What modes are there in Halo Infinite. How to choose a mode


What modes are there in Halo Infinite. How to choose a mode

Modern shooters are rarely limited to one game mode. As a rule, players are offered a choice of several multiplayer options at once, which may differ significantly from each other. In this guide, we'll walk you through all the multiplayer modes in Halo Infinite .

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Gameplay ...
Halo Infinite Multiplayer Gameplay [PC]

How to choose a mode in Halo Infinite

The main menu offers three game options - Campaign, Multiplayer, and Custom. If you are interested in the story mode, choose "Campaign". If you want to create your own server, click on the item "Your game". In this case, you decide for yourself what the mode of your game will be. And if you decide to connect to an existing server or just play with bots - click on the "Multiplayer" button.

Here you will find the following options:

  • Boot camp with bots . An analogue of a full-fledged multiplayer, but with computer opponents. This mode will allow you to master the mechanics of Halo Infinite and serves as a training session before battles with live players.
  • Fast play . This means connecting to one of the multiplayer battles. As a rule, those servers are offered on which the teams are almost complete, so you won't have to wait long. The list of games to choose from will indicate not only the map, but also the type of competitive mode.

  • Battle of large teams . These are command modes such as Capture the Flag or Reserve. To win, you will need not only to shoot accurately, but also to act in concert with other players.
  • Ranked arena . Here, in the first matches, you will be assigned a skill rating for playing Halo Infinite. After that, you will fight with players of your level. The better you play, the higher your rating will be. In addition, to win, you will need to carefully study each map in order to know where the necessary weapons and equipment are located. In “quick play” and “battle of large teams”, it appears randomly.

What modes are in Halo Infinite

Within each type of multiplayer game, specific modes are waiting for you. Below we briefly described each of them:

  • Massacre . In this mode, players are divided into two teams. Your goal is to kill as many opponents as possible.
  • Capture the flag . Your team's goal in this mode is to defend your flag as well as capture the enemy's flag. One of the variations of this mode is called "One Flag". In this case, the first team defends the only flag, while the second attacks and tries to capture it.
  • Complete control . The team that captured 3 control points at the same time wins here.
  • Fortresses . An alternative version of "Full control", in which you need to capture 2 control points and hold them for a certain time.
  • Reserve . In this mode, you need to find, capture and take to your base of energy grains. The team that activates the three energy grains wins.
  • Holding the ball . A skull appears on the map. Players must grab and hold it in order to receive points. The first team to reach 100 points wins.

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