and fly to the lowered counterweight to the left. Cling to him on RMB, go upstairs and wait. When the counterweight begins to rise up, take a running jump towards the gate and fly through it until it closes. After that, the boss fight will begin.

The boss walks in a circle and stomps his paws from time to time, as a result of which stones fall in the areas marked with white circles. It is easy enough to avoid these attacks. There are three square buttons around the arena. Take each of them in order and wait. After a few seconds, the boar will move away from you, turn its muzzle towards you and start running with all its might. You run to the side and dodge at the last moment so that the beast crashes into the wall. He will be temporarily stunned. You can use this moment to attack the Boar. But more about the attacks later. The fact is that one of the sigils is on the boar's chest, and every time you hit it, the boar gets to its feet and throws the main character off. After you use each button, it becomes inactive. So what's next?

It's simple. When the boar destroys all three walls with luminous signs, it starts running in a circle, and then stops, turns to face you and tries to shoot down at full speed. That is, now you do not need to stand on the buttons. Just wait by any wall. The boar will run at you from the opposite distant point in any case.

Now about sigils or bells. The Boar has four bells at once, which you must strike three times. The first bell is on the chest. Every time the Boar falls due to a blow to the wall, he lies on his right side, and you can approach from the side of the chest, grab the fur and attack the sigil. Repeat the steps three times. Unfortunately, as stated above, it will not work to hold onto the Boar after the bell attack, so you will have to stun the animal three times.

The second sigil is on the top of the Boar's head, right on top of the skull. Stun the boar and go from the other side. There is a patch of wool and a bell. Hit him once, and then press RMB to hold on to the fur. Repeat the steps twice more and destroy the second sigil. The third and fourth sigils are located on the left and right side of the beast. In the case of the left side, I recommend going from the side of the tail and the back of the back and grabbing onto the coat. Then wait for the Boar to stand on its paws and go down the fur on the left side. The sigil is directly above the left hind paw. In the case of the right side, I recommend, as with the head, to climb onto the Boar, grabbing the fur behind the skull. Then wait for the Boar to rise to its feet and descend along the fur to the sigil located above the right front paw. Once you destroy the four bells,

Fourth boss (Flying Kite)

Make sure you have a grappling hook before hiking! Follow the marker, enter the cave and jump over the stone blocks in the water. On the other side, there is a white sphere on the right and a dark sphere on the left. Strike the dark sphere in close combat (even with your bare hands) or shoot from a bow to turn the mechanism. Climb up by jumping over the rim and use the grappling hook and canvas. Fly up on the canvas with the air flow, then aim with the hook at the target and pull towards it. Go ahead and find a new boss.

First, go downstairs. There is a structure in the center, which is surrounded by four blocks with spheres. One of these spheres (right) is white by default and does not need to be activated. The sphere closest to you will be dark, so climb up and hit it. The other two spheres, far ahead and to the left, are dark and you need to attack them. But they are hidden under blocks of ice, so stand next to the pedestals and wait for the Serpent to shoot fireballs that break the ice. Remember to dodge them.

After you activate all the spheres (three and the fourth are active by default), go up to the central pedestal, where there is a stream of air. Pick up the grappling hook, and when the Serpent is approaching you, shooting fire spheres, press twice on the "Space" to fly up on the canvas. I did not fully understand whether it was necessary to activate the spheres on the Snake, but I did it with two dark ones (you can shoot at them with the same hook). There are four sigils on the enemy, which you must hit three times. Reach for the targets on the snake's torso. All signs or bells (if you like) are scattered all over the Serpent's surface, so you'll have to crawl over it thoroughly. And whenever the opportunity arises, get back on your feet to regain stamina. I recommend starting at the tail and moving towards the head. Do not forget to press RMB, when the Serpent tries to throw you off his back in order to stay on it and lose a minimum of stamina. When you destroy the four bells, the battle is over.

Fifth boss (Yeti)

Follow the marker to the north, past the location where you fought with the Worm. This path leads through the ruins of the fortress and several squads of undead skeletons. At the beginning of the ruins of the fortress, on the right, a ringing sound will be heard. He points out that there is a totem nearby. Climb the ruins to the arches of the second floor (not to the very top) and look for a totem on one of them. Next, go up the map and enter the cave. Activate the sign that will reveal part of the map, and then look into the room on the left (the passage just to the right of the sign). At the very beginning there will be the first totem. Then go right past the fire and sleeping bag to find a third totem. That's how three totems in one place! By the way, on the way to the fortress, you should have found the arena of the next champion and the tent a little further than it. Another totem lay inside the tent.

You will soon reach the Yeti. As soon as the giant appears, run to the distant ruins, climb to the very top and jump towards the boss to grab his shaggy hand. The enemy has three seals: one on each hand and another on the head, on top. Remember to hold on when the boss shakes his head or arms. In addition, from time to time he will try to swat you with his other hand. If you manage to strike the bell, you will avoid damage. He will not be able to reach you if you are in the upper arm, near the shoulder. Destroy three sigils (bells) by striking them three times, and the boss will be defeated. There are two more left!

Sixth Boss (Dragon)

Follow the marker to the south of the map. There will be a huge statue of a man pointing his hands up. There is a cave entrance directly below it. Follow inside, go through the cave (to the left), jumping along the walls, and find another exit. So the battle with the Dragon will begin. Jump down and fly to the battlefield. There are two huge hands on the left and right. Below them are turbines that release a powerful stream of wind. You need to use them and a piece of cloth to fly up. Stand on the edge of the finger of either hand and wait for the dragon to fly by. Jump down in advance, alternating the opening and closing of the "parachute" to grab the wool on the boss. This is the hardest part. Be sure to periodically rest the main character so that she can restore her stamina reserve. On the dragon, by the way, there are four sigils (bells) at once. One is on the chest, not far from the dragon's head, one more is located at the end of two wings, and the last one must be looked for on the tail. There are also hook points for the hook, so do not hide this tool, but keep it constantly in the hands of the main character.

Seventh boss (Prisoner)

Head south to the marker. This time, you must enter a cave at the top of the ice cliff. To do this, attack the dark spheres to launch air currents that will throw you up. Once in the cave, attack any flower, then interact with the projectile that appears and throw it into the passage. After breaking the wall, go further and rise to the large circular platform. Attack the flowers and shoot them with projectiles at the glowing towers to reveal them. Climb the two side towers and stand on the buttons. Stand on the round platform where all the lights are now on. She will lift you up. Walk forward and the seventh boss battle will begin.

First, run in a circle and make the boss destroy the flowers so that the projectiles appear. He will do this through throwing purple stones. After that, use these shells to hit three targets. The first target is a weight suspended from the neck. It has three blue seals on it. Hit each one. Now you can grab this weight with the hook.

Then shoot the shackles on the left leg, which are also highlighted in blue. You can now climb up the fur on your left foot and destroy the first seal by hitting it three times.

After that, return to shooting projectiles from flowers. Now it will be difficult: you need to get into the blue seal above the boss's head, right on his upper back. There is something like a gate. As soon as you destroy the seals on the weight suspended from the neck, on the left leg and on the very top, above the boss's head, you can proceed to the main bells on different parts of the body.

So, go up the left leg with the fur and destroy the first seal, if you haven't done so earlier. Now rise even higher and stand on the stone ledge in the knee area. Shoot the dark sphere on the ledge at the bottom of the right leg to unfold the stone pieces on the knee. Look left and up. There is a rocky ledge in the lower right abdomen area that you can grab onto with a grappling hook. Do it. If it doesn't work out and you fell down, pull yourself with a hook to a large contraption, which is suspended from a chain and secured to the prisoner's neck. From there, take a moment and jump on your right foot.

Having hit on the right leg, having previously shot (or now hitting) the dark sphere, crawl up and stand on the ledge. Take a moment and jump on your right hand when it is next to your leg. Hang onto the coat. Immediately hide behind the stones so that the boss does not hit you, but destroys the stones blocking the path. After that, run to the shoulder and destroy the second sign. Once you do this, you can jump down and climb up the fur on your left leg. When you reach the ledge on your knee, stand on it, aim with the grappling hook higher and pull yourself towards the stone block with spikes. Climb onto the top spike and take a moment to jump onto the fur of your left hand. Periodically, the boss presses his hand closer to his left leg. Once there, again hide behind the stones from the shots, and when they are destroyed, destroy the third seal in the area of ​​the left hand.

Having done this, run to the very top, to the back of the boss. After climbing there, hide behind the columns from the shots, and then go down through the hole. Attack the dark sphere to deploy the spiked collar on the monster's head. Climb on the head, walk along the top of it to the skull and destroy the last seal.

Final boss (Hell)

Go outside, go down a little lower and attack the dark sphere, if you haven't done so before. Enter the dungeon below the main hall. Return to the lounge and talk to the children by the pool for a cut-scene. A fiery colossus will appear. The first thing to do is to get three accurate shots in the seal on the monster. Two will be on the chest, and after their destruction a third will appear on the forehead. The game will be saved.

Run across the arm of the slain colossus, shooting at the disabled orbs to turn the lava to stone. This will take you to the second fiery colossus. Shoot the seals on the right knee, chest and forehead. In a strictly specified order. After saving, climb the killed colossus again (already the second), activate the dark spheres. This time it will be necessary not only to run, but also to climb and jump to other parts of the body. Once you reach the third giant, shoot the seals on your left arm (it must be down so you can see it), on the right side of the chest and on the forehead. Shooting is best between mini-boss attacks. Let him shoot at you twice, you will dodge, and after that there will be a pause. This is the safest time to attack the enemy.

Climb up the boss. The lava will turn to stone. Attack dark spheres where necessary. Use the grappling hook often - this is your main tool. Upstairs you will find a flying fire worm. Jump into the worm's tail using a piece of cloth and a grappling hook to pull towards the safe island. Attack the dark sphere to create even more safe place. There are thorns under the worm in this place. You need to jump down and grab onto these stone thorns. On the middle of the three is the sphere that you must attack. This will create a safe section on the left side of the tail, where the first seal is. Strike the bell three times, as you do with the rest of the bosses.

After that, move to the middle part of the worm, where the first sphere is located. Activate it, then go down below, to the spike, where the second ball is. Attack it and look for the second seal on the right side of the worm. Hit it three times. Run to the front of the worm using the grappling hook. Attack three spheres that are in open space. After that, a third seal will appear from the lava, which must be hit three times. By doing this, you will lure the Wolf here. Jump and cling to his fur. He will lead you forward, and you will be able to attack three times the last, fourth seal.

There will be no water in the pool, but a seal will appear in the center. Hit it three times to launch the final cutscene, which hints at a sequel. The main character ends up in the desert.

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