Where are the legendary materials to craft Sarah Fortune's best weapon in Ruined King


Where are the legendary materials to craft Sarah Fortune's best weapon in Ruined King

With this guide, you will be able to find the different materials needed to craft the best weapon of champion Sarah Fortune in the game Ruined King (League of Legends) . As you approach the end of the story, you will unlock access to the "Athenian Arcane Forge" which is located deep within Thresh's Dungeon on the Dark Isles. By searching the various libraries of the forge, you will unlock the quest "Legacy of Abigale" . You will need to find three materials to bring back to the forge to craft the “Queen's Council” cannon , Miss Fortune's legendary weapon in the RPG Ruined King.

Abigale Fortune knew full well that Gangplank was untrustworthy. She hid one of her greatest creations in a letter to her daughter, before tearing it to pieces and scattering them all over town. She knew that only her daughter could find them. Cannons forged from the hottest rock lie in the heart of a labyrinth.

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Obtain the materials required to craft the Legacy of Abigale, the best weapon for Miss Fortune in Ruined King:

To get Sarah Fortune's legendary weapon, you'll need to find the assembly blueprints for a custom trigger scattered around Bilgewater, and you'll need to acquire gunpowder worthy of Abigale's creations and decent volcanic cannons. We detail the areas to visit in Ruined King to collect these different types of materials and thus be able to craft the best Miss Fortune weapon which bears the name of Queen's Council.

→ Custom Trigger Assembly Blueprints - When you're at the docks at Bilgewater Harbor, get close to the fishing spot and go to the back room to barter with the collector. He sells the key to the lighthouse for 20 black marks. Collect this key to be able to open the lighthouse door on the docks of Bilgewater harbor. When you are at the top of the lighthouse near the telescope, scan the area to find a first fragment torn from the plans of Abigale. Now go to the side of the Bilgewater slums market and go down to the slaughterhouse docks ... Not far from the basement that leads to the captain's, go up on the nearby wooden bridge and scan the area to find on the ground a sheet of paper to get an old piece of Abigale's plans. 

You will find another part of the plan at Miss Fortune's estate in the captain's quarters by searching for a shrub in a pot of earth. Now take a shuttle bus to Bilgewater Watchtower and immediately upon arriving search the counter to find a new piece of Abigale's plans. The last piece is in the Bilgewater Serrated Hooks Warehouse, in the far room to the right on the map. Search at a wooden shelf and two barrels to find on the ground the last piece of the hidden plans of Abigale which will allow you to obtain the blueprint of a custom pistol.

→ Gunpowder worthy of Abigale's creations - You will obtain this item at the "Athenian Arcane Forge" automatically by searching the libraries there. Where you activate the quest "Legacy of Abigale" , you simultaneously get the Unstable Exploding Crystals, one of the materials needed to craft Miss Fortune's cannon.

→ Suitable Volcanic Cannons - By activating the quest "Legacy of Abigale" , you will unlock a new location which becomes accessible only from the teleporters of the Dark Isles. You will have to teleport to the winding paths, a labyrinth in which you must find the right direction to reach the treasure. In the first room, the torches indicate north, west, east and south. Keep them in mind for the future! 

From the departure hall, turn right (north) , in the next hall continue straight (north) then turn left (west) . In the next room, there is a fountain in the center. Retrace your steps (east) then take the path to the right of your screen (north) . At this point, the fountain in the center of the room has run out of water. From your point of arrival, go to your right (east) then in the next room to the right again (corresponds to the north) . Then go left (west) and retrace your steps again (east) . Now go right (north) and you will reach a room with a teleporter which will unlock a shortcut for you. 

Use your purple amulet to open the sealed door blocking your path and listen to the three statues when you arrive in the next room. Two always tell the truth and one tells lies. Since the solution changes each time you enter the room, you will need to find your way around based on what the stone statues are telling you. It's not very hard ! Finally, you will have to fight a boss called "Orb of Torture" before you can seize the treasure chest that contains the volcanic cannons.

With all the items in your pocket, join the Athenian Arcane Forge in Thresh's Library on the Dark Isles to craft Miss Fortune's best weapon, Queen's Counsel. This legendary level 28 weapon has the particularity of generating 5 boost points each turn.

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